Friday, 22 August 2014


Australia's Hard-Ons have been a band I have had a soft spot for for decades I was introduced to them around 1986/1987 when my good friend Brian received a tape of all the early Hard-Ons singles from none other than Mitch Dickinson of Heresy/Sacrilege/Unseen Terror fame back then and they were one of those bands that although they didn't sit well with my thrash/hardcore sensibilities that you could not help but fall in love with! They were always pegged with the "Australian Ramones" tag however i just never saw that and maybe it's just me? I am a huge fan of the Ramones but I hear very little of them in Hard-Ons sound, I always thought they had more in common with melodic hardcore bands like Descendents or The Stupids. and classic rock like AC/DC, Kiss etc. and having been releasing records for 30 years come next year and continuing to stick to their trademark sound regardless whether there was an audience or a place for them is a testament to their commitment and the fact that these guys are some brilliant musicians and songwriters.

I feel that going into a huge rant about the Hard-Ons music and history is not necessary this post is in the spirit of shorter write ups more music, I just discovered this week that Citadel records keepers of the garage/punk flame in Australia had since 2012 been reissuing massively expanded editions of the early Hard-Ons material these reissues are apparently a series of 5 and so far 4 have seen the light of day now i could have hung around waiting on the 5th before doing this post but these 1st 4 expanded versions cover the entire period of Hard-Ons from when i originally heard them ( Their early singles and debut mini album "Smell My Finger" 1985) up to the point where i stopped following them ("Yummy" 1991) not that they disappeared in 1991 or started making shit records they just kinda seemed to become a bit less popular and a bit quieter globally as i say they have continued to release  great records all the way from then up to 2010's "Alfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die" however it's the 1985-1991 period that holds the most interest to me because i was there at the time they were released.

So the reissues well the albums covered are "Smell My Finger" (1986) "Dickcheese" (1988) "Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts" (1989) and "Yummy" (1991) however each album has been expanded beyond what any fan of any band could ask for, each double CD contains anything from 51 tracks at shortest to 66 tracks at longest these 4 reissues pretty much cover every scrap of released and unreleased material from this entire period including every single and EP  every Session and a ton of live stuff to boot! I have done my research and believe me NOTHING is missed plus it's all remastered as well!!

But you may be asking why? why would i bother to do a post on this band? well the simple answer is this... I had a FUCK of a hard time downloading these for myself I spent the best part of 12 hours over 4 days finding and downloading these and when i did i had to download them from various fucking BASTARD hosts like uploaded, rapidgator,turbobit y'know those total bastard hosts that take over an hour to download one disc of a 2 disc set and only allow you one download per 3 hrs so you download one disc of the set and then have to wait 3 hrs to do the next then because they were big files it took HOURS to upload em as well? So i say FUCK THAT to all those fucking horrible sites and hosts here are the 4 expanded and remastered Hard-Ons albums no captcha's, no wait, no fucking around and you can do simultaneous downloads you can have the lot in about half an hour max! This post is here simply because i really like the Hard-Ons and especially this period of their music and so that anyone else either the curious or the long time fan instead of spending 12 hrs like i did finding them and downloading them can just come here and help themselves to the ridiculously complete 8 CD's of PRIME Hard Ons material in a matter of minutes also as per usual UTS standards these are all presented in glorious 320KBPS quality too!

So below are your links they are large files but I decided as i can upload larger files that I'd not break them down into parts and trust me if you are a fan of the Hard-Ons then these are the definitive reissues there's nothing missed and SO much added and the quality is brilliant! so here it is for the diehards the ENTIRE works and more of the Hard-Ons from 1985 - 1991 I wish more bands would do reissues like these as they really are just great and they may not be the most popular or serious of bands but hey someone must want these they wouldn't bother going to all the trouble of remastering,expanding and re-issuing them otherwise. So..Here they are! Enjoy..

