Thursday, 2 January 2014

Oütlaw Bästards

Well continuing with the "Punkerheäd" theme started with my Pistöns post (HERE) I bring you Oütlaw Bästards some more umlated vowelled noise from Tijuana! Again we have some great stuff here whilst made not quite as heavy as Pistöns these guys still owe a huge debt to Lemmy and the 'head lads for a big part of their sound and as you can see above from their logo that this is most definitely by their own admission!

Oütlaw Bästards are like Pistöns huge fans of Motörhead but however this time around there's a lot less Rock 'N' Roll and a large heaping of crust here these guys have defo been listening to likes of recent releases by Disfear and also reminds me of some of the Swedish stuff i have been posting recently like Infernöh or Utanförskapet, however their vocalist has one seriously gruff style all his own when i say gruff I don't mean grindcore bowels of hell style more gruff like he smokes cigs 20 at a time and gargles with petrol! They also sing about half their songs in their native language (Spanish) which i think is pretty cool as they can obviously speak English and their guitarist is called  Juan Bästard (everyone in the band is something Bästard) which gave me a smile.

Anyway not a lot more I can tell you about these guys other than what I've said I'm giving you their debut and only album from last year here "Hell Bearers" and if you like some asskicking punk/crust with a serious Motörhead fetish then you will love this I have shared it around a few folk and have had nothing but positive responses so I'm hoping you guys will enjoy this too! (by the way please note last track "500 Miles To Yuma" isn't actually 15.41 long the song ends at 5.46 and there is a hidden track that begins at 10.23) Get Motörcharged!

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