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Well I decided to do this post on INFEST when i did the post on DROPDEAD (See that  HERE ) I was really digging DROPDEAD's lightning speed attack and thought "fuck I haven't listened to INFEST in ages!"

I was quite lucky to be around and into hardcore back in 1987 when INFEST brought out their first 7" (all the tracks from which would appear later on the "Slave" 12" with extra tracks from the same session) I wrote to them and managed to snag a copy and as soon as the needle hit the record I was utterly hooked grindcore was in it's infancy and there were bands like Heresy doing the fast hardcore thing but there was nothing like this, these guys were spitting out lightning fast hardcore verses with huge mosh breakdowns all tight as hell and all within about 30 seconds and those vocals were so hateful and tough sounding this was a band that really meant business and were bringing something entirely new to the table! (This very short songs, super fast meets mosh breakdowns style would evolve into "Powerviolence" a style made popular in hardcore by bands such as Man Is The Bastard, Crossed Out, Ulcer etc.) INFEST were around from about 87 till 91 there have been a few reunions etc but nothing solid until last year (2013) when they reunited for their first shows in 22 years playing mainly festivals etc.

There's not a lot more I can tell you about INFEST I can give you details of the line up or whatever but really there is not much more to be said as they were such a short lived band they existed for what 4 years and their entire studio discography including the 1st demo and the "No Mans Slave" 12" (which was recorded in 1995 but didn't have vocals added till 2000 and didn't see a release till 2002) all amounts to a mere 2 7" EP's 2 12" EP's and 70 minutes of music, however what's more important is their legacy which is basically that the entire fast hardcore/powerviolence/thrashcore scenes would not exist without INFEST!

So onto your files... Firstly INFEST have only ever released vinyl however there are several bootleg "Discography" cassettes and  CD's I actually bought one online to discover it was a photocopied cover and a regular handwritten Maxell CD-R so there's never been any official mastering of INFEST material for CD all that's available is records and vinyl rips why the fuck such an influential band haven't been given a full discography treatment who the fuck knows! So all the links below except the demo are taken from vinyl rips, the demo is possibly from cassette i don't know if it has been bootlegged to vinyl but the quality is decent for a 28 year old demo! It has 18 tracks of which 7 appear nowhere else, the remaining 11 were re-recorded for the bands first EP / "Slave" 12" just to clear this up if you didn't know INFEST debuted with a self released 10 track 7" EP however this had 8 further tracks from the same session added to it and was released in Europe on Off the Disk records as the "Slave" 12" and has seen numerous re-presses and bootleggings since so to save messing I have just given you the full "Slave" 12". Next up is the "Mankind" EP from 1991 this a much heavier beast than the "Slave" 12" whilst "Slave" 12" had a clean tight fast sound "Mankind" whilst still being undeniably INFEST and just as fast and tight has a seriously dirty sound to it and it works brilliantly reminding me a little of DROPDEAD in places. Then Datewise we have the Live set they did for KXLU radio in 1991(officially released in 2001) I think these KXLU sessions are a live in the studio thing not an actual live performance as i don't hear any clapping or cheering between songs and it seems to lack that chaos and excitement of a live performance and is more akin to a John Peel Session type of thing. Anyway this is a good document of INFEST my only complaint would be it lacks a little bottom end to the sound to the point where the guitar sounds like it's actually being played "clean" through the amp with no distortion at all but otherwise it's a fucking raging set! This is a net download of a vinyl rip but is damn good quality. Then we have the slight oddity that is the "No Mans Slave" 12" recorded in 1995 which as far as i knew was long after the band had broken up but as i stated before the vocals were not added till 2000 I don't know why or what the purpose was in revisiting this old recording and laying vocals down on it some 5 years after the fact I'm guessing that it was probably pestering from the rabid legions of fans with record labels for more INFEST material? Whatever the reason, why this recording was never completed in the first place back in 1995 I do not know but it is a fucking SUPER intense piece of their history there is no let up with this 12" there's raw guitar that's playing so fast the guys fret wrist must be made of fucking rubber this is one of the most raging hardcore records you will ever hear even the more moshy breakdowns are missing here as well it's just song after song of lightning speed brutality and easily the fastest thing in their already impressive arsenal of fast records,that is until you get to the 5 and a half minute closing track "My World My Way" which is a painful exercise in sludge that would make a band like Man Is The Bastard proud! that this record languished in the vaults for 7 years before seeing release is an utter tragedy!So to close the story to coincide with their reunion shows INFEST released "Days Turn Black" A 1-sided 7" with a further 3 tracks from the "No Mans Slave" session plus a Negative Approach cover also recorded at the session and again it rips it up as much as any of the material that was on the original 12" and as the 12" is fairly short i dunno why they ommited them....... So lastly to make this a real doozie of a post someone very kindly recorded the Live set INFEST did at Oakland Metro in 2013 so can INFEST still cut it some 26 years since they started probably in their early middle age? is this a pathetic show of some aging hardcore dudes reunion for cash? NO FUCKING WAY if i gave you this and told you it was a live set from the 90's there is no way you would know this a totally ripping, shredding run through some of the best of their back catalogue plus a coupla new songs 28 songs in 23 mins fuckin WHOOSH! really decent I suspect soundboard or some type of recording as whilst it's undeniably a "Live Tape" it's damnably good quality! and it's at 320kbps as well!

