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The Dagda were an Irish band who existed from 2000 to 2006 they only did 2 albums and a split 7" with Scatha from Scotland. Their first demo cassette was also later released as a 7" not much material for a 6 year career but it shows in the high standard of the music they released. The Dagda had ex members of many well known Irish bands including Bleeding Rectum,Pink Turds in Space and Jobbykrust so with that much experience behind them you may have some idea how good this band is! They play loud, heavy and speedy crust with some great dischordant and melodic breakdowns! However they are one of those bands who are obviously influenced by hardcore especially in the vocal department going for a more anguished sorta scream ing. there are quite a few hardcore flourishes to the music as well but i still feel it's got enough of a dirty,heavy  edge to put it in the crust camp!

I've uploaded their entire discography for you first album "Threefold" is taken from my own CD rip at 320kbps. 2nd album "An Endless Betrayal" is taken from a vinyl rip and is good quality. The demo/"Blind Kings" 7" & Split 7" W/ Scatha are both also taken from vinyl rips. If any member of The Dagda come across this post for fuckssake re-issue your 2nd album on CD and tack on the EP & split as bonus!!! Or start a bandcamp page!




Talking of bandcamp ex members of The Dagda now play in a brutal deathly sludge outfit called OKUS you can listen and download a couple of the tracks from their forthcoming EP here...

*UPDATE* The OKUS album is now up for free/pay what you want download at the bandcamp link above you need to go get this album now it is an utterly punishing and fucking outstanding album go get it at the link above and show my fellow Celts some love! GOOOOO!!!!

*UPDATE 2* - I have updated the link to the "Endless Betrayal" album because a kind reader alerted me to the fact that it is available for free download on bandcamp and it's a away better quality download than my vinyl rip so go get it!


Oroku are a band i know very little about I came to them by chance whilst browsing Inimical records website. These guys are pretty much a dead ringer for Remains Of The Day (see post HERE ) if someone had given me a copy of this and said it was an unreleased Remains Of The Day recording i would have beleived it! Again we have epic crust in the Tragedy/From Ashes Rise vein and they have a cellist present in the ranks hence the Remains Of The Day comparison, their cellist Lisa was also in a band called Garmonbozia if thats any help to anyone?? I've uploaded Oroku's one and only CD here which contains their album and their 1st EP which makes it pretty much a discography for these guys as they're status is listed on the Inimical page as inactive and i can find no info on what the band members are doing if not Oroku! This is fast epic crust with big emotional string filled breakdowns which really just blow me away!

If you feel my posts are getting a bit formulaic and a bit too much on the Tragedy/From Ashes Rise style well i have to say tough fucking shit this is the kind of thing that drives me nuts in the best way and makes modern life more bearable and I post these things in the hope it will do the same for you also because i feel that though there is a lot of stuff like this out there i am picking the best of it for you the likes of Requiem (See My Post HERE ) Shades Of Grey (See My Post HERE ) & Remains Of The Day (See My Post HERE ) are some of the best music i have ever heard and due to them being fairly obscure i feel that these bands aren't getting the recognition they deserve. Trust me i wouldn't be posting so many bands of the same style if i wasn't picking out the best of them for you guys!I only keep mentioning Tragedy & F.A.R. becuase they are the most well known bands of this style so you get the idea... Enjoy...


You can also buy this CD for the criminally low price of $2 plus postage at the link below though why Inimical has had to reduce the price so low to sell this is a testament to how some great bands get severely overlooked....
You can get almost all Inimical records releases on CD for about $2 I HIGHLY recommend you also check out the $2 CD's of Jesus Fucking Christ a band featuring members of Filth & Neurosis playing some great old school Poison Idea styled hardcore with a slightly crustier edge go buy some CD's from Inimical!


Remains Of The Day were a fairly short lived band from the world crust capital Portland OR. they only released 2 albums a split EP and an EP between  2001 & 2003 but their members went on to play in From Ashes Rise, Hellshock, Warcry and The Estranged to name but a few and were the first band to feature exceedingly prolific crust drummer Keith Testerman (aka Keet) . They were also one of the first bands to play the melodic/epic crust style music along with From Ashes Rise & Tragedy but for some reason these guys seem to be overlooked maybe it was because they weren't around very long? They were also one of the first bands to have a full time violinist in their ranks! These guys are one of those great bands like The Holy Mountain ( See post HERE) that played some really original and groundbreaking music but seem to be hardly known! I'm not gonna waste time describing this if you are a fan of the sounds of the bands I mentioned then you need this music i feel these guys played an essential part in forming the sound that has been copied time and time again by so many bands since the turn of the century.The addition of a violinist also gives an extra dramatic dimension to the music which to my mind gives a nod to post rock bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor! (Check out my post Godspeed You Black Emperor HERE)and just makes an already amazing sound even more epic! They're also not afraid to vary the pace of their songs either so it's not a constant onslaught of high speed!

So your links I have uploaded both their albums from my own CD's at 320kbps for maximum quality and enjoyment! The First album "An Underlying Frequency" Contains the album plus their self titled debut EP and 2 unreleased tracks one of which is a storming version of Naked Raygun's "Never Follow". Second album "Hanging On Rebellion" contains the album plus their side of the split EP with Keitzer and one unreleased track so with both these files you have their whole discography covered!

These guys are such a great band i hope some people will take the time to check this out these albums are just as musically accomplished and important to the sound of  modern crust as Tragedy or From Ashes Rise why they don't get the acknowledgement as the one of the innovators i have no idea! Go get em!....




I mentioned Born Dead Icons in my post on the members last project Complications (see HERE ) so i thought it was time for a  post on them! Born Dead Icons were a Canadian band who existed from 1999 to 2003 and were one of the best and most original bands to come out of the "crust" punk scene I actually hesitate to call them crust because they had quite an original sound, Debut album "Work" contained re-recordings of their debut EP "A Part Of Something Larger Than Ourselves" & songs from their demo plus a few new songs with much better production than those releases (I haven't uploaded "A Part..." EP as the production is terrible quality even the band were very unhappy with it and the re-recordings on "Work" are far superior) The album is just great rarely going above mid paced there's hints at all their influences on there touches of Amebix, Motorhead,Nausea etc with a thick and heavy production which really brings their sound together, whilst there are hints of other bands they really do have their own sound adding some unusual melodies to the powerful heavy sound they have and their vocalist has a unique style with his French Candian accent which also made them stand out.

