Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mike V & The Rats

SO whilst doing my Good For You post (HERE) I mentioned Mike Valleys earlier hardcore band Mike V & The Rats so as although these EP's are not collectable or hard to come by they may well be hard to come by better quality as I liked what I heard by these guys so much i sought out Both CD versions of the EP's!

Mike V & The Rats was the short lived hardcore band fronted by popular skater Mike Vallely they did 2 fairly short EP's and they were gone Vallely going on to do an acoustic album and later front rockers Revolution Mother.

However packed into these 2 short EP's is some damn near perfect American Hardcore circa early 80's given a decent production but while it's coming from a far different time both musically and environmentally, in sound at least, these 7 originals and 1 cover (Black Flag's : "Police Story" says a lot really) definitely play a very raging tribute to the sound they are attempting.

Anyway this post was being put up because i really like these EP's a lot and have uploaded them several times but never done a post and now it's more of a link up for the Good For You post as well so you can check out some of what Mike V was doing 10 years before and not a million miles away in sound from Good For You either! That plus I've half done a blurb for this post so many times I'm leaving it to you the reader to check this out or not!

So you have both EP's at 320kbps from my own CD's so if you love classic American hardcore like i do then I consider this essential listening if you want to write it off cos it's Mike V or whatever reason then it is definitely your loss

MIKE V & THE RATSMediafire

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  1. I loved Mike V and the Ratz, they were the only enjoyable thing about that horrible Black Flag reunion at the Palladium... shame they never put out an LP