There are a couple of omissions from this "Discography" post there's their side of the split 8" flexi they did with Pissed Happy Children i omitted this as it has only 6 live tracks not even a full set plus theres 3 tracks in 1 from the Ax/ction records 10" comp which i simply don't have to give. There are various bootlegs that contain live and demo bits but I can assure you everything other than what I have mentioned above EVERYTHING they have done in the studio and released is here for you beleive me I have always loved INFEST so i have researched whats available intensively! I'm sure some of the slavishly devoted INFEST fans may come across this post and berate me for not giving an intense breakdown of INFEST's history but hey I love the music and I just wanted to share it with you. Go get your face ripped off and your ass kicked by downloading any one of these files if you have never heard INFEST well I don't know if it's life-changing these days but it certainly was for me back in 1987! Enjoy.....

1ST DEMO 1987Mediafire

SLAVE 12"Mediafire


LIVE KXLU 12"Mediafire

NO MAN'S SLAVE 12"Mediafire


LIVE OAKLAND 2013Mediafire


I came across Haymaker around the same time as The Rites (see post on them HERE ) when i had a renewed interest in hardcore round the early 00's, This was when downloading from the internet first came along as well so i used to go round all the record label sites take the 1 or 2 songs from each release they would offer free and make my own CD samplers to listen to and one of the songs i got from Deranged Records was "Built To Destroy" by Haymaker from their debut album and this was one of the first Cd's I bought that renewed my interest in some of the newer hardcore that had happened while I was not paying attention to that scene in the 90's! Their last EP "Lost Tribe" from 2004 was the last I heard of them and I assumed they were long gone however yesterday i heard the news that they had a new EP called "Let them Rot" which is why i thought a post was long overdue.

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada and featured folks who have played in The Swarm (aka Knee Deep In The Dead), Left For Dead, Our War, Cursed and Chokehold to name but a few  the members are of Haymaker are rooted in the best and most brutal hardcore to come out of Canada. Haymaker play a particularly violent,nasty,negative and nihilistic not to mention face shredding style of hardcore projecting a sheer menace that is missing from a lot of hardcore bands, in fact the lyrics and ethos behind the band is pretty much the antithesis of hardcore with songs that are anti-scene, anti religious,incite violence,suicide and a lot of personal and projected negativity which, i think is one of the things that attracted me to them in the first place! not that I am a violent or negative person I just find that sometimes when life is kicking you in the balls and you are full of anger and hate then a loud blast of Haymaker can be very helpful. I can only assume that the fact that they aren't THE most popular hardcore band could be down to some of their attributes. All of this negativity is backed up by a sound that is absolutely FEROCIOUS downtuned heavy guitar (heavy but not in am metalcore way were talking nasty and fuzzed out not chugging sub thrash boredom here) dirty bass and utterly hateful vocals all combine to make a sound that has a great bottom end heaviness and really nasty and right in your face but is at the same time utterly compelling. In some ways they remind me a little of an Canadianized Extreme Noise Terror sometimes although they don't have the brutal cement mixer/plane crash vocals, Haymaker's vocalist does spit his words with much venom and anger but you can clearly understand him, however it's in the fast semi D-beat drums and brutal riffing that i hear ENT slightly which makes me think all tho this is without a doubt Hardcore and not crust that people who come here for the heavy stuff will definitely like this band a LOT!

So onto your files I decided once again to compile the bands 7" EP's and demo into one file for you so the link below "Demo's And EP's" contains their debut Demo (later released as a 1-sided 12"), their "Love The Music Hate The Kids" EP from 2000, The 2nd EP "Fuck America" from 2001, their Split EP with Oxbaker also from 2001, the "Lost Tribe" EP from 2004 and the 11 track Live 7" (dunno if this is a bootleg or what as it's not mentioned on Discogs but it's 11 tracks from 5/8/2001 no venue stated) That's everything they have done before the album with the exception of their split EP with Fucked Up unfortunately I think that there is a pressing fault with the Haymaker side as I owned it on vinyl and whenever you played it it sounded like someone had spilled jam on the record and my copy was a first press original! so that has been omitted due to being completely unlistenable quality.All of these are taken from vinyl rips "Love The Music..." is a decent quality rip but is extremely quiet just turn it up the quality is there, "Lost Tribe" sounds crackly but unfortunately that's just how it is, i owned it and it sounded like that first time i played it,the others are decent enough quality as I always say i would not post anything of such poor quality that it wasn't listenable. Next up you have their self titled and only album recorded in 2001 released in 2002 and i have to say this is the best of Haymaker 25 tracks of sheer hatred and bile in 22 minutes this album grabs you by the throat pins you to the wall and fucking screams at you till you can almost feel the spittle flying in your face! ha ha doesn't sound pleasant? trust me it is! I cannot tell you how utterly ripping this album is one of my utter favourite hardcore albums of all time, ripped from my own CD at 320kbps! And lastly well the inspiration behind this post that being that Haymaker are back in 2014 with a new EP which is fucking great news to me and below you will find a link to the not even released yet  "Let Them Rot" EP 4 new Haymaker tracks in as many minutes, has any of the bile or hateful sound been lost? has it fuck it's like next day not 10 years later great stuff!! The Lead track has a riff that reminds me of a fucking fast and nasty version of Gang Green's most well known song "Alchohol"! A great return for an excellent hardcore band!