So after purchasing the amazing "Work" album i was desperate for more Born Dead Icons so couldn't wait for a second album in the meantime they released the excellent "Modern Plague" EP 4 tracks of Born Dead Icons sound albeit maybe a bit cleaner sounding,one of which was a great cover of the excellent Wipers track "Doomtown". So at this time 2002 there was not so much easy internet access like there is now but one of my friends went to the US on tour with his band and came back with a copy of their 2nd album "Salvation On The Knees" which i had no idea was even out and I could not wait to snatch it off him and copy it which i did however I was initially dissapointed, even though the "Modern Plague" EP had hinted at a bit of a change in sound, the thick heavy sound of "Work" had been replaced with a much less distorted and much "lighter"guitar sound and the melodies had come more to the fore rather than the brutal riffage of the 1st album also the vocals had become a bit more pronounced and less growled (whilst still havuing the unique style) and overall i felt it had more of a "classic" American hardcore influence (think early Agent Orange, Adolescents,Wipers early Husker Du etc mixed in with the crust sound) anyway it took me a while to get into this album because i had loved the heavy sound of the debut album but I now see it for the utterly classic and original piece of music it is, they are no less heavy or chunky in their riffing style it's just that the guitars are cleaner and there is more melody and less ridin the "E" chord and they have obviously developed as musicians in the interim between albums as bands do with touring and practice I was just being a stubborn pigheaded crust fan at the time and wanted them to stay the same!!!

Third and final album "Ruins" was a bit of a surprise when i heard it because I had expected them to continue to become more melodic however "Ruins" whilst obviously even more musically accomplished than "Salvation..." combines the heaviness of the first album with the melody and musicianship of the second making for a refreshing and amazing listen, there are even more melodious parts on this album than the previous but the vocal style and production have got a little dirtier again leaning more towards the sound of the 1st album. however the short instrumental title track even reminds me of the melodies of good "77" era punk albeit much heavier! This really is the perfect combination of the 2 preceding albums and is a fitting end to a guttingly short history!

So your links, Firstly you get "New Scream Industry" ripped from my 10" vinyl this is the vinyl version of their first demo it's fairly decent quality for a demo and actually way better quality than the debut 7" . "Part of Something..." I mentioned before and contains 2 tracks not re-recorded for "Work" . I've then given you the three albums mentioned above and also the "Modren Plague" EP the first 2 albums are ripped from my own CD's at 320kbps the "Modern Plague" EP is at 320kbps but is ripped from vinyl it is VERY good quality though. "Ruins" I don't own on CD but the file is taken from a decent vinyl rip.

This is not a discography as unfortunately they did a split EP with a band called Coma in 2002 and another EP called "Unlearn" in 2003 but unfortunately I had no record player by then so I've never heard or owned them and they are unavailable for download anywhere! and i also haven't put up their debut EP because it's atrocious quality as i said above! But there's enough B.D.I. here to keep you happy!




DEMO 10"Mediafire


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I just discovered this GREAT Swedish band today I saw them mentioned on Misantropic's Facebook page (see my post on them HERE ) so went to see if they had a bandcamp page and they did, and they are offering their 4 track demo from last year for free. And the demo is amazing this is epic crust with the emphasis on EPIC I haven't heard the like of this since Axegrinder's "Rise Of The Serpent Men", Filth Of Mankind (See my post on them HERE) or the best of Amebix! It's only 4 tracks but clocks in at 26 minutes, it is a demo recording but the quality is really good! I cannot hurry you along to get this quickly enough it's an amazingly accomplished demo not a D-beat in sight this heavy and well written demo really takes you on a journey and with a song title like the near 10 minute "With My Dying Breath I Curse This World...Another Sun Will Rise" I'm sure you get the idea?? I'm really excited on discovering this as much as i love the full on fast heavy wall of brutality crust it's really refreshing to hear a band lower the pace a little and use dynamics so well in building the music up and bringing it down and building it again! as i've said I can only describe this as EPIC a lot of bands are compared to the likes of Axegrinder or Amebix and it's more often than not a valid comparison but these guys TRULY are the successors to that sound and bringing their own style to it as well and definitely streets ahead of all the other type of bands doing this sort of slow/mid paced crust type music!!!!! go get it free from bandcamp now or you're missing out on a REALLY fucking amazing band that I expect to be hearing big things from soon!

Swordwielder DemoBandcamp

*UPDATE* I emailed these guys for some more info apparently they have re-recorded all 4 songs from this demo and some new ones for a soon to be released album. I shall keep you posted!!!

*NOTE* in case you missed it you can now download their IMMENSE debut album from Bandcamp free of charge go see my post with link HERE

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The Holy Mountain

Not to be confused with the Sleep album or the record label this is Florida crust masters The Holy Mountain  having consistently released one amazing record after another since 2003 I don't know why this band seem to be kinda overlooked. No one ever seems to mention them and you hardly ever see T-shirts or patches on people! I hadn't listened to these in quite a while but i was reminded of them by a friend of mine posting a video on Facebook (Nice one Gordon!) so i dug them out for a reappraissal and i'm so glad I did! The Holy Mountain are one of those great bands that comes along every so often in the crust/hardcore/whatever scene scene that really stands out for having something different to their sound! While they do utilize D-beats when they play fast they do mix other elements of hardcore and punk within their sound and are not afraid of throwing in some great melodies as well! I'm running short of descriptive terms for this kinda music that's my fault not any fault of the band I'm probably struggling as while i could compare them to other bands the truth is they don't really sound like anyone else! These guys are really great musicians and you'll find everything from barrelling fast D-beat to hardcore to epic breakdowns,great melodies and the occassional bit of widdly lead guitar work in their music and sometimes all in one song!This also means you can listyen to them a lot and never get bored! These guys are by far one of the most original bands within the political harcore/crust scene and why they aren't at the top of the pile and being lauded by everyone as great i just don't understand. So i decided it was time someobody spread the word so i uploaded their entire discography for you!

Firstly there is the compilation  "Bloodstains Across Your Face In Decline" which contains their debut EP their 1st 12" and a coupla bonus tracks. The1st album "Entrails" and the "Enemies" & Here Is No Exit" 12"'s
Then I've compiled all their 7"'s and split 7"'s into one file called EP's this contains their"Wrath" EP & their sides of split EP's with Le Cobra Noir, Black Tusk, Cave Canem and the split 5" single with Deathcycle

That's everything up to date, I've rushed this post a little but if you want a more detailed look at their discography go here...

all the files are taken from direct downloads or CD's so the quality is all great. Go check out this awesome overlooked band....






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I've mentioned Audiosiege a few times in this blog but if you didn't know already it's an offshoot of Moshpit Tragedy website belonging to Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) who also runs Audiosiege studio it's a free  download label where you can download a shedload of releases Brad has been involved in recording or mastering I finally got the link that will take you to all the free stuff. You gan get Le Kraken : "Exalt" and their latest "Exil" , Sarabante "Remnants" album and many more albums and demos and it's all SHIT HOT and all FREE. I have downloaded all of the available Audiosiege stuff and every one of the releases are top quality and most of it is good epic crust I heard Sarabante there and they were so good i bought their CD and a T-shirt! It's all really that good! anyway heres your link go check it out.....


