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(I couldn't find a picture of the band but I did like this piece of art from the inner of their latest album)

Ok so this post is a bit out of left field here and another one of those ones that I am putting up here more for the internet than just my specific audience! We have two artists that are linked so one justifies the other read on.....!

The Blood Of Heroes came to my attention because it was a project featuring Justin Broadrick (See posts On his remix work HERE & as Jesu HERE) who readers will know i am a big fan of however upon investigation I also found among others I hadn't heard of at the time Bill Laswell was also involved and as he is a MASTER of the bottom end i was sold! However when their first self titled album was released it was a real shock to me blending elements of Drum 'N' Bass, Dub, Industrial, Justin's Trademark Guitar and occasional vocals plus a serious bottom end provided by Bill Laswell's organic along with Kurt Gluck (aka Submerged) & Lynn Standafaer (aka Enduser) Electronic bass making for some serious speaker quaking!!! Most of the vocals throughout the album are provided by Dr. Israel who I know nothing about but who appears to come from the New York Illbient/Drum 'N' Bass scene and his rough mc/dub style vocals work well with the other elements.

I'm going to say right now that this is not the kind of stuff I would normally post on here and without Laswell & Broadrick's involvement this would be more of a  standard Drum 'N' Bass type album however the mix of the Organic and Electronic elements works in this bands favor and of course Justin's guitar work is stellar and heavy and he has never made a secret of his love of breakbeats (see some of Godflesh's later work and his side project for evidence) but if like me you are open minded and willing to give something new a try then these are definitely for you. Plus all the members of this band whether primarily or occasionally have been involved in making electronic music as well as playing in bands.

I have given you both of The Blood Of Heroes albums (their self titled album from 2010 and the more recent "The Waking Nightmare" from 2012) to date plus the Remix album "Remain" which accompanied their self titled debut which features remixes by Justin Broadrick, Bill Laswell, Enduser & Submerged (all 4 are members of The Blood Of Heroes) plus further remixes by the likes of Dälek (awesome producers/artists in their own right) and due to the involvement of 4 of the members is more of a de-constructing/re-interpretation of the album than a standard remix affair and works really well.

I am trying to broaden the scope of the blog and not just post heavier guitar based stuff all the time as i have said many times to say my tastes in music are wide ranging is an understatement and i do go through phases of listening to different music and if i like it enough it merits inclusion in this blog and i felt it was long overdue that some electronic based music was represented and the involvement of Justin Broadrick and Bill Laswell in this project made this an ideal starting point!

So I will can the chat and let you check this stuff out for yourself here's your links......

The Blood Of HeroesMediafire


The Waking NightmareMediafire

So this leads me nicely to the 2nd part of this post which is what i was referring to at the start about this post about it being for the internet rather than readers of this blog so i shall explain further.... basically The Blood Of Heroes part of this post was put here because I actually wanted to a post on Submerged (aka Kurt Gluck pictured above) however i felt without The Blood Of Heroes part it would make less sense as to why I am doing this post!

As The Blood Of Heroes is made up of people who all have careers in their respective fields of music and i was already aware of the work of Justin Broadrick and Bill Laswell i decided i would check out the work of the other members as I liked the music behind Blood Of Heroes a lot so this led me to discover Submerged, now let me be clear Submerged are a straight up Drum 'N' Bass project and is the main moniker for the majority of Kurt Gluck's musical output now whilst i like most people who have had a lifelong passion for music, since it's major breakthrough in the late 80's/early 90's it would be impossible to have avoided dance/electronic music it seeped into almost every part of musical culture and still does even to this day and I was heavily involved in that scene through the mid - late 90's and still have an interest in it today however i am extremely choosy about what i like and rarely if ever check out anything new (most of the dance/electronic music I like is stuff i was into at the time and not really anything recent) however I did decide to check out Submerged as i liked the name and figured if Justin and Bill would work with him he must be doing something pretty good! and i was right although he does make Drum 'N' Bass/Breakbeat type music he does it with a wholly different and unusual approach and has a dark and nasty edge to it which appealed to me immensely.

When i started looking for some Submerged music I could only find "Pay" downloads (at the cost of $10/£6.50 an album) so i used this nifty little site I have as a last resort for finding individual mp3's if i can't find a rar of an album and i had to download almost all of the music in these links track by track from there then i had to pay for "Ghost Dope" (though at nearly 2 & 1/2 hrs long i think the $10 was justified) so as i said this is a "give it up for the internet" here's all the (digitally) available Submerged stuff free of charge so you don't have to spend the best part of 2 days like i did finding the mp3's compiling them etc....