So there you go if you're a fan of hardcore and have perhaps overlooked this band then you need to rectify that RIGHT now I suggest you go for the Album link first as tho the Ep's are great it's a big file and because they are ripped from vinyl the quality is a little hit and miss however the album is ripped from CD so is great quality and contains their best material in my opinion. Blaze Some Hate.....

Demos & EP'sMediafire


"Let Them Rot" EPMediafire

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*NOTE* If You have already been to this post since it's original publishing in May 2013 then you should read anything written in yellow and then skip to where it says *UPDATE*  if you are here for the first time then please, read on....

A band like Sleep should need no introduction especially with their recent touring and mighty remastered version of "Dopesmoker" last year. If you didn't know here's a quick history Sleep started off as brutal sludgy crust band Asbestosdeath who released 2 x 7" singles they then evolved into Sleep, doing their debut album "Volume One"  in 1991 which was not a million miles away from what they had done in Asbestosdeath (3 of the 4 tracks from the Asbestosdeath 7"'s are re-done for "Volume One") they then recorded a second album of all new material which they shopped around labels for a release, a tape of it found it's way to Earache records with this letter....

Earache saw the potential and signed them. The subsequent "Holy Mountain" album was a radical departure from "Volume One" and pretty much invented the "Stoner Rock" genre. After the success of this album Sleep decided to sign with major label London records and for their London Records debut to record the now legendary 1 hour plus epic that was 3rd album "Dopesmoker"!  Exec's from major labels aren't known for their open mindedness and immediately balked at being presented with a concept album of 1 track an hour long the main theme being weed smoking (unlike today this was not the most acceptable or commonplace activity in 1995!) The band and label butted heads severely, the band refusing to change or alter the album and the label refusing to release it! They were subsequently dropped the master tapes were shelved causing the band to fracture and it wasn't until 1999 long after Sleep broke up that "Dopesmoker" was released albeit broken up into 6 parts and re-titled as "Jerusalem" then in 2003 it was reissued in it's original format as "Dopesmoker" with a bonus track "Sonic Titan (Live)" Then in 2012 the masters were handed over to Brad Boatright of Audiosiege for a proper remastering and released on Southern Lord this time with "Holy Mountain" Live from 1994 as a bonus track.Whether the recent Sleep reformation and tour was merely to promote this or the band actually plan to record or not I don't know but i guess we'll see **. So that's a brief history of Sleep here's a more in depth look at the albums I've posted....

(**= since time of posting it has been stated that Sleep are indeed recording again for a new album scheduled for release later this year (2014)

Asbestosdeath 7"'s "Dejection" & "Unclean" these were released one by Profane Existence and the other by the band themselves in 1990 and are 4 tracks of slow, crawling sludgy stuff reminiscent of Dystopia but if you listen carefully you can hear that trademark classic Matt Pike riffing in there underneath the sludge! and as i said before 3 of the 4 tracks were re-recorded for the Sleep debut album "Volume One" These 2 x 7"'s were collected together on one CD by Southern lord this file is taken from my CD 320kbps.

Sleep Volume One Debut album from Sleep and released on what was then the European home of all things Grunge & Seattle in the early 90's Tupelo recordings (also responsible for releasing the first editions of Nirvana's "Bleach" in Europe) not exactly a good fit however this album whilst the stoner edge can be felt is still not a million miles away from what these guys had been doing in Asbestosdeath this is slow heavy sludgy metal that is also to my ears heavily influenced by early Melvins in fact when the reason i bought this album is because when i listened to it it just screamed "Gluey Porch Treatments" at me, remember these guys pretty much invented stoner rock so at this time in 1991 there was nothing to compare this to and it certainly wouldn't fall into the stoner genre had it been invented then!! Like i say this is slow heavy punishing stuff and whilst the vocals aren't quite as anguished as Asbestosdeath this is still some pretty tortured music and vocals.It's a killer heavy album and there's nothing else (outside of Melvins early work) I've heard that's anything like it! Taken from a VBR download (min 224kbps)

Sleep Volume Two, This is a now ultra rare 7" EP that was released on Eric Keller (of legendary Swiss grinders Fear Of God) label Off The Disk in 1992 and is probably the holy grail of Sleep collectables as it was probably limited to copies in the hundreds maybe 1000 copies at a push,In the original version of this post from May last year I stated that this was very poor quality and only included for completion purposes but my research has unearthed a far better quality version soundwise than the original version i put up This 7" features their version of Sabbath's "Lord Of This World" (made to sound live but isn't!!) backed with excellent early demo versions of "Nain's Baptism" & "The Druid"!