NOTE they have a strange yet cool way of doing things at the site when you go to the page you will find a virtual record player with one track off each release listed alongside it, click on the band you want and the record player will spring into action and there is a link underneath that says Click here for download info click on that and the download of your chosen artist will start automatically. I recommend you take it all as every release on Audiosiege so far has been killer and has lead me to a purchase where the band have had CD's available.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Complicated Complications

Well earlier today I commented on a facebook post about Canadian crust band Born Dead Icons I mentioned that I often wondered what had happened to this awesome band they just seemed to dissapear after their 3rd album "Ruins" in 2003. well on the facebook post someone kindly informed me they had started a new band during/after Born dead Icons called Complications! So i did a bit of surfing to see if i could find anything it wasn't easy they have released 2 tapes a vinyl album and 1 x 7" and none of them have titles just "Complications" and try typing complications into google and see what you get!! I'll tell you what... thousands of sites about pregnancy!!!! anyway after a bit of surfing and sifting i manged to download one of their tapes and their album and boy was it worth the work. They have taken the sound Born dead Icons had on 2nd album "Salvation On The Knees" which was leaning towards a more melodic early American hardcore sound (Think Wipers, Effigies, Articles of faith etc etc) and added a bit of post punk influences and come up with something really original! If you liked Born Dead Icons then i can't recommend this highly enough if you haven't heard Born Dead Icons but you like early melodic american hardcore and post punk then this is definitely for you! I've only just discovered them today so i can't describe them much more as i've only listened to both the tape and LP once all i know is i thouroughly enjoyed it and wanted to get it up here and linked so anyone who is looking for it might not have to do so much difficuult surfing as i did!! The source for these was tape for the tape obviously and the LP is only on LP so i'm assuming that this file was otriginally ripped from vinyl but i was listening to it earlier and  Didn't notice any crackles or jumps so maybe it isn't they are both very decent quality anyway! Enjoy....



I just heard that it's unlikely you'll hear much more from this band as apparently one of them is now a trucker/lorry driver and the other has a baby so this might be the last we hear of these guys but hope not!

UPDATE JULY 2013 - Just got a message up today on facebook from Complications advertising a gig soon so they ain't done yet keep your ears peeled!

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Misantropic are a female fronted 5 piece Swedish fast heavy crust/metal band with a mini album and a split 7" out so far, their bassist was in another band called  Personkrets 3.1 who i have never heard of but they did a split 7" with Swede crust titans Human Waste other than that they would seem to be a totally "new" band which is pretty cool! I downloaded both their releases and it would seem that female vocalist Gerda is a new addition to the band because the 2 songs on the split EP are also on the mini album but in different versions, as from listening to the split it sounds like a male voice.
My knowledge on this band is lacking as though the split EP & Mini LP are from 2009 and 2011 respectively I only became aware of them this week because someone posted a video on my F/B page!(Cheers David Insurrection) I'm gutted because I have listened to little else since I got it! This is some RAGING fast crust but with a very slight death metal  influence (when i say "death" metal think old school like Entombed or Benediction and not the shit with corpse gargling vocals and repetitive drum blasts) plus some tight double bass drumming here and there and Vocalist Gerda is one of the best female vocalists I've ever heard in ages, the sound is Immense great production throughout everything is perfectly clear and level nothing is buried in the mix!
A good comparison for these guys would maybe be the Night Nurse demo I posted up a while back (HERE) which is also fucking raging, but these guys even leave the awesome Night Nurse in the dust!! I hate to keep saying this about female fronted crust bands but again this has Sacrilege written all over it especially in the vocals it's been wrecking my head while listening to it who Gerda sounds like and well it is Tam from Sacrilege absolutely no doubt in my mind! If you think I'm being lazy with the Sacrilege comparisons all the time and lacking female references then you're probably right but shit download it yourself and you'll see what I mean! I cannot recommend this band highly enough they absolutely fucking DESTROY! Every piece of the mini album the songs, production,vocals,guitar,drums & bass every single bit of it hit's the fucking nail squarely on the head for me utterly jaw dropping and the best "heavy" release i've heard so far this year! Go Go Go NOWWW!!!!

MINI LPMediafire

SPLIT 7"Mediafire

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So No music blog,especially one done by me would be complete without a Melvins post! Here's my story of how i came to love Melvins.... I have been a fan of Melvins since I got their debut album "Gluey Porch Treatments"  in 1987. at that time I was 16 and I was very strictly into hardcore, I bought the Melvins album based on great previous releases on the label it was originally released on Alchemy Records (who had released records by Poison Idea, The Grim, Sacrilege B.C., and Neurosis 1st album) that coupled with the fact it had 18 tracks on it which for the time was quite a lot so i was sold! I rushed home thinking I'd unearthed a new fast hardcore gem! How wrong can you be?.... The sides of the album were entitled "This Side" and "That Side" on the Alchemy vinyl version so I ended up playing side 2 first by mistake but what a glorious mistake! Opening instrumental "Glow God" kicked in and it was so slow and sludgy and fuck off heavy (And I mean HEAVY even by today's standards) I just went whhhooooooooaaahhh I had never heard anything that heavy at the time, bear in mind this was before all the grindcore and death metal downtuning of guitars etc, but I was still expecting them to burst into hardcore at any moment, then next track"Big As A Mountain" kicked in yeah maybe a little more uptempo but this was not hardcore in any shape or form, the next track was a real slow crawler called "Heavyness Of The Load" and the title which pretty much sums up the Melvins sound!!! that super thick heavy guitar and bass Dale Crovers' unique, brilliant and  insanely good drumming and Buzzos' unusual voice I didn't know what to make of it but I did know that I was fucking mezmerised!!! I have been utterly hooked ever since! and continued to play "Gluey.."side 2 first then side 1 right up until i got it on CD!
So as Melvins are one of my all time favourite bands (I own countless CD's and my Melvins file on my hard drive is 3.67 GB not bragging in any way I'm just trying to illustrate that if you get into the Melvins which you well should, that you will be hooked) I decided to do something a bit special for this post!

I am not even gonna attempt any kind of blurb on Melvins sound,but try this... the 1st 6 Black Sabbath albums crashing head on into Black Flag circa 84-86 add a healthy dose of noise rock ala' Jesus Lizard and you're about there! I'm also not gonna attempt any breaking down of their VAAAAST and complex back catalogue either with at least 33 albums and 70 singles and numerous collaborations to their credit over their almost 30 year career (fuck i just realised this year makes 30 years of Melvins and that I bought "Gluey Porch Treatments" 26 years ago!!! WOW!) It would be impossible to do you a discography and pointless to try and pick favourites so what can I give you that would be interesting to you, the discerning music blogger??...

