Friday, 16 May 2014


So if any of you saw my previous post on Burning Flag you will know that I'm a fan (If not you can read it HERE ) They were kind enough to give me an exclusive on their as yet released debut CDEP it was on here for 6 weeks free of charge before it was available anywhere else.

The CDEP is now available to buy for a mere £2.50 (including postage in the UK) and after they gave it to you readers free of charge and in advance I think if you liked it you can damn well dig in your pockets and go buy the CD I mean SHIT what's £2.50 the cost of your morning coffee on the way to work? a a 1/4 of the price of 20 cigs? less than the cost of a pint? Why not have one less pint/coffee/smoke and buy this EP which will be your's to keep forever? It's a gift to yourself that keeps on giving! Below is a link to the shop section of their site, you can also buy one of there awesome T-shirts in all sizes from girlie to XL for a very reasonable price too. I bought a CD and A shirt myself!

(Dave gives a max 2 thumbs up score for BF merch!!)

These guys are a great band and everyone i know who has now heard them now like them VERY much this band are destined for big things you will be kicking yourself when they are popular and the CDEP starts turning up on ebay for exorbitant prices! (Actually maybe i'll buy two or three hmmmm!!!)

Buy the CD & Shirts Here -

Go Like em on facebook as well they are doing plenty gigs and fests over the next few months including Scumfest in London so if you wanna get the latest news and check em out live do so here -

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