Friday, 15 August 2014

Pick Your Side

Well i did say there were gonna be more bandcamp posts and here's another... Pick Your Side are a hardcore band from Hamilton Ontario Canada featuring members Jeff Beckman and Chris Ansley of Haymaker (See my post on that mighty band HERE ) who have also been members of such notable Hamilton bands as Chokehold and Left For Dead also on drums we have Andrew Nolan who i think maybe a UK Ex-Pat as he has played in UK bands like Nation Of Finks, Sawn Off and Shank anyway PYS would seem to be a fairly new band as their first release was in 2011 but I had no idea they existed till about a week ago!

I don't even know how I came across them now probably i think it was whilst doing some trainspotting on Left For Dead, anyway because of the Haymaker connection and as everything was free on bandcamp i decided to give them a go, now anyone here that follows the blog will know I'm not a big fan of anything tagged "Hardcore" but I'm open minded and now and again i come across something that blows me away and this is the case here, I would have thought given the length of time served on the Hamilton H/C scene and being in some of the most vicious hardcore bands ever that the guys in this band may have mellowed a little maybe with a new band taken the pace and ferocity down a bit? Absolutely not PYS are playing some of the fastest, nastiest, hate filled hardcore that these guys have ever participated in! and even by comparison to the rest of modern hardcore this is still some SERIOUSLY brutal stuff! Whilst it would be impossible to put the vocalist and guitarist from Haymaker in another band and not hear the sound of Haymaker whilst it does have some of Haymaker's nasty heavy sound this time they have taken it to another level! Heavy distorted downtuned guitar and bass battle with barreling drums while Jeff just screams himself hoarse over the top of it add to this a healthy dose of super fast DROPDEAD/INFEST parts and you got one intense ride and i do mean intense I had their whole discography on my MP3 player on the bus the other day and after about 10 minutes I was ready to rip out my seat and slam it through the window! This is hardcore the way it should be done and how it should make you feel, bood pumping, heart racing, neck veins bulging hate filled noise!!! There are also some quite unexpected parts too like the 7 minute "Don't Cry" (A Neil Young cover!!!) from the "Snakes and Ladders" EP and "Ham Sandwich" from the "...Democracy" LP both of which are slow powerful numbers with mountainous riffs that put me in mind of the nastiest and heaviest parts of something like Neurosis or Isis in their prime! Also a lot of the time when they aren't blasting or breaking down they use a fast D-beat type beat, This coupled with the sheer distorted heavy and nasty music has me thinking this would definitely appeal to you crust fans as well!

All in all i have to say this band are a very serious proposition with some fairly controversial opinions as well which I will leave you to figure out on your own this is definitely NOT something for the curious or casual fan of hardcore this is probably one of the most nasty and harsh bands I've posted on here at the very least top 10 on the brutality chart, however that being said i was shocked by how great this band are it's the first "new" hardcore I've heard in some time that has left me stunned and impressed the experience of it's members shows and they really know how to slam you to the wall and leave you breathless and shocked whilst reaching for the repeat button to go through it all again! I may have given a bit too much too the brutal nasty etc etc and probably put you off but trust me as per usual UTS standards this would not have made it on to this blog if I didn't think these guys were amazing and worth sharing with you.

So below you will find links to their releases all are FREE/pay what you want on bandcamp however their debut EP "Survivalist Prayer" was only available as a pay download from A389 records bandcamp and though it was cheap and i could have just linked you to it in the interest of making this post a complete discography and because my general rule is to keep the music free and cos they are just so fucking great I bought a download of it and re-upped it to mediafire for you lot making the below links everything they have released to date!

So go check this out and i'd be interested to what you readers think am I making too much of how intense this band are or am i full of shit (the latter probably) anyway here's your link go get your face ripped off and enjoy the experience I mean shit just look at their logo at the top of this page!....

Survivalist Prayer EPMediafire

Snakes And Ladders EPBandcamp

Let Me Show You How Democracy Works LPBandcamp

Split 10" W/ To The PointBandcamp

Defend Hamilton Comp TrackBandcamp

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