...Well a few years ago when the internet became widely available and file sharing became a bit easier I decided it was long overdue to do a bit of research into what Melvins stuff i didn't have as they are absolute vinyl maniacs and have had a slew of crazily packaged and insanely limited releases over the years, this is when i discovered they had a load of singles that I'd never heard of or owned and due to their slavish devotion to limited vinyl and Melvins being one of the most collectable bands ever i was never going to be able to own any of those reords but as I've said i'm all about the music not the collecting records so over the years of my file sharing i have compiled a fair bit of Melvins rarities and obscurities!

As I've said before about other vinyl only releases, much as i respect the Melvins i do think that releasing ultra limited vinyls and not making them available for download (Tho this is not always the case they did offer their recent "Endless Residency" 8 LP/4CD boxset available to download for $10) It kinda leaves a lot of GREAT Melvins material out of print and unavailable to all but the richest collector scum!!! For example their latest in the  "Sugar Daddy Live" Series of Split 12's with Fucked Up was released a mere 6 weeks ago and is already selling for £26/$40 online for 1 Melvins and 1 Fucked Up Track! Ridiculous! And because none of the music in the first 2 links here has been compiled on CD or otherwise available and is completely out of print I do feel I'm not "hurting" Melvins in anyway by putting this up.

So as the post title says this is a Melvins Singles Overload!  I have spent a lot of time slaving over my computer to put this together over the years and i've compiled it here so you don't have to! However if you expected it broken down into separate links so you could have the individual singles you want....UNLUCKY! I have neither the time nor the inclination to upload around 30 short files when i can give you this bonanza!

Firstly  I have put together a 4 part collection of some of the rarest and hardest to find stuff, I've done the files in chronological order I've included pretty much everything there is. Now when i say "Everything" it is just simply impossible to collect "Everything" unless you have had the time to keep up to date with Melvins on a daily basis since 1986  but according to what research i have done on the excellent Melvins endorsed wikipedia Discography (go look here Melvins Discography ) and other resources online this is near as damnit a Melvins singles discography as you're likely to get! Covering 1987 to early 2012, I have been unable to locate some of the more recent releases like the aforementioned "Sugar daddy live series" 12"'s and a few other bits they have done of late.Also some releases are intentionally missed due to the fact they are just Melvins fucking with you ("Shit Sandwich" 7" for example is 2 sides of silence apparently a tribute to John Cage's "4,33" and their side of the split 7" with Plainfield is just cut ups of inbetween song banter of an unamed classic rock band)

Below is a list of whats in the file links titled PT's 1, 2, 3 & 4 at the bottom of the post you decide if it's good enough for you!! :-)

PT 1 Contains...
1983 EP (4 tracks recorded in 1983 not on "Mangled Demos")
Live 8" Flexi (Slap-a-ham records)
Split 7" W/ Steel Pole Bathtub
With Yo Heart Not Yo Hands 7"
Split 7" W/ Nirvana
Night Goat 7"
Flipper Covers 5"
Lizzy 7"
Porn 2 7" (Split 7" W/ Guv'ner)
Split 7" W/ Cosmic Psychos

PT 2 Contains...
Hostile Ambient Takeover 7" collection
(The Hostile... Album over 7 x 7" singles each with a non album B-side mostly covers)
Tanx 7" (John Peel Session EP unofficial)

PT 3 Contains...
Untitled 7" Given free with comic "Barbaraal" #2
Message Saved/Thank You 7"
Pigskin/Starve Already 7"
Split 7" W/ Patton Oswalt from Chunklet magazine
Smash the State EP
Split Tour EP W/ Halo of Flies
Star Spangled Banner 7"
Split 12" W/ Isis
Horray For Me Fuk You! 12"
"God Of Thunder" from "Hard To Believe" a Kiss trbute comp.
And the Sawed Off 7" a Melvins side project feat feat King Buzzo & Dale Crover

PT 4 Contains...
Sludge Glamorous 12"
Black Betty 7" (Split with JSBX)
Amphetamine Reptile Cage Match split 7" W/ Unsane
The Bulls & The Bees EP

Apart from "Tanx" EP these are all official Melvins releases.I do not own any of these myself these are all taken from the internet and almost all are vinyl rips they are of varying bitrates from 128kbps to 320kbps but I guarantee that none of it is unlistenable quality otherwise they would have been ommited from the post,except for side 2 of the Flipper 5" which seems to waver in speed but i used to own it and as i recall this is cos it's a 5" single and some record players can't cope with it sorry nowt i can do! they are all in separate folders within the files,correctly tagged and dated and include cover art. These were easily available to find online but due to rapidshare and mediafire killing off a MAMMOTH amount of links recently you'd be unlikely to find them now which is another reason I'm doing this post all links presented in this post are my links and will remain alive for as long as this blog does.

So that's your first 2 links covered but of course this being OCDave I couldn't leave it at that, as you may be aware Melvins are absolute KISS fanatatics and apeing KISS in 1992 they did a set of Solo EP's with both artwork and lettering aping the Kiss members solo albums from 1978 for example....

So being the nice guy i am I have also uploaded all 3 Melvins solo EP's for you as well and considering that at the time Melvins line up was Dale Crover, King Buzzo and Joe Preston (aka Thrones) these are some mighty fucked up recordings!!!

But it does not end there.... in 1997 Melvins also did a series of 12 x 7" singles for Amphetamine Reptile 1 a month for a year, all with variations on the same theme for their covers(see CD cover above) these vary from live tracks and covers to noise experiments & re-workings of older tracks to just plain weird but hey that's Melvins! However Amphetamine Reptile kindly collected all these 12 singles on a double CD so as i did call this post MELVINS SINGLES OVERLOAD!! I have uploaded the CD for you because thats 12 x 7" singles and a years worth of single releases that would be missing from this post if I didn't!

So there you go a Melvins singles overload as promised The Solo EP's and the AmRep Singles 1-12 are out of print but easily available to find on CD used (tho very expensive) but I felt as this was a singles post that they were an essential part of it.

The 4 part link listed first those are some rare singles for example the split 7" with Nirvana sells for £120! as i've said already prices of Melvins singles and EP's are beyond ridiculous and why should it only be available to those with a large disposable income ? I would like to thank the more genorous of collectors who were good enough to rip and upload the original files that i have compiled in this post unfortunately most of the blogs and links are long gone so i can't name the people but if you uploaded it then a major thanks from me you made a Melvins fan very happy!

