Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Whilst I don't normally even try to keep up with hardcore these days occasionally a band comes along that really blows me away and Pressing On are definitely one of these! Hailing from Portland OR. the home of some of the best music on the planet these guys feature no less than 2 former members of the amazing Talk Is Poison ( See my post on them HERE ) as well as John Wilkerson of From Ashes Rise if that's not enough the members of this band have served time in Raw Nerves, Coldbringer,Demise & Copout to name but a few. So as you can see these guys have some serious hardcore pedigree!

So with such an impressive history does this band live up to it, the answer from me at least is a resounding FUCK yes!!! This is their self titled first demo/tape release and you get 8 tracks and 15 minutes of intense,passionate and brilliantly played hardcore with some slight modern crust influences however these are only slight this tape definitely has it's feet firmly placed in the hardcore camp!

The great thing about this tape is i hear all sorts of familiar things and also a little of all the bands they have previously been in whilst still managing to present a sound that is fresh and nothing like any of their contemporaries this is due to the fact that whilst the sound is thick and chunky these guys right memorable songs that stick in your head immediately while still have a sense of rage that makes this recording so vital!Pounding drums topped with thick slicing guitar and bass with vocals that are intelligible but intense, it's not all fast either there's a lot of great mid paced and slower parts that make me just want to mosh like crazy and the songs are so well crafted, for a hardcore band with this kinda pedigree though I would expect no less! And even though it's only 15 minutes long because there's so much good music in there it feels longer, in a good way and never ceases to keep your attention focused!  Top that with a great production sound where everything is as equally in your face as it should be with this kinda music.

This is by far some of the best hardcore I've heard in years if you are familiar with any of these guys other bands then you should've been reaching for a download by the middle of the first paragraph but if you are not then i can assure you these guys are gonna be huge very soon if they continue to put music of this quality out because i can't get enough of this if your not circle pitting round your stereo within about 30 seconds of hearing this I will be surprised,you definitely need this band in your life!

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  1. Got a request. "In the cinema" by silent scream. Post punk from finland. Came out in 2010. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Alright cancel the above request. I found it. However if you have any of the coldbringer releases to throw up here that would be awesome.