So what you get below are his two "stand alone" albums "Before Fire...." and "Stars Lights..." plus "Ghost Dope" which is a 2 & 1/2 hour compilation of tracks culled from his vast back catalog of 24 12" vinyl releases (the 12" being the primary format for Drum 'n' Bass and dance music) then a further compilation from the vaults "Violence As First Nature" which has a further 15 cuts from his back catalog and also comes with a bonus DJ mix featuring all these tracks plus another 13 tracks seamlessly mixed by the man himself. However it does not end there purchasers of "Before Fire..." were given a free download from the label (Ohm Resistance) entitled "Before Fire...Supplemental Material" which has a further 2 tracks plus a 31 min track by someone called Robert Mariani entitled "Astral - Cassette Tape #01 (1985)" I cannot find any information about what relevance this artist or track bears to Submerged or the album but it's in there should you wish to check it out. And "Stars Lights..." contains a bonus remix of one of the album tracks.

So just quickly i want to say that there is a lot of regular if above average drum and bass type stuff here mainly on "Ghost Dope" which is not surprising as it is culled from 12"'s mainly targeted at a club environment however both his albums plus the "Violence As First Nature" comp contain some insanely nasty,grimy and intense stuff which puts me in mind of some of Aphex Twin's more crazy stuff and his cutting up of beats is just nuts as well as some of the intense bass,noise and just general electronic brutality that borders on the industrial. I have listened to it on my mp3 player this week and it was just great so that's why I decided it was worth blogging I really feel you don't have to be out of your head on drugs on the dancefloor to enjoy this stuff it is varied and interesting enough to stand listening to at home.

So here you go my first posting of purely electronic music I have spent more of this post justifying and explaining why i posted it rather than describing the music I guess that's just my personal guilt that i have posted so much heavy stuff here that I feel like I had to explain also i don't really know how to describe the depth of a bass tone or how good the TB303 waves and 808 beats are I only know i liked it a lot, it provoked a positive response and that's why it's here, In closing i will refer you to a qoute from the very 1st post on this blog .....

"The main thing is to have no expectations of this blog because even I don't know what I'm gonna put on here yet you can expect to find anything from acoustic and experimental music to jazz and grindcore whatever I'm enjoying that i think is worth sharing I'll put it on here I place no labels on myself or my music tastes."

So there you go more justification ha ha here's hoping i don't lose the majority of my readers and some people will enjoy this crazy music....

Ghost DopeMediafire

Violence As First NatureMediafire

Before Fire I Was Against Other PeopleMediafire

Starts Lights The EndMediafire

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SO this band were a bit of a surprise discovery for me I downloaded a compilation called "Reverb Conspiracy Vol 1" it was billed as "A European Psych collection co released by Fuzz Club Records and the Reverb Appreciation Society" I was mainly after the download for the exclusive Dead Skeletons track on it (See my post on Dead Skeletons HERE) however after downloading I had it on in the background whilst doing something and one song really grabbed me so I checked the track list and the song was "Dreams" by The Koolaid Electric Company so a quick net search and i discovered they had an album out called "Random Noises And Organised Sounds" and a further net search netted me a download of it but it was so good i managed to get in touch with them through their facebook page and i manged to purchase one of the very few remaining copies of it from them and as it's completely out of print and very hard to come by for a reasonable price I asked for their permission to upload the album for you guys and they were kind enough to let me do so.

It would appear that at least one member of this band is from the long standing indie/shoegaze band The Telescopes but I have to be honest I didn't pursue information on this further but i suspect the fella i've been in touch with on Facebook Dave "Rusty" Gryphon would be the one.

So why all the fuss? well as you all should know i am a huge fan of the current wave of modern psychedelic music or "Psych" as it's referred to and most of it is borne of a similar template krautrock-ish passages and loud guitar freakouts however these guys were approaching the "Psych" sound from a completely different and altogether British angle whilst still having plenty of the hallmarks of psychedelic music these fellas are leaning more towards the sounds of Loop (See post HERE) Ride, (early) Jesus and Mary Chain etc and a bit of the style known as "Dream Pop" think Mazzy Star (See Post HERE ) etc and also there's hints of 60's garage/pebbles type stuff as well this is all wrapped up in loud effected guitars, and makes each song standout as different from the next and keeps things interesting whilst most psychedelic bands tend to slam you to the wall with intense builds and extended guitar freak out these guys happily drift along lazily and dreamily and whilst they still have great builds and are more than capable of some good loud guitar in the right places it's more of a shimmering guitar ride that whilst still plenty loud is a far more relaxing affair than their contemporaries and is just so lush it will melt your spine! I defy anyone to not be bowled over by the sheer beauty of this album. I know there is quite a bit of "Shoegaze" revival going on these days but the way these guys blend it with their psychedelic influences is just genius and this album has been one of the best things I've heard this year (although it has been out since 2011!!!)

