Friday, 9 May 2014

Sunstone Records

As you readers will know this blog is normally all about the free music however I was quite surprised recently to find out that someone that I work with is running a small record label and have thus far released 4 7" singles! So always being a champion for local underground music I thought I'd give them some well deserved space on my blog.

Sunstone Records is run by Sie Norfoilk, Ant James and Will Crighton (my aforementioned colleague) I don't know much about how they got together and started Sunstone but here's what they have to say in the "about" section of the label website....

" Sunstone is an independent record label based in the North West of England, with a taste in electronics, psychedelia, prog, twisted folk and more  It's not about hobbies, it's how we are "

which is a fair point! They have released 7" singles by Klaus Johann Grobe, Lords Of Thyme, Three Dimensional Tanx and Balduin so far but would seem to have plans for further releases by Trappist Afterland and Nine Shields according to their artist roster.

Will was kind enough to give me a sampler CD featuring the A sides of their first four releases whilst not all of it was my cup of tea I was very impressed by the somber yet uplifting acoustic sound of Lords Of Thyme who's vocalist Michelle Griffiths is one VERY talented lady and the uptempo Hammond driven garage psych of Three Dimensional Tanx left me with a big smile on my face and I will definitely be pestering Will for more of both these bands.

These guys definitely know their stuff and by  what I hear can sniff out the fakers a mile away! Their releases are of a high standard both visually and musically and I really hope that they continue to work at it and have much success with this label, They are in the process of sorting out the digital side of things so stay posted but you can go check out the label and buy the records here...

and in the meantime here are some links to videos of the A-sides of 3 of  their 4 releases

Klaus Johann Grobe - Youtube

Three Dimensional Tanx - Youtube

Balduin - Youtube

and here's a live performance of Lords Of Thyme's gorgeous Sunstone A-side "Proud Maisrie"

Lords Of Thyme - Youtube

Go show some support to this cool small label because you will kick yourselves in the near future when their artists are the names on everyone's lips!


  1. Cheers for the plug mate. Ant

    1. No problem man I like what you're doing and will always fly the flag for GOOD local music, keep up the stellar work :-)


      Dave B.