Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Hello UTS readers just a heads up to let you all know that due to some family issues the blog will be on hold for a while i have a few posts that are half finished some stuff uploaded that I haven't written up yet and I am gonna try and get those done and up as soon as i can but after that it may or may not be on hold for a while.

I have to be honest this year has been a pretty SHIT one for good music so far there's been a few things that have been half decent but nothing I have felt worth blogging about so instead of giving some half arsed posts of stuff that's good but not GREAT I decided to wait till some truly decent stuff comes along as I try to put things up on here that aren't on anywhere else and it's becoming harder all the time. This is why activity on here has slowed down a lot this year however....


once things return to normal I will be back and have some new and hopefully great stuff for you in the meantime there is just shy of 200 posts still on here for you to investigate.

I hope you all understand I have stuff in my life to deal with and will continue to check back here and keep the blog going after all as I have said before i do this for you guys!


Dave B.

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