Friday, 17 January 2014


To any bands who may come across my blog and wish me to put them on here these are the rules they are not in order of importance nor are they subject to interpretation.

1: If you want your band on here try starting a conversation don't just send me a link and say "Check Out My Band and put it on your blog", those requests will now be ignored you can message me through facebook* or google or in the comments here, i get an email every time someone comments or messages me in any way so i will see it every time. I'm easy enough to find on facebook and you can message me without being a "friend" I'm not here to promote bands I am here to share music I like with like minded people.

(*Note you will no longer find me on Facebook sorry)

2: This is a free music blog NOT a reviews blog if you only want me to blog you and link to a streaming track or put 1 track from your latest release up for download in order to promote sales or whatever this IS NOT the blog you want. I only put up free music and FULL releases not teasers, one of the reasons i started this blog is because i got sick of hunting down links only to find they were parts of a release not the full release.I will occasionally review a release with no free music link if the band are friends or if it's a forthcoming release I am really excited about but these are gonna be very rare occasions.

3: I do not normally link to pay downloads however this is the only rule I am willing to bend occasionally for example DOOM's recent album "corrupt fucking system" was offered for a stunningly fair £3 on bandcamp the day of it's release if i think that a band is being fair on prices then I will link to your pay download or if you give other things for free but your newest release is pay download then I'll consider linking it up but in 99% of cases i will not link to a pay download but free/pay what you want on bandcamp is fine i can then put the choice in the hands of the reader. But if you are offering a download of your music for the same or near the price of a physical release then there's no way I wouldn't buy it myself so i don't expect other people to!

4: I only put things on here that I like a lot I own well over 1000 CD's and about 1.5TB of digital music however there is only around 50 - 100 GB of music on here simply because i only put things on here that totally blow me away if you ask me to listen to your band for possible inclusion on here then have a listen to some of the music on here first because if you are gonna request I put your band on here without checking out the music first then be prepared to be told that i don't like your music and I won't blog it. I have wide ranging tastes and encourage people to send me links etc but try and think about whether the music is suited to this blog before you ask me to put it on However here's some helpful hints I DO NOT like grindcore, I only like a handful of black metal, I am very choosy when it comes to hardcore and I'm not a big fan of "punk" that is the likes of "street punk" , 77 style punk etc as an influence it's ok but if you wish it was '77 or '82 there's a pretty good chance I won't like it. Oh and as far as D-beat/Discharge cloning is concerned i like about 0000.1% of it it's been stale,boring and just silly for a long time now.

In closing I cannot stress enough that none of this is meant as ANY kind of disrespect to bands who have asked me to remove links, as in all of those cases it's me who asked asked the band for MP3's of their music not them who asked me to blog them and there's been misunderstandings about me putting a link on here which is fair as i stated from the start that if any band or artist wish their music removed they need only ask and in every case i have honored their removal requests from this point on I will make it 100% clear that i intend to share a link on here when requesting mp3's of your band for this blog but from this post on I will say this if you ask for a link to be removed I will in every case remove the whole post not just the link as my biggest frustration is searching for music only to find a review or a dead link.

I'm no big headed person getting above myself here I understand what this blog is it's just a small circulation thing that i do for my enjoyment not the worlds biggest and most revered source for bands to get noticed however I have found in a lot of cases my blog in a very small way does help bands, I do understand that recordings,promotion,pressings etc cost the band money and without revenue from sales of records,CD's, shirts etc it can cause the band damage but in most cases I'm blogging records or releases that have been out a while or with the bands permission tho a good portion of my links are not strictly speaking "approved" the majority are. However the longer the blog runs the more notice it gets and the more interest i get from bands I haven't heard and I decided a few clear ground rules were needed in order to make sure there are no further misunderstandings.

So from now on when anyone asks me to blog their band or if I'm asking permission to blog a band I will be sending a link to this post.

Please do not let this discourage anyone form getting in touch or sending me music to listen to just read these rules and make sure you are clear on how this blog works,


Dave B.


  1. Hey Dave.

    Tyranny Is Tyranny has a brand-new record, entitled "The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism," coming out June 13 on Phratry Records. We read about music a lot, but most of the Internet is a gaping hole of effluence and there isn't much that meshes with our aesthetic and world view. Since you've written about Morne, Slint, Fall of Efrafa and Le Kraken, it seemed reasonable to assume that you might be interested in hearing what we're all about.

    Thanks for your time and attention.


    Madison, Wisconsin's Tyranny Is Tyranny have been moving away from the stormy, metal-edged post-rock of their 2013 debut. The songs on the new album move at once toward more sparse post-punk influences and toward more open-ended, harmonically daring territory. While familiar elements like dynamically deliberate guitars and excoriating vocals are still present, several songs feature mournful trumpet and orchestral slow-burns -- this material has something a lot more spacious and unsettling built into it. RIYL: Fall Of Efrafa, Neurosis, Amphetamine Reptile Records, or Chomsky.

    The record's title comes from the subtitle of activist/journalist Naomi Klein's 2007 book, "The Shock Doctrine." Her ideas and our outrage and despair about globalism and neo-liberalism figure prominently in the themes of the record. Tyranny Is Tyranny is the title of the fourth chapter of Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States."

    "The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism" will be released June 13, 2015 on Cincinnati's Phratry Records (LP/CD/MP3).

    (CD copies available upon request)


    Russell Emerson Hall
    Throat torturer/guitar abuser

    1. Rusty, Have been a bit neglectful of the blog recently have had some personal shit going on anyway I have downloaded your album and will check it out soon, I want to say thank you you have read my rules and made a decent approach I appreciate that and will check out your album properly.


      Dave B.