PT 1Mediafire

PT 2Mediafire

PT 3Mediafire

PT 4Mediafire

SOLO EP'SMediafire

AMREP SINGLES 1-12 (Disc 1)Mediafire

AMREP SINGLES 1-12 (Disc 2) - Mediafire

So That's it folks go OVERLOAD on Melvins!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Svart Parad

So another Swedish classic i missed out on back in the day and another band i've only found out about recently tho i have heard the name bandied about for years! This file is the "Sista Kriget" CD that was released by Finn Records in 1995 and contains all the demo's they did between 1984 and 1986 (they've no vinyl or other relases i know of except for this CD) because of the age and the era of the recordings and the fact they were probably a dirt poor band at the time the quality does suffer a bit and i was dithering about whether to post it or not however this is still classic Swedish hardcore and worthy of your attention especially for vocalist Gozzel's raw vocals (On a side note until Extreme Noise Terror came along in 1986 I always thought all the Swedish bands had the most brutal vocalists I'd heard since classic Cal (Discharge) Which I think is part of what attracted me to the Swedish stuff) It's a shame these guys never got a proper release until almost 10 years after they split as I would've ate this up back in the day (as i do now!) If you know any of the other swedish bands i've posted or like any of them already and don't have this i reccomend it HIGHLY!!! Interesting note their bass player played bass on the first Asocial EP "Der Bittra Slutet" as well!



Disarm are another band i know very little about I only heard them in 2010 when their discography CD was released. I don't know why no one ever mentioned these to me back in the 80's or how i never found out about them somehow because these guys are great! Classic fast loud and raw D-beat Hardcore Swedish style! This File contains the aforementioned discography CD and is their entire (albeit brief)  recorded history 1982 - 87 plus a handful of live stuff to round it out and the live recordings are pretty decent as normally i would omit live stuff if it's trashy quality! Anyway not a lot else i can say I'm afraid I'm ignorant to any of the history of this band or their place in the scene at the time all i can say is they're fucking great! GO.....


No Security

No Security existed from 1986 - 1993 various members went on to play in the likes of Dischange, Meanwhile, Krigshot, Totalitar & Imperial Leather to name but a few I don't know much about them other than that except about what music they've released. Having done a split LP with Doom on Peaceville in 1989 I guess they are one of the better known Swedish bands. What I do know is they play some fast agressive D-beat thrash that fit's in nicely with the rest of the Swedish posts I've put up recently! The extremely shady "Release whatever we want without the bands permission or knowledge" Lost And Found records from Germany released an almost discography CD bizzarely titled "When The Gist Is Sucked From The Fruit Of Welfare The Ugly Faces Of Truth Will Show" whether this was released with or without the bands permission i don't know but considering the material and the decent quality throughout the CD I'm thinking maybe this was one of their "legit" releases! I have uploaded that for you due to the fact it's a fairly thorough release the only thing missing is their side of the split LP with Doom which i have very handily also uploaded making this a complete discography to my knowledge, here's a list of where the material on the CD is sourced from....

Tracks 1-4: Recorded May 1993. Previously unreleased. 
Tracks 5-7: Taken from the split LP with Doom on Peaceville Records. Re-recorded May 1993. 
Tracks 8-14: Demo 4. Recorded December 1990. Track 8, 10 and 11 were later used for the split 7" EP with Crocodileskink, track 14 was used for a compilation 7" EP. Track 9, 12 and 13 previously unreleased. 
Tracks 15-17: Recorded June 1990. Taken from the split LP with Valvontakommissio. 
Track 18: Recorded April 1990. Taken from a faulty test pressing of a faulty recording. Previously unreleased. 
Tracks 19-21: Recorded 1988. Taken from the split 7" EP with Cruel Maniax on Cruel Records. 
Tracks 22-25: Recorded 1987. Taken from the 7" EP on STF Records. 
Tracks 26-28: taken from Demo 3. Recorded 1987. Previously unreleased. 
Tracks 29-35: taken from Demo 2. Recorded 1987. Previously unreleased. 
Tracks 36-37: taken from Demo 1. Recorded 1986. Previously unreleased.

Hopefully that will be helpful when you've downloaded it why they chose to do this CD in reverse chronological order i dunno don't suppose it matters just my OCD tendencies kicking in!!
Anyway below are your links go get a big chunk of top class fast Swedish KANG! courtesy of No Security!


SPLIT W/ DOOMMediafire

OOPS!! I just noticed after postiing this that The "Discography" CD isn't quite what it says as it doesn't include the entire Split LP with Valvontakomissio just 3 of the 12 tracks which would be a severe loss to this post as it fucking rips so I uploaded it and here's your link....

SPLIT W/ VALKON.. - Mediafire

That's everything now! 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mob 47

So I couldn't possibly do a post on Classic 80's Swedish Hardcore without including Mob 47 but seeing as i couldn't pick a particular recording from their very complicated back catalog i've uploaded "Ultimate Attack" a double CD of their entire recordings from 1983 - 1986, This isn't the full story however as the picture above is Mob 47 in 2011 they are still gigging and released an EP called "Dom Ljuger Ijen" In 2008 (not included here) So back to the original days of Mob 47 these guys are probably along with Anti-Cimex the most influential of the 80's Swedish Hardcore bands Their sound of superfast D-beats and maybe a slightly smoother less blown out sound than their contemporaries, not that these guys aren't raw and intense and the Discharge influence as always with the 80's Swedish haredcore is prevalent throughout (on disc 2 there's a studio session with no less than 8 Discharge covers in a row!!!) I just always felt they had a slightly "cleaner" sound than some of the other stuff i posted earlier, Don't let my description put you off cos these guys are most definitely the very defenition of Swedish Kang and the influence of the material I've put up here on crust punk is most definitely being felt even in the newest of bands, That's why they get a post all to themselves!! anyway heres the discography comp ripped from CD check it out...

MOB 47 Disc 1Mediafire

MOB 47 Disc 2Mediafire


So after doing the Cracked Cop Skulls post and mentioning Shitlickers i decided that it was about time we had some classic Swedish hardcore up here so I decided to make a mega post of Swede-KANG-Punk essentials for you (Note that Kang is swedish for boot and is the term used to describe classic 80's Discharge worshipping Swedish hardcore! However Boot-Punk makes me think of skinheads and OI music so hence KANG) Now a lot of these are so obscure that information is ultimately unavailable i have picked up on these myself either through replacing tapes from back in the day with mp3's or through bands mentioning them as influence or covering their songs so with a few exceptions I'm not gonna be able to tell you much about the bands just maybe a bit about the music so here goes!

