Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Versklaven were one of the earliest bands to make it onto this blog and were one of the little gems that came along that inspired me to start this blog. They were originally one of my "Bands that wouldn't exist without Sacrilege" posts, but although they definitely have a handle on the early Sacrilege sound i may have been selling them a bit short there! I had some good and bad news from these guys a cpl weeks ago stating that once they honoured all the gigs they had booked they would be releasing the last lot of recording they did and were Breaking up! So on the one hand there is a new Versklaven recording but unfortunately it's the last. Some members will be moving onto new things and are to keep playing in a similar style so who knows we may well see a great new band out of this bad news.

So what can i say that hasn't been said about this band already? They were a 5 piece female fronted band who played some seriously ripping metallic crust heavily influenced by great bands like Sacrilege, Antisect, and what sounds like a healthy dose of the Japanese metal crust like A.G.E. , Axewield, Effigy, S.D.S. etc they have razor sharp riffage barrelling drums and a singer who really wails with the best of her peers, over their short career they have left us with little there was a split EP with Abduktion A S/T LP/12" and the most recent "2014" tape/download. However whilst the album and split EP from last year were a ripping modern take on the metal crust from the late 80's UK the 3 tracks on the "2014" tape are another thing entirely! This time round the production whilst not amazing is very thick and heavy and the vocals have gone from a punky yell to an almost black metal brutal! There is some absolutely Ripping riff work from the guitarists and all in all these 3 tracks will just slay your face off!

Below you will find a link to a file featuring the album/split ep and the "2014" session I have taken the liberty of putting "2014" through the equaliser and brightening it a little as though it has a very decent sound it was a little quiet. So there you have it Versklaven one of the best bands to come out of the underground of the U.S. for quite some time here's hoping they take that killer riffage and fury onto their next project! Enjoy...


Also members of Versklaven have been getting their hardcore on with a project band called Bastard Cult this is some HEAVY hardcore in the vein of something like Talk Is Poison with vocals that remind me a little of Tear It Up all in all it's a fast loud and ferocious noise and I love it and I'm sure you readers will too you can download it free at this link....

Bastard CultBandcamp

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