Monday, 30 December 2013


So here we have Parasit ‎– "Välj Din Egen Bödel" 12" yet another triumph of Swedish crust and once again a 12" (No CD BOOOO) and another supreme quality release for the mighty D-Takt & Råpunk Records dunno what it is with the Swedes and their 12 inches (oo-er) but this one is another fucking total mangel BOMBRAID! This has been out since early/mid 2013 but I have only manged to get a decent quality download in the last couple of weeks (265kbps?? unusual also does not sound like a vinyl rip either it's TOP quality), it is on bandcamp but streaming only as i guess they want to get the records sold before giving out a download? Anyway Featuring members who have played in Swedish heavyweights as Asocial, Diskonto, Uncurbed, 3 Way Cum and Raised By Drunks you could expect no less than total annihilation! There's 15 tracks in 33 minutes which i would say makes it an album but it's listed as a 12" most places i've looked (Maybe it plays at 45rpm?) this is another utterly ripping listen it has a great sound throughout there's a guitar sound which is like a blown out more punked up version of the guitar sound that Entombed/Sunlight studios made famous which is awesome and you have some great dual vocals one anguished screaming the other a bit gruffer and even nastier! both trading off each other in fast succession! Also this is fast, fast stuff mostly sorta around the impressive speed of say Mob 47, Diskonto or Krigshot even when there's the odd mid paced track compared to most it's still uptempo! These guys are obviously well practiced players because this is tight and impressively played stuff and the riffs are well written and they know exactly how to put them together for maximum effect! If you like any of the other Swedish stuff i have been posting recently (Infernoh, Korsfast, Utanforskapet etc) then this will not dissapoint this is yet another really high quality well played and just brilliant record that again says that the Swedes do this shit pretty much to a world class standard and are definitely keeping up the long standing Tradition of face ripping crust! all i can say is FUCCCCK!!!


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