Sleep's Holy Mountain I first heard Sleep in 1992 on the Earache records cassette comp "Naive" which was a showcase for all the non Grind/death metal bands that had releases out or coming out on Earache and featured bands like Clutch, Fudge Tunnel, Scorn, Pitch Shifter and of course Sleep I was already aware of a few of the bands but when i got to the Sleep track "Dragonaut" (Subsequently the opening track on "Holy Mountain") I was utterly floored this was utter Sabbath worship given a 90's twist and made even heavier!!! (Ozzy Osbourne himself is quoted as saying when he heard Sleep out of all the bands that are influenced by Sabbath, Sleep were the closest in sound and feel) I had been a fan of Early Sabbath for a while then and had exhausted those first 6 Sab's albums so this came along at a perfect time for me! Though there is no denying the Sabbath influence Sleep are not too derivative, they have the sound and feel as Ozzy says but they are not straight off ripping Sabbath off for a start this is way heavier in sound and production and riffs like the Monster intro to track 2 "The Druid" are so utterly fucking amazing it just makes me go arrrgggggghhhhhh! everytime! This predates the legion of Sabbath pilfering and weak stoner rock that's around these days by almost a decade like I say this album practically invented the style there was NO ONE else doing this type of music in 1992 and there has been no one yet from the stoner genre that has recorded ANYTHING in the same league as this album it's an utter masterpiece! (320kbps Reissue version with "Snowblind" from the Earache "Masters of Misery" Sabbath tribute as a bonus track)

Dopesmoker I've already gave you the history of this album and about how it never saw release till 1999 (in altered form) years after the band broke up after originally recording it in 1993.However is this the absolute pinnacle of a short lived career by the band who invented stoner rock? Hmm it's a good album no mistake and theres titanic fucking walls of riffage by the dumper truck load but i think it may have been a little ambitious because i don't think there's enough to it to keep me completely involved for a whole hour the main riff to the song is a theme throughout and mighty a riff as it might be.... I mean don't get me wrong when i play this album some parts just make me go whoaaahhh FUCK yeah! and because it's 1 song it's good that when you listen to it certain parts blow you away and it keeps repeat listens interesting but I have to say the majority of this album kinda washes over me until aforementioned parts just grab me! I'll leave you to make up your own mind on this album and say no more except here is the Brad Boatright remastered 2012 version 260kbps with "Dopesmoker" and "Holy Mountain (Live 1994) and as a bonus I've also tacked on "Sonic Titan (Live)" from the 2003 version!


So here's my reason for updating this post and moving it up the line... NO less than 2 new additions! 

I recently discovered, and, being a huge Sleep fan I kicked myself repeatedly, that both a double CD and cassette were released of their reunion show at the famous All Tomorrow's Parties festival in May 2009 since it has been out for over 4 years and I only just found out about it last week is an utter tragedy becasue 1: i will now have no chance of ever owning one and 2: It's a double CD/Cass of live Sleep!!! So I will state that the CD appears to be a bootleg and the Cassette an official release which of the two these files are sourced from i don't know i found it on the internet the bitrate is high but the quality is not the most sparkling it sounds somewhere between an audience recording and a soundboard recording not terrible quality but not amazing either however the quality of the music is another matter this is an epic 95 minute Sleep set now having only got this downloaded yesterday I have listened to it but not intensely but as well as a wealth of material culled from their "Holy Mountain" album there are no less than 3 NEW Sleep songs on here these are "Cultivator" "Process The Weedeon" and "Antartricus Thawed" Now I cannot tell you anything more about these tracks maybe someone who spends more time reading interviews and the like on the internet knows but i suspect with the news that Sleep are now in the process of recording a new album that this may not be the last we hear of these songs, what i can tell you is all 3 are great and up to the usual titanic riff standards you'd expect from these guys! These along with epic length versions of the "Holy Mountain" material (a 14 min through "From Beyond" HELL yeah) means you should have been reaching for the download link at the point where the words "New Sleep Songs" were mentioned however don't let my quality control alarms put you off this is a great live set from one of the greatest bands around not a terrible bootleg for diehards only. This is well worth an hour and a half of your time for even a casual fan, do not doubt it! 

