Saturday, 12 March 2016


Ok so I decided that that recently I have been getting a lot of requests to review/stream/etc music from bands in and around my region of the UK on this Blog  but i feel that this has started taking this blog away from it's original ethos of Free music for the poor and cheeky!!! So I have started a new blog dedicated to the music scene in the North and north West of The UK (tho i am willing to bend that geography if i like what you do) All pertinent bands and articles will been moved then removed from Under The Surface to the new blog
The blog is gonna be the same format as UTS however the rules have changed the new blog is open to gig news label news etc as well as the usual band articles and music links! The main difference with this blog is 

PLEASE can you share a link to the NEW blog  as MUCH as you can on your facebook pages/Twitter/blog whatever even if you're not from this end of the country or this country at all it would really help me by sharing and ask your friends to share it as well the more you put the word out the more news and other things a i can get on there and spread the word so it's in your interest to share it and get this going somewhere so here's the link go have a mooch not much there at the moment but it's a start.....Ladies and gentemen introducing 


  1. Great idea, Dave. I'll make sure to check out your new blog

  2. I'll check out the new blog too. you know I had the password nonsense with my peazip way back when, I finally sussed it out after it happened again a couple of other times with different blogs. I Simply deleted the zip folder & started again. Without the password bullshit, Cheers for the graft & dedication you put into the important job of educating & reuniting people with the gift that is music. Nice 1 Dave.