Smell My FingerMediafire


Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded HeartsMediafire


Saturday, 16 August 2014


Conjuro Nuclear from Barcelona Spain are an unusual and compelling band I often get notifications from the awesome site of their regular feature "6 bands you MUST hear this week"  where they put up 6 bands generally from bandcamp and review them and because of cvltnation's wide ranging tastes in dark and unusual music i usually listen to theem all and if there's anything I like i check them out further although they generally put up the heaviest of doom and sludge and the bleakest of black metal sometimes you get the odd gem and Conjuro Nuclear are one of those gems.

It is hard to describe the sound of these guys because it's a mix of styles that is quite unique blending shades of VERY old school black metal (think early Celtic Frost or "The Return" era Bathory) with keyboards/synths that along with the basic beats add a definite psychedelic feel and a touch of something like 70's horror movie soundtracks and very occasionally delving into an almost 80's pop synth sound and coming out with an utterly amazing and completely unusual sound. Whilst my above description may seem like the sound would be a bit messy they put it all together well also the vocals are mixed low but are kind of an ethereal sounding bark which again harks back to the black metal influence i mention before but nowhere near as brutal as you'd get with most of those terrible shrieking corpse-painted fools from the majority of black metal! There's plenty of thrashy atmospheric riffing and accents which would satisfy the fans of things on the heavier side but as i say the keyboards are as prevalent as the guitar so this prevents this falling into total black metal territory.

I can't tell you much more about this band their facebook page,bandcamp and net presence are all quite low key and my description may be a little "off" but I find these guys to be a totally compelling listen they have not left my media player since i downloaded them and i have returned to their music often as i think these guys have hit on a combination of sounds and instruments that is highly memorable and sounds very little like anything else and combining modern psychedelic sounds with the riffage of early proto-Black metal is just inspired making them something that both fans of heavy and non heavy music can enjoy!

They have 2 "albums" available free on bandcamp (I feel weird using the term album when there's no vinyl or CD but they have issued both of their recordings as cassettes) and both are great but I have listened to their latest self titled album from this year more than their debut but trust me there's not much in it between the two they are both consistently great I have mentioned Black Metal a few times in my description do not let that put you off as I'm talking REALLY old school sound here there's not a 1000mph blast or a hell raising shriek anywhere on these albums and they are definitely to my mind a far more pleasant listen than anything from that scene. Here's your links as i say they are both free and well worth your time to check out, do yourself a favour and give these guys a chance because you are unlikely to hear anything else like this and i am positive it's something readers of this blog will be glad i put them onto....

Luna llena y radiaciĆ³nBandcamp

Conjuro NuclearBandcamp

Friday, 15 August 2014

Pick Your Side

Well i did say there were gonna be more bandcamp posts and here's another... Pick Your Side are a hardcore band from Hamilton Ontario Canada featuring members Jeff Beckman and Chris Ansley of Haymaker (See my post on that mighty band HERE ) who have also been members of such notable Hamilton bands as Chokehold and Left For Dead also on drums we have Andrew Nolan who i think maybe a UK Ex-Pat as he has played in UK bands like Nation Of Finks, Sawn Off and Shank anyway PYS would seem to be a fairly new band as their first release was in 2011 but I had no idea they existed till about a week ago!