So secondly at the same time as i discovered the Above live CD i also discovered there had been a semi-official live 12" from a 2010 show in Denver Colorado so for the sake of completion i thought I'd try and get a download to add to this post however when I was looking for a copy of the 12" online i happened upon a nice little blog by the name of "That's The Thing About That" (Check it out HERE) and the kind soul behind that blog had the full set from the show posted up in glorious 320kbps! Now I have downloaded this myself literally minutes ago and I am just having a quick listen the sound is heavier than than the Reunion show recording but the quality is about the same as the Reunion show, not amazing but again far from unlistenable. The set is almost identical and i might have considered not posting this because of that but as well as the usual glut of material from "Holy Mountain" and the three new songs (Although "Cultivator" here is lengthened from about 8 mins on the reunion show set to a mighty 12 minutes!) this set is worth your having because clocking in at a massive 2 hrs long it also contains an opener of a near 10 Minute run through the intro to "Dopesmoker" which segues nicely into "Holy Mountain" there's another 8 minute run through a second part of "Dopesmoker" later in the set and a super heavy Sleep style run through Ozzy Ozbourne's "Over The Mountain" from his "Diary Of A Madman" album! All in all the fact that i went looking for the 3 track live 12" and found the complete set from the Denver show makes it worth the inclusion! So there you go no less than 2 amazing Sleep Live sets for you.

Ok so off you go download this stuff and just have your mind blown by the utter fucking undisputed lords of the riff SLEEP!


VOL 1Mediafire

VOL 2Mediafire






(Please Note that the link to the Live Denver show is not my link however it is tested and working as of the date of this post (Jan 2014) it is a link to a host i have never heard of called hightail however the file is a massive 265mb and I managed to download it in around 5 mins from there even with my pedestrian download speed so the link is 100% ok, no spam, no messing, no ads straight forward click and d/l . should this link not work please notify me i will upload it to my own host)

And as an extra DOPESMOKER bonus here's something I was shared from youtube....

Calvin Armstrong (cello), Brian Courage (bass), and Kelson Zbichorski (drums) from the Heavy Metal Ensemble of Lawrence University performed Sleep's Dopesmoker on June 2nd, 2012, in the Lawrence University Memorial Chapel.

This is just fucking insane unfortunately it's an amateur recording and when the rhythm section kick in properly, great as they are, the cello gets kinda drowned out. but this is still amazing I don't blame you for not watching the full performance but EVERY Sleep fan should check out the first 5 mins...ON A FUCKING CELLO??*~%$$!!! Amazing!

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To any bands who may come across my blog and wish me to put them on here these are the rules they are not in order of importance nor are they subject to interpretation.

1: If you want your band on here try starting a conversation don't just send me a link and say "Check Out My Band and put it on your blog", those requests will now be ignored you can message me through facebook* or google or in the comments here, i get an email every time someone comments or messages me in any way so i will see it every time. I'm easy enough to find on facebook and you can message me without being a "friend" I'm not here to promote bands I am here to share music I like with like minded people.

(*Note you will no longer find me on Facebook sorry)

2: This is a free music blog NOT a reviews blog if you only want me to blog you and link to a streaming track or put 1 track from your latest release up for download in order to promote sales or whatever this IS NOT the blog you want. I only put up free music and FULL releases not teasers, one of the reasons i started this blog is because i got sick of hunting down links only to find they were parts of a release not the full release.I will occasionally review a release with no free music link if the band are friends or if it's a forthcoming release I am really excited about but these are gonna be very rare occasions.

3: I do not normally link to pay downloads however this is the only rule I am willing to bend occasionally for example DOOM's recent album "corrupt fucking system" was offered for a stunningly fair £3 on bandcamp the day of it's release if i think that a band is being fair on prices then I will link to your pay download or if you give other things for free but your newest release is pay download then I'll consider linking it up but in 99% of cases i will not link to a pay download but free/pay what you want on bandcamp is fine i can then put the choice in the hands of the reader. But if you are offering a download of your music for the same or near the price of a physical release then there's no way I wouldn't buy it myself so i don't expect other people to!

4: I only put things on here that I like a lot I own well over 1000 CD's and about 1.5TB of digital music however there is only around 50 - 100 GB of music on here simply because i only put things on here that totally blow me away if you ask me to listen to your band for possible inclusion on here then have a listen to some of the music on here first because if you are gonna request I put your band on here without checking out the music first then be prepared to be told that i don't like your music and I won't blog it. I have wide ranging tastes and encourage people to send me links etc but try and think about whether the music is suited to this blog before you ask me to put it on However here's some helpful hints I DO NOT like grindcore, I only like a handful of black metal, I am very choosy when it comes to hardcore and I'm not a big fan of "punk" that is the likes of "street punk" , 77 style punk etc as an influence it's ok but if you wish it was '77 or '82 there's a pretty good chance I won't like it. Oh and as far as D-beat/Discharge cloning is concerned i like about 0000.1% of it it's been stale,boring and just silly for a long time now.