*NOTE* first off before you go any further if you are expecting top quality pristine recordings/MP3's here then you might as well skip to the end this is cheaply recorded raging fucking studs & spikes hardcore at it's most raw and agressive most of these are probably vinyl bootlegs of old demo tapes recorded in the 80's  etc and all of this has been painstakingly trainspotted and downloaded from various sources round the net i put it all together here to save people who want to check this stuff out from having to spend the time and effort I did to find it however as far as info goes do your own research I can't do everything for you!
There is NOTHING here of unlistenable quality however some of these may be a little quiet all you have to do is turn the volume up as i'm sure the band would've asked you to do on the original records! Download and play fucking LOUUUUD!!!

Agoni - Know nothing about these except they were one of the bands covered on Doom's "Hail To Sweden" EP  but the 6 songs here are from the awesome bootleg "Stockholms Mangel" which compiles some of the only recordings of some of the bands featured here Raw swedish punk D-Beats and thrashing guitar!

Anti - Cimex - So these are probably one of the best known Swedish bands from the classic 80's era Featuring members of The Shitlickers and post Anti-Cimex members  formed the mighty Wolfpack you get all the classic recordings in this file, includes their 3 tracks from "Really Fast Vol 1" Comp LP "Anarkist Attack" EP "Victims Of A Bombraid" EP "Raped Ass" EP and "Anti-Cimex" 12" I haven't included either of the albums as they fall outside the period i'm documenting with this post.chaotic, fast, loud and noisy D-beat (before it was called D-beat and actually the influence for a lot of D-beat bands) ESSENTIAL

Asocial - There are various releases out there demo's cassettes etc but I've given you what i consider the best stuff which is the 2 x 7" EP's they did "Der Bittra Slutet" & "Religion Sucks" The former suffers from weak production leaving the sound with little bottom end and the guitars a bit thin! however "Religion Sucks" really hit's the nail on the head this is a fucking juggernaut from the awesome d-beats to the fucking loud thick guitar and howling vocals this is one of my favourite records of this era!

Bombanfall - Know nothing about these or this their one and only EP "Ă…siktsfrihet" from 1987 I don't know if it's their only EP or a demo bootlegged to vinyl or what all i can tell you like Asocials second EP above this is a fucking Juggernaut it has pretty good production and the drums sound like their drummer is pounding lumps of wood with hammers! great thrashing guitar and deep shouted swede style vocals this is a RIPPING EP I only heard this fairly recently and i was gutted i didn't get to it earlier total classic!

Crudity - This is a bootleg EP called "The Total End" Discography EP know nothing about these again except that they were covered by Doom on the "Hail..." EP 12 tracks of  Ripping fast D-beat from 1985

Discard - "Death From Above" Ep which was released in 1990 but is actually their demo from 1986 More ripping D-beat from one of the earliest bands to have a Dis- in their name and use the Discharge writing for their logo! Again classic Swedish sound enough said!

Protes Bengt - right bit of a Kang supergroup here feturing members of Filthy Christians,Mob 47, Rojers and Desperat this isn't your typical D-beat tho theresa bit of that in here this is almost what you might call Proto-Grindcore they did a 7" and a tape I've given you both in the file the 7" has 32 Tracks on it ranging from blasting fast numbers to D-beat all with a thick and heavy sound and Per from Filthy Christians on vocals so this is some fast thrash with seriously brutal vocals.The closest comparison for the time would be some of the more crazy fast boston bands from that era like Deep wound & Siege but the vocal styles are vastly different! however due to the fact of the people involved and also the fact that PB are simply fucking GREAT I'm posting this!

Rojers - Know nothing about these except again Doom covered a track it fits well with the rest of this post there are only 3 tracks in the file taken from the aforementioned "Stockholms Mangel" comp more thick heavy classic swedish D-beat

Shitlickers - Featruring Jonsson from Anti Cimex i think this was the only EP they ever did this is from 1982 and is 4 tracks of serious blown out raw D-beat sounds like every Disclose record ever made! also fetures the oft covered "War System" Totally classic

S.O.D. (Sound Of Disaster) - Sound of Disaster did a self titled EP in 1985 and then 6 more tracks from the same session were released in 1990 on an EP called "Speak swedish or Die" so this file contains all 12 tracks. Killer fast D-beat Swedish style.

OK so there ya go a Classic swedish hardcore starter kit for all the old heads who might want to replace their aging tapes and vinyls digitally and a history lesson for the young crusties looking to trace the roots of their favourite bands I'm sorry for the lame descriptions and my lack of knowledge but it is what it is with the exception of Protes Bengt all the bands here are Fast,Raw,Blown out D-beat hardcore there's really not much else to describe it except this shit is essential! Go get em you'll see what i mean! there are some GLARING omissions here i know but there will be a few more posts rounding up the likes of Mob 47 & Totalitar shortly











Cracked Cop Skulls

Putting this up as an add-on to the Squandered post (HERE) if you read the Squandered post you'll know that they evolved out of this band Cracked Cop Skulls. Having taken their name from a song by Swedish legends Shitlickers you should have an idea what to expect 20 tracks over 2 EP's of short fast loud Discharge and Swedish Kang influenced crust not a million miles away in sound from the Squandered stuff below same double tracked vocals etc. Both EP's are pretty old (1995) but still great stuff if you liked Squandered then you should get these now. Taken from vinyl rips I found on the net but pretty decent qality both EP's are in the file with covers etc.. Enjoy!


Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Black Hand

OK so back in the late 90's there was a sludgy heavy hardcore band from Canada called IRE members of IRE went on to form The Black Hand members of The Black Hand went on to form Le Cobra Noir and later Cursed. However this post is about The Black Hand I mention the other bands to give you an idea how important they are in a chain of events that ended with the mighty crust juggernaut that was CURSED ! Anyway T.B.H. did a 4 track demo which sold out completelty and was eventually released on 10" & CD by Germanys excellent and now defunct Scorched Earth Policy records! From what info i can gather i think T.B.H. were really just a one off project band but encouraged by the success of the demo/10"/CD decided to do an album which, incidentally, as you can see by the above picture featured art from the amazing Away of Voivod fame who doesn't just do art for anybody! So do they live up to the hype??? Yeah they do, T.B.H. were a great band and it's a shame they only lasted an EP and an album both of which are long out of print and fairly desirable! What you get is some heavily metallic mid paced to fast crust punk with vocals that remind me a little of "If Mille from Kreator went hardcore" !!! This is great political crust punk played by guys who can really play and obviously love their metal as much as their hardcore,you can notice shades of the heavy riffs/melodic leads & pick slides that would later become the trademark of the entire "Epic" crust movement! I personally prefer the EP to the album but that may be cos i caned the 10" to death after i bought it cos i had been such a big fan of their other band IRE and it was like IRE with D-beats! Anyway i have put together a file which Features the album "War Monger" and the aforementioned demo/EP "Pulling My Strings" both ripped from my own CD's at 320kbps for maximum effect and enjoyment! If you haven't heard this band I strongly urge you to download this as it's well played and something a little different from your usual downtuned/growly/gnarly crust type stuff.

