Tuesday, 22 July 2014


So it has been some 20 years since riff titans Sleep have been anywhere near a studio so i was excited as anyone when i heard they were to release a new single through the Adult Swim Program (check that out HERE ) and lo and behold here we have the first new recording from the revitalized Sleep so is it any good? it's called  "The Clarity" and well yeah of course it is good but to be honest i don't know if my expectations were too high or what but to me whilst a decent song and at near 10 mins in length there's plenty of it, to my ears it sounds a bit too much like OM with guitar whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing as readers of this blog will know I am a fan of OM however we already have a ton of OM releases to listen to, with a new Sleep single i can't help but have expected a bit more than that, it's a titanic riff and there's a great solo but all i hear as i said is OM! I have only listened to it a couple of times and i have really enjoyed it but the reason i loved OM was because they were doing something different to what Chris and Al did in Sleep but from Sleep in 2014 I expected something more along the lines of the new songs they debuted on recent live releases however it is the first thing they have released and maybe the OM thing won't be so apparent with the album as I'm sure there is to be one! Anyway i shall leave you to judge for yourself you can go download it from the Adult Swim link i have provided above but it comes down untagged with no cover etc I have rectified this and uploaded it to mediafire so you can take my tagged and with artwork version from the link below if you prefer! Anyway go check this out Sleep? back in 2014 FUCK man i couldn't be happier!

Sleep - The ClarityMediafire

If you are unaware of this band then I dunno what you are doing here at this blog ha ha but should your education in matters of the mighty SLEEP be lacking you can check out my full discography post HERE you will find all their studio work and also some great live recordings featuring previously unreleased tracks live that i certainly hope will be reworked for their album!

Also if you want to check out some of Al Cisneros solo work and a little bit of OM you can go check out my post on that HERE i wouldn't recommend it as the best starting place for investigating OM for that i would check out their epic "Variations On A Theme" or "Conference Of The Birds" albums I can't upload them here as they may cause me to get in trouble! But the couple of tracks at my post are pretty damn good!


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