Wednesday, 10 September 2014


YESSSS! Now this is one post I have been dying to do! If anyone can remember back in March 2013 I did a post on Sweden's Misantropic ( check that post HERE ) They were among the first batch of "crust" posts i did when i started the blog in Feb 2013 their debut mini album from 2011 "Insomnia" was one of those rare releases that come along and as well as giving you an instant hit of sheer aggression has remained a TOP favourite of mine ever since i first heard it. I played it so much I actually had to stop because i was going to ruin it for myself. If I have only one complaint about this band and that the 7 songs on "Insomnia" were just not enough to satisfy me I wanted MORE! Luckily for me I only got onto "Insomnia" in 2013 so i didn't have to wait too long...

Originally I did not want to share this because the band had albums to sell etc but I saw on facebook yesterday that Misantropic had shared a link from another blog who had done a post on them WITHOUT their permission and shared the new Split LP on there so I said that's a shame because i would have really liked to do a post on it but didn't want to piss the band off but because i had done a piece on them before and they liked it they very kindly gave me permission to share it with you and i am SO glad they did...

As i said i have been waiting a while for some new Misantropic material but this is again one of those cases where it's the quality NOT the quantity of music that is important so their side of this split is 8 tracks one of which is a short Acoustic interlude ( "Patriarchs Pt.1") so 7 full tracks in total and believe me every single one of them counts!

Opening with "Ripping Through The Darkness" the first thing that is immediately apparent is that the production this time is way cleaner than the mini album this does not detract from the aggression and heaviness in anyway it just makes everything sound much bigger what is also apparent is although it was obvious the players in this band were talented in the first place that in the 2 years since "Insomnia" the musicianship of this band has really progressed "Ripping Through the Darkness" is a good mid paced (at least mid paced for these guys) number with some really slick metal riffage and some great battling dual female/male vocals in the bridge/chorus parts backed up by some seriously tight and fast double bass runs on the drums, there's quite a bit of great double bass on this album and this is PROPER double bass not your rubbish triggered nonsense, what i like is there's not an overabundance of it and it's used perfectly to push the songs forward where it's needed! However this great song lulls you into a false sense of security because things get nastier on second track "Feedback & Distortion" which is one serious ripper harking back more to the sound of "Insomniac"  clocking in at under 2 minutes with a chorus of vocalist Gerda screaming "Spikes and studs and hard to the core" over some real fast d-beats and ripping guitar lines is a real battle cry of a track! Clocking in at under 2 minutes they still manage to fit a nice heavy breakdown in the middle of all this intense barrage!

 Although this new Split is undeniably Misantropic along with the better production they have written songs which rely less on full on fast all the time and have tempered their ferocious sound with a good deal of variety in pace which shows a real progression and maturity although it's not without plenty of fast parts and intense riffage the songs this time around are varied and memorable whilst still utterly destroying! I'm sure they could have easily written 10 minute and a half crust rippers and just been another decent Swedish crust band instead they have chosen to vary things throughout the album from slow to mid paced to just shredding! I made a lot of comparisons to Sacrilege when I wrote about their "Insomniac" Mini LP but whilst there is still that feel and Gerda is a great female vocalist with a real heartfelt passion to her vocals and although there is still a bit of the Sacrilege/Antisect style that endeared me to them in the first place these guys have definitely progressed a lot and have come up with an album of utterly shredding tunes without just flooring the speed pedal throughout! Songs like "Patriarchs Pt.2" which is mid paced throughout really gives their great riffs room to manoeuvre and just has a real driving sound!

This was one of the most anticipated "heavy" releases for me this year and my expectations were high and Misantropic have 100% delivered, this is without a doubt the best thing i have heard from the "crust" scene this year and puts them head and shoulders above their contemporaries and these guys deserve recognition for putting together an album which as I've said shows a real maturity in writing without straying too far from their roots and for my money is something fairly original too. I hope for big things for these guys beyond the small world of the "crust" scene cos with an album as good as this they totally deserve it! Outstanding stuff!

Split LP W/ Eaten Raw (Misantropic Side Only) - Mediafire

Or if you can show these guys some support and get it from bandcamp HERE

You can buy the vinyl album from Halvfabrikat Records HERE

Misantropic Facebook HERE

Also it may interest you to know that they also have their own Blog which gives you a list of links to the MANY other bands that the members of Misantropic play in which there are a LOT of and vary in style from Misantropic and well worth checking out HERE

*Note* I should mention that the Eaten Raw side of this split is also great but I am planning a separate post on these guys soon.


  1. One of the best modern 'crust' bands, Insomnia is absolutely crushing. Can't wait to hear this, cheers!

    1. Hey tyler long time no hear! Yeah man it is REALLY good as good if not better than "Insomnia" amazing!


      Dave B.