I don't even know how I came across them now probably i think it was whilst doing some trainspotting on Left For Dead, anyway because of the Haymaker connection and as everything was free on bandcamp i decided to give them a go, now anyone here that follows the blog will know I'm not a big fan of anything tagged "Hardcore" but I'm open minded and now and again i come across something that blows me away and this is the case here, I would have thought given the length of time served on the Hamilton H/C scene and being in some of the most vicious hardcore bands ever that the guys in this band may have mellowed a little maybe with a new band taken the pace and ferocity down a bit? Absolutely not PYS are playing some of the fastest, nastiest, hate filled hardcore that these guys have ever participated in! and even by comparison to the rest of modern hardcore this is still some SERIOUSLY brutal stuff! Whilst it would be impossible to put the vocalist and guitarist from Haymaker in another band and not hear the sound of Haymaker whilst it does have some of Haymaker's nasty heavy sound this time they have taken it to another level! Heavy distorted downtuned guitar and bass battle with barreling drums while Jeff just screams himself hoarse over the top of it add to this a healthy dose of super fast DROPDEAD/INFEST parts and you got one intense ride and i do mean intense I had their whole discography on my MP3 player on the bus the other day and after about 10 minutes I was ready to rip out my seat and slam it through the window! This is hardcore the way it should be done and how it should make you feel, bood pumping, heart racing, neck veins bulging hate filled noise!!! There are also some quite unexpected parts too like the 7 minute "Don't Cry" (A Neil Young cover!!!) from the "Snakes and Ladders" EP and "Ham Sandwich" from the "...Democracy" LP both of which are slow powerful numbers with mountainous riffs that put me in mind of the nastiest and heaviest parts of something like Neurosis or Isis in their prime! Also a lot of the time when they aren't blasting or breaking down they use a fast D-beat type beat, This coupled with the sheer distorted heavy and nasty music has me thinking this would definitely appeal to you crust fans as well!

All in all i have to say this band are a very serious proposition with some fairly controversial opinions as well which I will leave you to figure out on your own this is definitely NOT something for the curious or casual fan of hardcore this is probably one of the most nasty and harsh bands I've posted on here at the very least top 10 on the brutality chart, however that being said i was shocked by how great this band are it's the first "new" hardcore I've heard in some time that has left me stunned and impressed the experience of it's members shows and they really know how to slam you to the wall and leave you breathless and shocked whilst reaching for the repeat button to go through it all again! I may have given a bit too much too the brutal nasty etc etc and probably put you off but trust me as per usual UTS standards this would not have made it on to this blog if I didn't think these guys were amazing and worth sharing with you.

So below you will find links to their releases all are FREE/pay what you want on bandcamp however their debut EP "Survivalist Prayer" was only available as a pay download from A389 records bandcamp and though it was cheap and i could have just linked you to it in the interest of making this post a complete discography and because my general rule is to keep the music free and cos they are just so fucking great I bought a download of it and re-upped it to mediafire for you lot making the below links everything they have released to date!

So go check this out and i'd be interested to what you readers think am I making too much of how intense this band are or am i full of shit (the latter probably) anyway here's your link go get your face ripped off and enjoy the experience I mean shit just look at their logo at the top of this page!....

Survivalist Prayer EPMediafire

Snakes And Ladders EPBandcamp

Let Me Show You How Democracy Works LPBandcamp

Split 10" W/ To The PointBandcamp

Defend Hamilton Comp TrackBandcamp

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


I don't know if anyone remembers my VERY enthusiastic post on Gothenburg, Sweden's  Swordwielder  way back in March 2013? If not you can go read it HERE  I had been anticipating the album "Grim Visions Of Battle" (pictured above) big time as the day i got the demo i played it back to back about 6 times as i just could not get through my head how great these guys were and how they were not being talked about by everyone i know!! I had been in touch with Walle from Swordwielder a lot cos I'm one pestering bastard when I really like a band! Anyway I eventually got the album earlier this year on CD and was blown away I asked the band for permission to upload it but as they had LP's and CD's to sell they didn't exactly say no but a reluctance was felt and i wouldn't go against a bands wishes especially one as good as these guys as I felt they deserved the chance to recoup as much as they could before anyone started giving it away free! So i had kinda forgotten about blogging it till the other day when I got an email from walle saying they had now put the album on bandcamp for free/pay what you want and NOW I could blog it!

So what you need to know about these guys is unlike their many  Swedish contemporaries these guys do not play high speed heavy and fast hardcore what they play is some seriously crushing and epic sounding crust with more than a slight nod to bands like Axegrinder and Amebix now whilst there are many bands who pillage the small back catalogues of these bands for ideas this is not the case here whilst they have obviously studied the sound of these bands carefully they have taken it as a template and created something wholly new but whilst still having the same feel. First off they are way more aggressive and heavy than these bands but they have managed to achieve a heavy sound without overly downtuning the guitars and making it sludgy this coupled with the great production makes the sound razor sharp and everything is very clear in the mix making their driving riffs and builds just soar!

