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I don't often link to a pay download but once in a while when a band are worth a small fee i will make an exception.... Ruinebell are a band I stumbled upon by sheer chance, I was browsing my newsfeed on facebook when I saw that one of my friends (Ste Dux of Extinction Of Mankind) had "liked" them on facebook as he has never steered me wrong on good music i decided to check em out, so i found they had one song on bandcamp streaming I had a listen and it utterly floored me and seeing as their only release is the "Demise In Disgrace" 7" from 2011 (pictured above) I was gutted that I hadn't got to them sooner!

Ruinebell are a 2 piece Spanish/Finnish collaboration formed by Lasse Pyykkö of Hooded Menace,Claws and Phlegethon on guitars and bass and Dopi of Machetazo,Dishammer,Deadmask on drums and vocals now other than Dishammer I have to be honest here i have heard of their other bands but never heard any of them however that is something I will rectify in the near future! so I can't comment on the relation of this 7" to their other bands however I can tell you that this is one shockingly great 7"

What you get here are two 5 minute tracks both of which are of epic scope, by their own admission Ruinebell was formed to capture their love of the sound of bands like Amebix and Axegrinder now whilst there is a lot of music that take those as a template and that influence certainly is apparent on first listen I feel they have taken the sound of those bands and done their own thing with it whilst it is at once familiar, repeated listens will bring out so much more than just mere copying, for a start the guitarwork is a lot heavier than anything either of those bands have done having a heavy sound that is fairly clean and not overly downtuned or muddy so whilst it has a really nice bottom end it doesn't get mired down in "heavy for heavy's sake" plus the mid sections of "Charcoal Emptiness"have a really good melancholy feel to them more akin to something you'd find on the doomier end of metal, and the closing acoustic passage to the song is just beautiful what I like about these 2 tracks is that whilst as i said many bands take Amebix as an influence what they fail to achieve is the desolate atmosphere of what Amebix do which makes them so unique however Ruinebell have studied well and have hit the nail squarely on the head here and bring to mind the same images of open moors and ghostly battlefields that come to mind when listening to Amebix.Second track "The Last Morrow Of Apathy"is a bit more uptempo opening with a keyboard swoop and acoustic guitar almost as if it continues on where "Charcoal Emptiness" left off (whether this is intentional or not i don't know but i suspect it may be) however when the guitars and bass kick in again it has that awesome bottom end that just rumbles through your bass bins and utterly floors you! I would also like to say that the production on this record is flawless everything is clear and sounds BIG! It's really hard to give this band credit for this utterly great record because there's no denying that it has Amebix written all over it however i cannot stress enough that it needs repeated listens to see that it's way more than just the sum of it's influences.

I cannot stress enough how good this record is it bears more talent and variety in 10 mins than most bands manage to summon over a whole album and I have been listening to it repeatedly for over a week now and I am still noticing little flourishes and parts that weren't apparent on first listen (like the dischordant Voivod-ish guitar parts towards the end of "Last Morrow Of Apathy") 
Don't write these guys off as mere clones this is something way better than just a rearranging of others riffs or a "tribute" it's a totally amazing record and as i said I am just gutted that it's been out since 2011 and i'm only getting on to it now! This is essential listening and has grabbed my attention more than a lot of things from the "crust" world of late! this is a mere 4 euros for some utterly amazing music and that's LESS than the cost of your lunch! DO NOT hesitate....

Ruinebell 7" -

If you don't beleive me on how great this band are I shared their bandcamp page on facebook and Amebix official facebook page picked it up and shared it on their own page if that's not a stamp of approval then I don't know what is read the post here

Also the 7" (ltd to 500 copies in clear vinyl and a NICE thick gatefold sleeve) is still available from doomentia records (along with many more fine bands releases) here...

and lastly their facebook page is here....

the band themselves told me they have 4 new tracks in the works to be recorded later this year for another release on doomentia so keep your eyes peeled!

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