Monday, 30 December 2013


Pistöns are an Italian band who first came to my attention when i heard their side of the split CD with Brazilian D-beat crazies Besthöven and with their use of the umlauted " ö " in their name i have to say they are from the school of bands that i like to refer to as "Punkerheäd" (for another example check out Oütlaw Bästards HERE) where the band are obviously coming from a punk/hardcore perspective but are also definitely eating huge plates of influence from Lemmy and the lads! Personally I can't get enough of this shit I'm a huge Motörhead fan and mixing it up with fucking heavy punk rock is a win win in my book and you try finding any punk rocker worth his salt who DOESN'T like Motörhead.

Anyway that being said don't write these guys off as mere 'head clones over the course of their split with Besthöven and their album "We're Pistöns" these guys play some loud and fucking nasty metal punk with a crusty edge their instrument sounds are really fucking loud and blown out with an "everything turned up to 11" sound especially the drums which even tho slightly buried in the mix sometimes sound like they are being pounded with hammers and the double bass runs are tight and powerful rumbling under the music filling it out nicely in all the right places! top that with some great guttural but still discernible vocals in the vein of something Like say Antiseen but gruffer and tougher and there you have it....Pistöns!!!

I can't recommend these guys highly enough heaps of attitude a fucking blown out loud in your fucking face sound plenty of chant choruses memorable songs and above all, rough and nasty as these guys are they are also great fun! I can't tell you much about these guys as i came to them by chance and there's little or no info about them on the net (try typing Pistöns into google and good luck!!!! even with the umlaut!) plus their last release was the split Cd in 2010 so we're talking 3 years of silence since then? I have managed to aquire both the Besthöven split and the "We're Pistöns" album on CD recently so I've wrapped both up in one file and present them here for you in the usual U.T.S. 320kbps sound! If you have liked any of the metal/punk type bands of recent years such as Children Of Technology or G.A.T.E.S. or Ripper then this will be right up your street maybe I'm in denial about the metal/ "punk" thing and all the bands i mention are straight up metal? who knows all i know is it sounds good to me and I love it! And as i always say if it was shit why would I go to the trouble of seeking the CD's out online, buying them,ripping/compressing/uploading and writing it up?? so go check these guys out free below and show em some love by donning your fingerless leather gloves and waving some horns in the air  \m/  rock and fucking ROLLLLLLL!!!!!


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