The album has all 4 tracks from the demo re-recorded plus 3 new tracks the re-recorded demo tracks sound MASSIVE here whilst the demo versions were utterly stunning these new versions make them sound fairly tame by comparison and the new songs stay within the framework of the sound but show a LOT of progression and new song "Force Of Nature" is probably the most uptempo moment on the album and sounds like Axegrinder jamming with Celtic Frost (also obviously an influence)

There's not a lot more that can be said these guys are very talented the many twists and turns the songs take you on are a testament to that whilst not overly complicated the music never fails to hold your interest because it never ceases changing and building and overall their driving sound is teeth grittingly brilliant without resorting to heavy riff avalanches or huge walls of sludge like i said they sound razor sharp and you can hear every note! I am glad that these guys play something new and original instead of the variation on a theme that a lot of crusty music has become. They have a wholly original sound that just drives and entertains all the way through and I lack the words to fully describe how brilliant they are. This album is one of those that feels like a journey but it's a journey through fog drenched battlefields the clangor of steel charging hoards of angry norsemen and the crunch of axe on bone and by the time you get to the feedback at the end of the near 10 minute closing track "With My Dying Breath I Curse This World" if you are anything like me it will have left you exhausted, with a huge fucking grin on your face and reaching for the play button to start it all over again!!

These guys have mastered the sound and feel created by their influences and made it into something new for those of you too young to remember the shock of hearing "Arise" or "Rise Of the Serpent Men" for the first time! This is one of my top 10 albums i have heard this year and I can't recommend it highly enough I haven't been listening to much heavy/crust type music of late but this has been getting heavy rotation since the day i got it! This band deserves to be huge they have more ideas in one of their lengthy songs than most bands can muster over a whole album! The world of underground music needs bands like this. WIELD THE SWORD!

Swordwielder - "Grim Visions Of Battle"Bandcamp


Versklaven were one of the earliest bands to make it onto this blog and were one of the little gems that came along that inspired me to start this blog. They were originally one of my "Bands that wouldn't exist without Sacrilege" posts, but although they definitely have a handle on the early Sacrilege sound i may have been selling them a bit short there! I had some good and bad news from these guys a cpl weeks ago stating that once they honoured all the gigs they had booked they would be releasing the last lot of recording they did and were Breaking up! So on the one hand there is a new Versklaven recording but unfortunately it's the last. Some members will be moving onto new things and are to keep playing in a similar style so who knows we may well see a great new band out of this bad news.

So what can i say that hasn't been said about this band already? They were a 5 piece female fronted band who played some seriously ripping metallic crust heavily influenced by great bands like Sacrilege, Antisect, and what sounds like a healthy dose of the Japanese metal crust like A.G.E. , Axewield, Effigy, S.D.S. etc they have razor sharp riffage barrelling drums and a singer who really wails with the best of her peers, over their short career they have left us with little there was a split EP with Abduktion A S/T LP/12" and the most recent "2014" tape/download. However whilst the album and split EP from last year were a ripping modern take on the metal crust from the late 80's UK the 3 tracks on the "2014" tape are another thing entirely! This time round the production whilst not amazing is very thick and heavy and the vocals have gone from a punky yell to an almost black metal brutal! There is some absolutely Ripping riff work from the guitarists and all in all these 3 tracks will just slay your face off!

Below you will find a link to a file featuring the album/split ep and the "2014" session I have taken the liberty of putting "2014" through the equaliser and brightening it a little as though it has a very decent sound it was a little quiet. So there you have it Versklaven one of the best bands to come out of the underground of the U.S. for quite some time here's hoping they take that killer riffage and fury onto their next project! Enjoy...


Also members of Versklaven have been getting their hardcore on with a project band called Bastard Cult this is some HEAVY hardcore in the vein of something like Talk Is Poison with vocals that remind me a little of Tear It Up all in all it's a fast loud and ferocious noise and I love it and I'm sure you readers will too you can download it free at this link....

Bastard CultBandcamp