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Aüralskit - EXTINCTION

So regular readers of my blog may well have come across my previous post on Aüralskit if not you can find it HERE if not as well as being a great band they are also good friends of mine and I will be honest I've been hearing all of these songs for a week in the mixing stage in various versions however Matt (Vocals and recording engineer) is very obsessive over the recordings and i don't know what kind of recording trickery he has worked on this recording since the last mixes he sent me but the final result here is even a shock to me and as i said i'm pretty damn familiar with the songs!

First up I have to stress that the band have gone for a more blown out and raw sound this time round bringing to mind the sound of recordings by bands like Warvictims and having the "inside track" on this recording i know Matt worked really hard to achieve this but whilst the sound is utterly apocalyptic it doesn't detract from the great songs on display here there are 5 of them and 3 are brand new, one is a brutal new rework of a demo track ("Omnicide") and one is from their forthcoming EP on Desorden records.

I have to say even by Aüralskit standards whilst their writing is coming along leaps and bounds this is some seriously punishing heavy crust firstly the drums are like fucking tanks! over this you have some seriously heavy guitar and gnarly distorted bass with a little clean bass thrown in for some of the flourishes! Then you have Matt and Amy both roaring and screaming like the end of the world is coming and you're being warned! Plus there is some great samples thrown in their as well to give this music even more of a feel of "The End"! There's plenty of heavy riffage and great fast parts some top MANGEL solos and double bass parts as well (that's double bass drums not upright bass ha ha) especially noticeable on the new tracks " Hata Utan Anledning" which also has some brilliant guitar runs working with the thick heavier riffing! and also on the other new track "Peace Is Lies" which is shredding!

I was initially sceptical when Matt first sent me these tracks thinking it didn't do them justice after the more polished sound of the forthcoming EP however having listened to this final version a few times this morning the more i hear it the more it just simply works. These guys have been fairly prolific over what is just less than a year they have been together this is their 3rd demo and they have a studio recorded 7" EP coming in the summer however with each recording they come on leaps and bounds and never drop in consistent great music as the band gain more confidence in their playing and writing.

Titling this recording "Extinction" couldn't have been more appropriate cos by the sounds of it the end of the world is coming and Aüralskit have just given you the soundtrack to it! Utterly brutal and utterly brilliant stuff I really think these guys are among the best "crust" bands we have on our little island here and are more than ready to take on their global contemporaries after less than a year! i can't wait to see these guys live again!

EXTINCTION - Bandcamp 

(This is free/pay what you want but PLEASE wing them some cash if you can as every little helps and these guys work damn hard on their music and their recordings trust me I know)

They also have a brand new blogspot so for all your Aüralskit news go here...

Aüralskit Blog -

and for you all in the north they are playing Saturday the 8th of March at the Wharf Chambers day of Equal Fest read about that HERE on the same day you will also find Burning Flag playing who are also an utterly brilliant band read my post on them HERE

Auralskit are also playing the first gig for Ste Dux of Extinction of Mankind's Northern Scum Collective alongside, Burning Flag, fellow Merseysiders Skitvärld and headlined by The Fiend find out more HERE and go lend your total support to Northern Scum Collective HERE

I know that's a lot of links and info but if we don't support these independent bands, gigs, artists and collectives how the fuck are we ever gonna get any kind of scene anywhere? take a minute to please go check out all the links i provide here it's to your benefit to do so.

And finally here's a sneak preview of the forthcoming EP cover artwork by Jasper "Infested Art" Swerts go check him out on Facebook HERE

COMING SOON on Desorden Records HERE

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