Thursday, 31 July 2014

The OldGuard (Feat. Your Editor!!!)

(Clockwise L-R Agz - Vocals,Dave - Drums,Petch - Guitar and Piggy - Vocals)

So for after my brief time filling in for local scandi-punks Skitvarld last September (2013) I was asked by Agz at that time if I wanted to start another band this year with him and Piggy I was dubious as i hadn't really intended to get back into drumming I had just stepped up to help Skitvarld, anyway a couple months back Agz said did i want to come down to Crash (Liverpool Rehearsal Studio) and have a jam with himself, Piggy and Petch a new band for fun, once a month practicing, maybe a local gig or two... but that's all so i went down to Crash and met up with the lads and we had a fucking riot also I bonded musically with Petch really well and came away very happy.... So ffwd we have a few rehearsals but due to limited recording technique i.e. an iphone no one was able to have anything to refer to between practices, couple that with a serious love of alcohol i suggested we do something about getting a listenable recording of us as it was frustrating having nothing decent to listen to between practices. So we asked Matt Snedvrida of local Juggernauts AĆ¼ralskit (If you have yet to hear AĆ¼ralskit you can check out my posts on them HERE and HERE ) who has the gear and the skills and he mic'd us up in about half an hour and then another Half hour to record our 5 song 12 min set live to 8 track no overdubs no bullshit!! Matt then went off with the recording and when practice finished he was messaging me whilst I was on the bus home to say he had finished mixing one of the songs it was "Demo Quality" and get in touch as soon as I had had a listen... so i got home straight on the computer and when i heard the song he sent me i was went FUCK!!! as i had been expecting a fairly decent audible live noisy rehearsal quality but testament to Matt's sheer skill with mixing what we got was indeed demo quality and i had stuff in my collection on CD that were worse produced than this!! So Matt was unable to mix the rest till next evening and i was gonna be working till 10PM! I was pretty excited to hear the whole recording and Matt had done a great job and it sounded good enough that we felt with a disclaimer it could be given out to the public!

So lo and behold here we have 5 tracks 12 mins of old school hardcore thrash now here's your disclaimer.. This recording is after only 5 practices at which more drinking and socialising is done than playing music ha ha! and the fact that i was struggling to remember the songs between practices the reason for the recording! So there's a few mistakes and there is no bass either we have had a revolving door of bassists JUST DON'T ASK!!! however my good pal Ged (Ex- Ballpein again if you didn't check out Ballpein go get their  lost gem of a demo, Primo UKHC HERE also features our vocalist Piggy on...vocals) filled in for us on 2 songs of this demo (numbers 2 and 3 on my mediafire link) but he was not mic'd up so you can barely hear him) but all in all i think quality wise and band wise we are pretty damn good for our short timespan and drunkenness!

So here's your links to The OldGuard Live "In The Pit" 21/7/14 don't take the cover at the top of the page seriously the "Tough Guy" posing is meant as a joke! This is my mediafire link to the set in the order we'd "probably" play it ....

Comments I have had from friends who have heard it......  "Sounds like you should be on a Hardcore Holcaust Tape" , "1987!!!!!" so i guess we ARE old school!

The OldGuardMediafire

You can also get it from our Bandcamp - HERE

Stream on Soundcloud - HERE

And Lastly Our Facebook Page - HERE


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the blog man. Found it looking for born dead icons but I really owe you the most thanks for your dagda post. I stumbled across their betrayal lp on bandcamp months ago and god knows how many times ive listened to that but I always come up empty on anything else of theirs and believe me ive looked. Id amassed most of threefold and 7" through some shady mp3 sites but was still short a few songs. I cant believe your blog never came up with all the searches I did for the threefold album. But anyway I have it now thanks to you.

    1. Hey anon, thanks for the kind words but also thanks for letting me know "Endless Betrayal" was online because i only had a vinyl rip now i have a decent quality download! Glad you found some stuff to your liking and thanks for taking the time to comment,


      Dave B.