In closing I cannot stress enough that none of this is meant as ANY kind of disrespect to bands who have asked me to remove links, as in all of those cases it's me who asked asked the band for MP3's of their music not them who asked me to blog them and there's been misunderstandings about me putting a link on here which is fair as i stated from the start that if any band or artist wish their music removed they need only ask and in every case i have honored their removal requests from this point on I will make it 100% clear that i intend to share a link on here when requesting mp3's of your band for this blog but from this post on I will say this if you ask for a link to be removed I will in every case remove the whole post not just the link as my biggest frustration is searching for music only to find a review or a dead link.

I'm no big headed person getting above myself here I understand what this blog is it's just a small circulation thing that i do for my enjoyment not the worlds biggest and most revered source for bands to get noticed however I have found in a lot of cases my blog in a very small way does help bands, I do understand that recordings,promotion,pressings etc cost the band money and without revenue from sales of records,CD's, shirts etc it can cause the band damage but in most cases I'm blogging records or releases that have been out a while or with the bands permission tho a good portion of my links are not strictly speaking "approved" the majority are. However the longer the blog runs the more notice it gets and the more interest i get from bands I haven't heard and I decided a few clear ground rules were needed in order to make sure there are no further misunderstandings.

So from now on when anyone asks me to blog their band or if I'm asking permission to blog a band I will be sending a link to this post.

Please do not let this discourage anyone form getting in touch or sending me music to listen to just read these rules and make sure you are clear on how this blog works,


Dave B.

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I don't often link to a pay download but once in a while when a band are worth a small fee i will make an exception.... Ruinebell are a band I stumbled upon by sheer chance, I was browsing my newsfeed on facebook when I saw that one of my friends (Ste Dux of Extinction Of Mankind) had "liked" them on facebook as he has never steered me wrong on good music i decided to check em out, so i found they had one song on bandcamp streaming I had a listen and it utterly floored me and seeing as their only release is the "Demise In Disgrace" 7" from 2011 (pictured above) I was gutted that I hadn't got to them sooner!

Ruinebell are a 2 piece Spanish/Finnish collaboration formed by Lasse Pyykkö of Hooded Menace,Claws and Phlegethon on guitars and bass and Dopi of Machetazo,Dishammer,Deadmask on drums and vocals now other than Dishammer I have to be honest here i have heard of their other bands but never heard any of them however that is something I will rectify in the near future! so I can't comment on the relation of this 7" to their other bands however I can tell you that this is one shockingly great 7"

What you get here are two 5 minute tracks both of which are of epic scope, by their own admission Ruinebell was formed to capture their love of the sound of bands like Amebix and Axegrinder now whilst there is a lot of music that take those as a template and that influence certainly is apparent on first listen I feel they have taken the sound of those bands and done their own thing with it whilst it is at once familiar, repeated listens will bring out so much more than just mere copying, for a start the guitarwork is a lot heavier than anything either of those bands have done having a heavy sound that is fairly clean and not overly downtuned or muddy so whilst it has a really nice bottom end it doesn't get mired down in "heavy for heavy's sake" plus the mid sections of "Charcoal Emptiness"have a really good melancholy feel to them more akin to something you'd find on the doomier end of metal, and the closing acoustic passage to the song is just beautiful what I like about these 2 tracks is that whilst as i said many bands take Amebix as an influence what they fail to achieve is the desolate atmosphere of what Amebix do which makes them so unique however Ruinebell have studied well and have hit the nail squarely on the head here and bring to mind the same images of open moors and ghostly battlefields that come to mind when listening to Amebix.Second track "The Last Morrow Of Apathy"is a bit more uptempo opening with a keyboard swoop and acoustic guitar almost as if it continues on where "Charcoal Emptiness" left off (whether this is intentional or not i don't know but i suspect it may be) however when the guitars and bass kick in again it has that awesome bottom end that just rumbles through your bass bins and utterly floors you! I would also like to say that the production on this record is flawless everything is clear and sounds BIG! It's really hard to give this band credit for this utterly great record because there's no denying that it has Amebix written all over it however i cannot stress enough that it needs repeated listens to see that it's way more than just the sum of it's influences.

I cannot stress enough how good this record is it bears more talent and variety in 10 mins than most bands manage to summon over a whole album and I have been listening to it repeatedly for over a week now and I am still noticing little flourishes and parts that weren't apparent on first listen (like the dischordant Voivod-ish guitar parts towards the end of "Last Morrow Of Apathy") 
Don't write these guys off as mere clones this is something way better than just a rearranging of others riffs or a "tribute" it's a totally amazing record and as i said I am just gutted that it's been out since 2011 and i'm only getting on to it now! This is essential listening and has grabbed my attention more than a lot of things from the "crust" world of late! this is a mere 4 euros for some utterly amazing music and that's LESS than the cost of your lunch! DO NOT hesitate....