THE BLACK HAND - Mediafire


Squandered were a short lived project that evolved out of Cracked Cop Skulls (more on those later) feat Jim Whitely (Ex Napalm Death, Filthkick, Ripcord etc) on bass & vocals and Stick from Doom on drums and someone called (ahem) "Rat" played guitar. anyway they did one studio session in 1997 of which 4 tracks were used for a split EP with Japanese Discharge worshippers Disclose, there were however 10 tracks recorded at the session and i was kind enough to receive a copy of it recently from Stick so I thought I'd share it with you guys!

What you get is 10 tracks of pure D-beat, Discharge worshipping, crusty punk! However why I've posted this and what seperates it from the pack for me is the fact that it has a very clean production and sound for this type of music and Jim has cleverly double tracked his vocals same as Cal did on Discharge's "Realities of War" debut EP (In fact track #7 "Irrevecobale" is a deadringer for "Religion Instigates" from that EP) So it's Discharge worshipping but it's a little different than the normal ripped off riffs and sound of all that stuff cos much as i love the whole D-beat thing I do find some of it to be a bit tedious and 30 years after the fact that so many bands are still ripping off early Discharge riffs, packaging and the logo...c'mon guys!plus the fact that this recording is 15 years old it kinda pre-dates the current slew of D-Cloning! It also has that undeniably British sound as well if you've been into this sorta thing a long time you will know exactly what i mean! Anyway all the info i've given you is all i have and the pic is their side of the split EP with Disclose and that's all there is so that'll be your cover for the session in the file below! Enjoy

In Order To Satisfy Your Mania For D-Beat Listen To Squandered!


Filth Of Mankind

If you didn't know already Filth Of Mankind were a short lived band from Poland that featured Milosz Gassan on guitar who is one of the founding members of epic crust metal band Morne, and you can definitely feel the seeds of what he would do in Morne being sown here with F.O.M. this is some thick heavy and dark crust taking it's influence from Amebix, Axegrinder etc and making it even darker and heavier it even reminds me a little of Bolt Thrower in places but without the rapid fire double bass drums! There's also loads of atmospheric keyboard throughout as well giving it a truly epic feel! I had heard of these back in 2000 when this came out but being called Filth of Mankind I just thought it would be one more faceless crusty band  that would get lost in my collection I was very wrong and I have to be honest didn't find out about these till after i discovered Morne in about 2009 so better late than never! This is head and shoulders above everything that was around when it came out and still sounds fresh new and interesting now 12 years later this is essential for any fans of dark heavy epic music! It's a relentless album from start to finish there's loads of great riffs and the songs are actually very well played and memorable and though it's mainly mid paced when the D-beats do occasionaly kick in it's nicely controlled and doesn't sound derivative in any way, They really had a grasp of their dynamics these guys! I wish more bands would take the time and consideration to write stuff like this because up until Morne started there was nothing else really like this around and bands are only starting to take this style on board now (See Tragedy's latest album "Darker Days Ahead" for a good example of this). This was obviously groundbreaking at the time and I'm truly gutted i didn't get to them till well after the fact cos i judged the band by their name!
Unfortunately they only did one album  "The Final Chapter" which with only 8 tracks clocks in at a healthy 40+ mins they also did one 7" EP "Czasd Koncha Wieku" and I've packaged them both together in one file for you. The album is taken from a 320kbps rip of my own CD and the EP is from a very good quality vinyl rip. This really is jaw-droppingly good stuff it's so contemporary in fact that if i was to tell you this was a new release I reckon you'd beleive me. I've put this up as this CD is becoming very hard to find and is totally out of print and it really sucks because it's such a good album and with the connection to Morne you'd think someone would re-issue it.


UPDATE JULY 2013 - Filth Of Mankind are still going looks like they never split up at all why they haven't released anything in all this time who knows but go get the latest info here.... facebook


Helvis were a UK band that existed from 1998 - 2002 they did one album "Reverend The Sacrifice" and one EP "Genocider" and featured future and ex members of Black Eye Riot, Urko, Iron Monkey, Geriatric Unit, Hard To Swallow, Acrimony, Sigirya just to name but a few! and featured famous UKHC stalwart Bloody Kev on vocals who i think has been in every UK hardcore and metal band! Anyway these guys are another overlooked gem I always avoided them cos of the name as I FUCKIN DESPISE ELVIS and cos i thought they'd be one of those rockabilly punk bands HA! how wrong can you be! This is some seriously fucking chunky rocking hardcore metal these guys would've fitted easily on the bill with the likes of Iron Monkey, Raging Speedhorn or Charger (Bloody Kev would later replace Frank Regan in Raging Speedhorn!) Featuring Rat from The Varukers on Helvis cover of their "Nothings Changed" you know this is a metal band with their roots in crust and hardcore! I'm not gonna blab anymore about this this is a great album that swings from Fast and heavy d-beat to great big slabs of monolithic Early Sabbath style riffage!Thick heavy guitars and great production throughout all of it delivered with agression and sheer bloody mindedness! If even one of the band names I mention in this post mean owt to you you should be on your way to downloading this right now! A BEAST of an album!

I have given you a 320kbps rip of their one and only album "Reverend The Sacrifice" and I've also stuck debut EP "Genocider" (Pictured above) in the file as that's their entire discography. "Genocider" is taken from a vinyl rip but it's good quality and you have to hear the utterly nuts closing track "Alright Boys" which features cut ups of answerphone messages from 2 insane Venom fans left for someone involved with Venom i assume cut up and laid over some music the guys making the calls are nuts and need locking up it's hilarious! Anyway enjoy this as it's another overlooked GEM if you're not grinding your teeth and smashing your head into the stereo by the time you're through the first song you're defo reading the wrong blog! An any band who puts Johnny Cash givin the finger on their record is fucking cool END OF!


Note you can get the CD of "Reverend..." on amazon for around £3 if you want a proper copy!

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So to start my Brit metal post I thought i'd give you one of my favourites Dukes Of Nothing, These guys were a short lived band formed by 3/5 of the mighty Iron Monkey : Doug Dalziel, Dean Berry & Stuart O'Hara and featured current Turbonegro vocalist Tony Sylvester (Pictured above L Before? and R After? DON i did the pictures for a laugh as i was looking for a band photo but came across these and well it was an "organic" process!) he's been a regular fixture on the scene for a long time and I've see him manning the merch desk all 3 times I've seen Neurosis in London so he's obviously supplementing his income from Turbonegro! 

