Wednesday, 28 June 2017


I have been wanting to do a post on this for a while but I have tried to get other people to review us but no one wanted to sadly so let's begin...

Abominate are a Merseyside UK based band who began life as S.O.Y.G. (Spit On Your Grave) in late 2016 influenced by Old Death & Thrash and Some Hardcore They were rehearsing as a 3 piece and looking for a vocalist as 2 of them were friends of mine I said i would be up for trying out I went down for a rehearsal and it worked out so well I was asked to stay, when i joined I brought more Old School Death Metal and Thrash Metal influence into the band which was much to the guitarist (and main songwriter) joy and it was decided the name S.O.Y.G. no longer suited the direction of the band thus Aböminate were born! (The umlauts over the "o" were the bassists idea)

Line Up November 2016 - May 2017

H - Guitar
Rob - Bass
Stu Harris (Ex Devoid) - Drums
Me (Dave) - Vocals

The songs were coming together quickly so by April 2017 we were more than ready to do a recording and we entered the studio and did an, albeit short, 3 track demo this was originally available on CD with cover and lyric sheet free of charge but after giving away 100 of them it was decided that was the end of physical copies!!! The demo is available free at bandcamp see the links below

We were invited to play on a bill last month at a local venue and we managed to sell the venue out as the opening band and we played a set we were very happy with and we went down really well, so things are going pretty good however due to what we will call Personal and musical differences we parted ways with Rob - bass and we are currently seeking a new bass player and are very close to filling the slot so a few things have changed some parts of songs have been changed or dropped and the umlauts over the "o" of abominate have been removed!!! Here you can check out our full live set in good quality both picture and sound (tho bear in mind it was a small local venue so sound wasn't amazing and it was filmed with one camera NOT a phone)


That pretty much brings us up to date I can't go into too much description here because I think it would not be right to review my own band but you can download our demo below and judge for yourself I will say that even though it's only been 2 months I personally am only still very happy with the 3rd track "Pathogens". Opening track "Idolatry" has had a re-write as we were all unhappy with the middle part but for a first demo it's got a great sound it's heavy as FUCK and the drumming is astounding!!! If you like Old School death and Thrash metal with a touch of Hardcore then this is something you will enjoy.

If you like the music then go like our facebook page and please share around and spread the word we are not even a year old so we really need the support! WE will be recording a second demo/EP in the next 8-10 weeks so keep you're ears peeled for that as it is gonna DESTROY the first demo!

Thanks readers here's your links....

Abominate Demo on Bandcamp (FREE)HERE

Facebook pageHERE

Abominate Demo from mediafireHERE

Abominate demo on youtubeHERE

So it doesn't end there our Good friend Steve Hargraves of the bands Ballpein & Monstrance as well as making the t-shirt design you see at the top of the page here,he also put together a promo video for our demo song "Pathogens" and here it is...

Thanks for reading my shameless self promotion and hope you enjoy our music


Dave B.



  2. You did a post on massmord a while back and mentioned future ruins. Just curious if you have that. I keep coming up empty. Thanks either way

    1. Jeremy I have the future ruins album but it was sourced from various places track by track and only about 1/4 of it is decent quality however I went on their facebook page and they broke up long ago but the members of massmord and shades of grey from the same post have formed new bands which may be of interest so here's some links....

      Snake Tongue -

      Adrestia -

      Age Of Woe -

      I think first 2 are old school Swedish style death metal with a little crust influence and Age Of Woe are Sludge/doom I will keep huinting down a better copy of Future Ruins if i find one I will post it up

      Thanks For Commenting


      Dave B.

  3. Cool. Thanks man. Also this abominate demo is pretty sick. Cant wait to hear more

    1. Hey Jeremy
      no problem glad you like our demo we have 5 new Songs ready, 3 of them (Diseased, Eradication & Stress) are on the live video plus 2 more which are going to be recorded for an EP we hope next month and trust me it will make the old demo look pathetic!!! We got a new bass player over a month ago called Steve and he has added a new and better bottom end to the sound is enthusiastic and is already contributing music!! So things are looking good! Thanks for commenting!


      Dave B.

  4. Kick ass blog! All killer and no filler. Found some stuff that was missing from the collection and heard some new stuff that blew my doors off. Thank you.