Ruinebell 7" -

If you don't beleive me on how great this band are I shared their bandcamp page on facebook and Amebix official facebook page picked it up and shared it on their own page if that's not a stamp of approval then I don't know what is read the post here

Also the 7" (ltd to 500 copies in clear vinyl and a NICE thick gatefold sleeve) is still available from doomentia records (along with many more fine bands releases) here...

and lastly their facebook page is here....

the band themselves told me they have 4 new tracks in the works to be recorded later this year for another release on doomentia so keep your eyes peeled!

Thursday, 9 January 2014


DROPDEAD maaan what can be said about this great Providence, Rhode Island band? With a near 23 year career in dishing out some of the most intense tight and just insane high speed political hardcore you'd think there'd be a lot i could tell you unfortunately there is not, I first came across these around 1992 through a friend of mine (Cheers Leo Federici) he had their split 8" with Australia's Rupture and their debut EP having just sorta came down from the Grind/Death metal frenzy of 86 - 90  I hadn't been listening to anything super fast or heavy for a while but I remember being impressed with DROPDEAD when he played them to me they were playing a kinda Hybrid of the British political hardcore bands like Doom and obviously they had Scandinavian and Japanese hardcore influences as well but it was the insane high speed of this band that blew my mind! Now, I want to digress a bit here.....

...There are bands that play Grindcore that are super fast and there are bands from various hardcore scenes that play just as fast but whether through different technique or whatever there is a BIG difference whilst DROPDEAD may be easily as fast as the best of grind bands when they hit the accelerator they are by far NOT a grind band. I'm a drummer and I can't get my head round it but listen yourself and you'll see what i mean maybe it's the use of the high hat when playing fast more than using the ride cymbal that makes it sound the way it does?? anyway digression over....

So back to DROPDEAD  so i had some tapes from my aforementioned friend which I did listen to but kinda got neglected as I said i was dead with the whole noisy music thing at the time I was in my early 20's and off on other musical paths by then and I didn't get round to them again till around 1999 which was well after their 2nd album came out this was when I got really into em! The other thing that sets these apart is the raw screaming vocals of Bob Otis which against the backdrop of insane thrash they play gives them a totally unique sound unlike any other band, when you hear DROPDEAD you know it's them NO question, on a side note I have always found it hard to equate the screaming vocals with the man himself because the vocal style he has does not look like it comes from the fucking big burly tough looking bastard that is Bob DROPDEAD see for yourself....


It's really hard to describe their sound so I'll just re-iterate Raw Scandinavian hardcore style guitars, distorted gnarly sounding bass, D-beats and Fast Blasts topped with sick nasty vocals! There ya go!!! That's as good as I can do!

So here i present with you a pretty intensive lot of links so let's begin, First up we have "Demo's And Live" this was released  in 1991 and was the first DROPDEAD to be heard, the version I present here was an officially released cassette that contains their 1st demo, 2nd demo and a live set from 1993 recorded at WMFU radio, this is a 192kbps net find as it has never been released other than on cassette these early recordings aren't amazing quality but far from unlistenable but the raw nature of DROPDEAD music doesn't lend itself to sparkling quality recording especially at this early stage! Next up is their "Discography" CD which when released in 1994 rounded up all their EP releases they had done prior their 1st album it contains their Debut EP, The Split 8" With Rupture, The split EP with Crossed Out plus a couple unreleased tracks and comp tracks ripped from my CD at 320kbps. Next up is their debut album named "落とす死" or more commonly referred to as "DROPDEAD 1st" now excessive as it may seem I present 2 versions of this here, firstly there is the link "1st Album (Original)" This is the version that was released on Selfless Records in 1993 however the band were never satisfied with the sound of the finished product and got ripped off badly by the label so they re-issued this album on their own Armageddon Label this is the
"1st album (2002 Rough Mix)" link as the band preferred the rough mix to the finished product, however here's something you need to know about these links the "Original" mix is separated into it's 34 original tracks and is a very good quality 320kbps vinyl rip however the Armageddon release has just 2 tracks effectively the A and B sides of the album no track separation whilst this is a small niggle i find it very annoying that you can't skip through tracks and you have to listen to the sections on the reissue as a whole "side" that is why I have put up both versions here also so you can decide yourself which mix is better also the 2002 reissue is ripped from my own CD again at 320kbps. Next up we have some more Live stuff for you firstly is the "Drop On The Bootleg" mini CD recorded live in Hiroshima Japan 1996 this is a CD rip but not mine so it's 192kbps and a little quiet however the quality is fine you just need to turn it up. 16 tracks in 15 mins and utterly ripping, then I have given you " Humanity Is Burying The Earth With Its Rotting Carcasses... " an official live tape of a set they played in Finland in 1997 this is a better live set I think as it's got 23 tracks and is a bit louder and more raw sounding than "Drop On...." comes in 320kbps as well. So being gits for never naming their records next link is "2nd Album" this is indeed their 2nd studio album from 1998 and this is prob my favourite of the DROPDEAD releases as though it is just as raw and blown out as all the others I just love the intensity of the production especially the guitar sound which now is riding that amazing mid 80's Scandinavian hardcore sound to perfection but with more muscle!!!  There's still plenty of speed on this album however it has been tempered more and seems to be less out of control not that they weren't always super tight as that's one of the things that makes them so good that they are so fucking on the nail even when going at light speed just this time round there's a little less blast and a bit more variety of pace. This is a fucking great album and my personal pick of the bunch if you only download one link make it this one! from Vinyl rip at 320kbps and great quality. So onto my last link "Splits"... in the 13 years since the 2nd album DROPDEAD releases have been few and far between to say the least there has been no new DROPDEAD releases purely on their own however there have been 5 x Split EP's with other bands between 2002 and 2013 and combined there are a total of 22 new tracks which is effectively an albums worth of material even if it has been recorded at different times over a period of 11 years! So in this file you have the DROPDEAD split EP's with Totalitar (6 Tracks 2002), Unholy Grave (5 Tracks 2003) Look Back And Laugh (6 Tracks 2004), Converge (1 Track 2011), Ruidosa Inmundicia (2 Tracks 2013) and finally and most recently Systematic Death (2 Tracks 2013) these are all in the one folder but in seperate folders for each release and though there's not a great deal of progression that could be made with a sound like DROPDEAD have there's no let up in the intensity of this band however as these releases progress you can find that after the split with Look Back And Laugh that they have slowed a little and maybe not quite the brutal band they were and both the splits from 2013 the vocals have changed a lot whether after 21 years Bob could scream no more or if it's a conscious change I don't know but believe me none of what I've said there is criticism there's more intensity, invention and great playing in one side of a 7" by DROPDEAD than a lot of bands are likely to have in their whole existence whether they put 6 songs on there or just 1!