Anyways Dukes Of Nothing did 2 singles and a mini album and that was them done but these guys seriously fucking rocked they play some of the dirtiest biker/beard/trucker/ metal you're ever likely to hear take a slab of Motorhead speed and aggro a chunk of redneck rock ala Nashville Pussy or Antiseen throw in some seriously dirty sludgy sounds like Saint Vitus, Crowbar, Melvins etc add some lyrics about Trucks, Sulphate & broken relationships sung by an angry bear and you come out with Dukes Of Nothing! These guys are great and despite my comments on "sludgy" that is definitely a nod to their sound not their speed! This is great raw HEAVY loud and fucking dirty M-E-T-A-L! just how it should be done by hairy ugly gnarly tattooed bastards! You get the picture....

So they did a 7" called "Saxon Action" then a mini album "War & Wine" and finished with another 7" on Southern Lord called "Half Evil" (Backed with a cover of G.G. Allin's "Bastard Son"). The mini album originally came out on defunct British label Eccentric Man but was later picked up and remstered/reissued by Tortuga Records (Hydra Head sub label home of the likes of Old Man Gloom & 5ive) with the  "Saxon Action" 7" tacked on as bonus tracks and that's what you get here I've seprated and retagged "Saxon.." 7" and put "War & Wine" back in it's original running order both ripped from my CD's at 320kbps. the  "Half Evil" 7" however has never seen release on CD (Except for on a dbl CD british comp called "Louder than The Crowd" which i bought to get "Half Evil" on CD turns out they had sourced it from a vinyl rip anyway!!!) so  I've given you it here ripped from my own vinyl version it is a little crackly etc but like i said it's fucking dirty gnarly metal so it doesn't detract from your enjoyment one bit! They are all wrapped up in the one file but when you extract it it you'll find seperate folders containing the 7"'s and the mini album all tagged with artwork attached! Enjoy!

DUKES - Mediafire


So I'm starting a little series of posts here which I'm gonna call BRIT METAL because in the early 2000's there seemed to be an explosion of great British (Insert your own pointless genre splicing here) metal and in a lot of cases the bands i'm featuring either languished in obscurity or maybe only did one album and dissapeared so I decided even tho most of the stuff i'm posting may well be cheap & easily available to buy (some of the albums i got from amazon for literally a couple of quid including the postage so if you like something go have a look) and i definitely think the fact that a lot of these bands were british is what held them back if they had been american I'm sure the metal crowd here would've propelled them to stardom (!!)
Anyway it's all gonna be headered BRIT METAL I'm not breaking it down into subgenres as theres a theme to it that is that we have and do have some of the best bands in the metal genre and we fucking well invented heavy metal so it's about time some of these bands had some recognition! I'll be doing my usual rambling blurb for each post so try reading some of it to find out if you think it will be your kinda thing!

*NOTE* I am SCOTTISH not English however we have never been exactly overwhelmed by great metal in Scotland! Just in case anyone thinks i'm coming over all patriotic and shit for England!!!

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English Dogs

So having done previous posts on Antisect and Sacrilege I got to thinking about other British bands I was into at the time that were mixing metal and punk to great effect (unlike the American version "Crossover" the British take on mixing metal and punk was far superior) So here's the first of them, English Dogs, started in 1982 English Dogs with original vocalist Wakey were along with GBH & The Exploited partly responsible for the 2nd wave of British punk their excellent "Mad Punx & English Dogs" & "Invasion Of The Porky Men" albums were great examples of the UK Hardcore Punk sound at the time.However.....

....In 1984 they had a change of vocalist to Ade Bailey and a serious change of sound as well! Debut 12" with this line up "To The Ends Of The Earth" was 4 tracks of great fast metalized hardcore punk, Bear in mind at this time the thrash metal that would later influence endless UK hardcore bands to change to a more metalized sound was in it's infancy the likes of Metallica & Slayer had barely released their 1st albums, so what the English Dogs were doing at this time was genuinely groundbreaking plus they had a great vocalist in Ade who's metallic style held enough "melody" (for want of a better word) to suit the new style music but enough aggression and a gruff edge to keep them from teetering into total metal also the fact that they used more "punk" styled D-beats with the drums rather than the bass/snare/bass/snare style of thrash metal. So onto Debut album with Ade fronting the band "Forward Into Battle" This is a great album it has a really good production everything's good and clear yet just ragged enough to still give it a punk feel.You can definitely feel the metal influences creeping more to the forefront here with plenty of fast chugga chugga riffing and the D-beat drums now have added double bass pedals and plenty of flashy tom fills and guitar leads! After "To The Ends..." EP & the "Forward Into Battle" LP which had been released on Rot Records (Home of some of the best Hardcore Punk of the era like The Varukers) they then moved to Music For Nations sub-label Under One Flag (Also the home of Sacrilege) the label responsible for bringing some of the best and heaviest Thrash & Death metal to the UK audience with many great releases by both European & American bands and released many things that I think changed the face of the UK Hardcore scene at the time. Their debut release for the label was the 3 track "Metalmorphisis" 12" and I think the clue is in the title!! This 12" carries on from "Forward Into Battle" but the pace is a bit more subdued, the production is better and the ragged Punk edges while not completely gone yet are smoothed out for a more metal sound, the picture at the top of this post is from the back of that 12" and I'll leave you to think about that! They did a further album for Under One Flag called "Where Legend Began" but that album lacked any bottom end and suffered from weak production and tinny guitar sounds plus the punk styles had well gone and it was really a full on metal album barely fitting the Thrash metal tag category never mind Punk!

I personally feel that what they were doing at this time was as important as Sacrilege & Antisect as far as the influence on future "Crust" type bands were concerned tho I doubt many "Crust" bands would admit to it I think That due to their early relases as a straight up hardcore/punk band, their associations with Clay records and GBH in the early days may put a lot of people off their 1984 - 86 stuff.and that they weren't exactly a super-political band Plus the fact that they have reformed with many different line ups and various takes on their sound and are still doing the rounds of the punk festivals to this day playing to the usual pot bellied balding 40+ year old punk crowd (I don't exclude myself from that I just don't go to the festivals!!)

However this period of recording was their best and I defy anyone who likes a bit of metal with their punk to not find these records to their liking. so here's what you get.... "To The Ends Of The Earth" EP & "Forward Into Battle" LP ripped from CD good quality but not my rip and the "Metalmorphisis" 12" which has never seen any kind of re-issue vinyl CD or otherwise so it is taken from a very good quality vinyl rip. go BANG THAT HEAD THAT DOESN'T BANG!!!....

To The Ends.. 12" - Mediafire

Forward Into Battle LPMediafire

Metalmorphisis 12"Mediafire