Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Skitvärld LIVE (featuring your Editor)

So been a while since I've been on here simply because I'm finding music a little uninspiring at the moment and have been busy with family and also with playing in a band!

Skitvärld are a band from Liverpool who I became friends with on facebook feat an ex member of hardcore crazies Dr Aids and a current Member of doomsters Lazarus Blackstar! These guys play some blistering 80's Scandinavian influenced punk fucking rock! Mid their drummer injured his hand in a fight with an electric breadknife and a loaf of tigerbread! Having a couple of gigs booked, one of which was their first live appearance, I was asked to step up and fill in for poor Mid on drums! Haven't played drums for 8 years but seeing as how there were 3 other bands playing one being Liverpool crust juggernaut Aüralskit (Get there fucking AWESOME demo Free HERE) who are also friends of mine as well and also playing their first gig i figured i didn't want to spoil everyone's fun by saying no! So attended 1st practice with them and it went awful! I was out of shape and badly out of practice however 2nd practice went much better and the gig better still! so for some fun here's a couple of very decent (by youtube live vids standard) of Skitvärld live at the Pilgrim Pub Liverpool 19/9/13 watch out for these guys they are recording soon and the demo is gonna fucking kill!

(Unfortunately for some reason I can't get them to embed so here's the video links....)

Skitvarld Live 1: Homage

Skitvarld Live 2: System Fail, System Shit

Skitvarld Live 3: Council Estate Bull Terrier

*NOTE* If anyone can identify the guy in the white polo shirt "violating" poor Andy Skitvarld here in the above pics please get in touch as he has become a bit of an legendary figure of this gig!