So that's it folks there you have it the DROPDEAD discography in it's entirety and a fine discography it is I did want to mention that their discography from the 1st demos up to the 2nd album contain numerous repeats of songs (for example the song "Unjustified Murder" appears on the demo, the discography LP, the 1st LP and both Live releases!!!)  however this does not mean they are identical they must have reasons for re-recording their songs but if you want my advice if you are new to DROPDEAD all you need really is either (or Both) The 1st album and the Discography LP and also the "2nd Album" that's really all the DROPDEAD you need if you like those come back for the Splits file, however this post is for the diehards as well as the newcomers so that's why i decided to post everything regardless of repeats and also because I had a fuck of a time trying to get hold of DROPDEAD stuff to download it was all atrocious quality and due to the fact that they are primarily a vinyl band their CD's are REALLY hard to come by I gave up trying to find good quality online and ended up buying the "Discography" CD and "1st Album" direct from Bob at Armageddon and even at his fair pricing it still cost me £22 (approx $40) with postage etc for those! So to remedy that here is the BEST quality DROPDEAD releases you will find online believe me i have tried and tried to find decent quality online it does not exist (until now) so I do this so you don't have to! Here you go.....

Demos & Livemediafire

1st Album (Original) - mediafire

1st Album (2002 Rough Mix) -mediafire

Drop On The Bootlegmediafire

2nd Albummediafire

Humanity... (Live)mediafire



Thursday, 2 January 2014

Oütlaw Bästards

Well continuing with the "Punkerheäd" theme started with my Pistöns post (HERE) I bring you Oütlaw Bästards some more umlated vowelled noise from Tijuana! Again we have some great stuff here whilst made not quite as heavy as Pistöns these guys still owe a huge debt to Lemmy and the 'head lads for a big part of their sound and as you can see above from their logo that this is most definitely by their own admission!

Oütlaw Bästards are like Pistöns huge fans of Motörhead but however this time around there's a lot less Rock 'N' Roll and a large heaping of crust here these guys have defo been listening to likes of recent releases by Disfear and also reminds me of some of the Swedish stuff i have been posting recently like Infernöh or Utanförskapet, however their vocalist has one seriously gruff style all his own when i say gruff I don't mean grindcore bowels of hell style more gruff like he smokes cigs 20 at a time and gargles with petrol! They also sing about half their songs in their native language (Spanish) which i think is pretty cool as they can obviously speak English and their guitarist is called  Juan Bästard (everyone in the band is something Bästard) which gave me a smile.

Anyway not a lot more I can tell you about these guys other than what I've said I'm giving you their debut and only album from last year here "Hell Bearers" and if you like some asskicking punk/crust with a serious Motörhead fetish then you will love this I have shared it around a few folk and have had nothing but positive responses so I'm hoping you guys will enjoy this too! (by the way please note last track "500 Miles To Yuma" isn't actually 15.41 long the song ends at 5.46 and there is a hidden track that begins at 10.23) Get Motörcharged!

Oütlaw BästardsMediafire