Saturday, 6 February 2016


Boston Strangler are a band I can't claim to know much about I happened across them by chance, when their 2nd album "Fire" came out in 2014 I saw a cpl of my friends on Facebook had posted they were listening to the album and how great it was but having no major interest in the modern hardcore scene i rarely check out new hardcore bands but these guys were from Boston and a lot of people i know were saying how great they were so I decided I'd give them a go and boy am i glad i did These guys are some of the best modern purveyors of hardcore i have heard in a long time!

So from what i can gather the members of this band are long time stalwarts of the hardcore scene i looked the individuals up on my 2nd home and all of the members have been at least 4 bands including names such as Waste Management, Rival Mob, Aggression Pact , Peacebreakers, Scapegoat, Dead Black to name but a few however one member (Justin De Torres) trumps most hardcore band members for sheer prolificness and has been or is in 28 bands so these guys are no strangers to this music which is probably half the reason these guys are so fucking good.What is great about this band is the fact that they are 100% old school Boston style hardcore I hear shades of all the greats in there a little Jerry's kids a dash of Neg FX, a pinch of SSD etc and it's all wrapped up in a fat chunky sounding package rounded out with plenty of memorable hooks and choruses that just make these guys beyond addictive listening when i first got onto these about a year ago I had the 2 albums back to back on my MP3 player on the ride to work for about a month and it was the perfect music to have me gritting my teeth and steeling myself for my shit job on the ride to work! Not that these guys are completely derivative (although the vocals are a dead ringer for Choke of Neg FX/Last Rites/Slapshot Fame) these guys add enough of their own take on the old school sound to make it immediately familiar but also contemporary in it's sound it's got great fast parts but plenty of chunky mosh to it as well also for hardcore the production quality is great everything can be clearly heard in the mix and it's a great clean sound as well which is what i think gives them that edge the sounds and ideas are definitely looking back to the greats but the production sound lands it right here in the modern day!!!

So in your first link you will find Both their albums their debut "Primitive" from 2012 and "Fire" from 2014 i put them both together because you need both no question there's no better or best or filler EVERY song is vital and essential however during my research for this post I found they had done a demo in 2010 Called "Outcast" so i figured in the spirit of completion I'd find it for my own enjoyment and I'd sling that on here for you as well! The albums were net downloads I got online but they don't seem to be available digitally or on CD so dunno where these were sourced originally but the bitrates are high (320 & 256 for the albums and 192 for the demo) and i'm about 99% sure these are NOT vinyl rips!

These guys have been probably about the best hardcore band I have heard in a long time and certainly one that i have played a lot more than i normally would with a newly discovered hardcore band!! Sorry for my lack of knowledge on these guys but sometimes the background isn't important because the music is SO fucking great and this is definitely the case here! Even for the most casual observer (like me) this is ESSENTIAL so what you waiting for? get it NOW!

Fire & PrimitiveMediafire

Outcast Demo 2010Mediafire


  1. Boston strangler are great.I learned of these guys a couple of years ago..essential Boston Hardcore.

    1. Hi Aaron yeah these guys rule if someone had marketed these as unearthed recordings from 1983 i might have almost believed them a couple of these guys other bands Rival Mob, Waste Management and especially Agression Pact are WELL worth checking out! Did you get my message on google hangouts?? some recommends for you on there! Thanks for the comment,


      Dave B.

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