Wednesday, 28 June 2017


I know soulseek is one of the oldest platforms on the internet for sharing music however I have only recently, in around the last 2 months, been introduced to it i had always avoided soulseek as i was a bit, if I am being honest, "intimidated" by this peer to peer program. However I have now got onto it and I have to say it's an utter goldmine of stuff almost everything I can't find through google I have found in soulseek! If you are a user then you know how it works but for the uninitiated you can only download things from a person when they are online and have the soulseek program open! Now I was happily downloading when i kept getting messages popping up saying variations on "You are not sharing please share something before downloading" anyway because of this i decided to take the plunge and share i thought it would be a pain in the arse but turned out it was VERY easy!

So my point in telling you this? well I have pretty much shared about 3/4 (800 TB!!!!!) of my music collection on soulseek so if you are a user or you are interested (which i think you would be) then you can look me up on there my user name is


I am online most days from morning (7 or 8 am) to early afternoon (around the 1pm mark) GMT (I am based in the UK) so if you fancy browsing a HUGE chunk of the music collection of the person who runs this blog then that's where you will find it! If you are not already a user then I would strongly suggest you download the soulseek program and get started i was astounded by the vast array of amazing and obscure stuff that's on there! Also if you are taking from my collection i will not block or prevent you in any way even if you are just taking music and not sharing it's all there for you to help yourself and enjoy!!!


Dave B.


  1. awesome, i haven't used Soulseek in a long while, although your attitude is the best, cheers!

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  3. hey dude, fist of all, I hope you're great; second, thanxs for all your shares... I'd like to take note of the soulseek thing, and obviously I'm interested in to follow in Soulseek, but I don't know how to find a user in specific.... So I'd like that you'll be momre specific respect the "chat rooms" where I can find you in the program interface, thanx so much mate...

  4. Yeah, soulseek, whatever track from whichever obscure limited edition split 10", someone's bound to have it. Think I've been on that since Audiogalaxy imploded 15 years ago or so.

  5. I have been planning to start using Soulseek for awhile, but
    1 - been lazy to do it, as I heard the speed is slow, plus would want another hard drive/PC dedicated only for that,
    2- complaints about most soulseek members, such they don't care and have songs mislabeled, or they never upload / sharing anything back, so the only way is to connect only to friends and who they recommend.

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  7. Hello, this is Alfredo from Chile.

    First of all, Thank you for all the music here.

    I start using Soulseek . I add you by "dukowski" name.

    My user name: Alfredo Pangue