So below I have a given you a fully authorised link to their album uploaded by me at 320kbps from my CD I cannot stress enough that you should check this album out I am listening to it right now as i type this article and the acoustic strumming and effected guitars of the intro to the track "home" just made me stop, go limp and go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's a truly beautiful listen track after track of just great songs that are also completely memorable every time I hear a song I go"Ahhhh I remember this one it's great"  then the next one comes on and I go "Ahhhh I remember this one it's great" A truly terrific album 9 songs of utter aural delight and worth 50 minutes of anyone's time at least anyone with a heart and a brain and a love of great music... Enjoy!

The Koolaid Electric Company - Mediafire


This is a completely redone version of the old post I decided that it needed re-doing rather than updating because firstly they have had a GREAT new album out since it was originally done and secondly because I just them live!

So...Anyone who reads this blog regularly should know that i am a huge fan of Annihilation Time so when they broke up and 3/4 of the final version of A.T. formed Lecherous Gaze my expectations were high but at that time (2010) firstly I didn't like the name and secondly I just couldn't get into them to start with I had hoped they'd keep their Black Flag/BL'AST! edge and i just didn't hear it and found their new more rockin' style just a little too "rock" for what I had wanted/expected!

So though I kept up to date on what they were doing and thought they were kinda "OK" they were never really a favorite especially when they had a change of vocalists. However last year I dunno how it happened but after I heard they had a new album in the works and were touring I decided to have a re-visit and lo and behold the clouds parted the sun shone upon me and i finally "got it"! I have since purchased the EP and both albums on CD and decided it was time for a proper post! So the high praise this band receive in this post is a product of my re-visit!

Lecherous Gaze were formed by ex - Annihilation Time (See My Post on them HERE ) members Graham Clise (Guitar), Chris Grande (Bass) along with Noel Sullivan (drums) who played drums on the last Annihilation Time album "III - Tales Of The Ancient Age" Their original vocalist Lakis Panagiotopulos (Who bore an uncanny vocal resemblance to Glenn  Danzig) only appeared on their debut Demo/EP and was replaced shortly thereafter by Zaryan Zandi I mention this straight away because originally i couldn't understand how their vocalist had gone from smooth toned Danzig style to sounding a lot like a manic Captain Beefheart!! And thought it best to save you from the same confusion.

They released their "Audio Testament" demo (pictured below) with original vocalist Lakis Panagiotopulos in 2010 this would later get tweaked and re-issued as the "Lecherous Gaze" 12"/CD the only recording to feature their original singer. It's a cracking debut taking off where the last Annihilation Time album left off but a bit less on the punk side and adding a bit more garage and 70's rock which is pretty much sets the standard for everything to follow.

At this point I think there's little to be had from going through each LG release individually as whilst they have had a few EP's between the debut and 1st album and a couple between  the first and second albums they have been a fairly consistent unit there's been no groundbreaking changes in their sound since they started they have just continued to release consistently good records and just got better and better at what they do so in the spirit of shorter write ups more music here's a quick breakdown of your links.....

"EP's" this is the original link from the original post and it contains the debut "Lecherous Gaze" EP but also contains their "Bagagazo" EP "Born On A River" 12" "Animal Brain" 7" and their tracks from the 3 way split 12" with Danava and Earthless now originally I had thought that these were worth having but it turns out that apart from their debut EP ALL of the others contain mostly tracks that would later turn up on their albums and they are exactly the same versions as the album versions however there are 2 tracks in there that don't appear on the albums "Feathered Fish" from the "Bagagazo" EP and "Get You Some" from the 3 way split so if you, like me, want to be completist then these tracks are definitely worth having plus you most definitely NEED their Debut EP so don't skip it!.

So that being said I have given you their 2012 debut album "On The Skids" which is a great debut and is a non stop rock 'n' roll wild ride I have to be honest as i said near the start that it took me a while to get into the new vocalists "croaky" Beefheart style but the music is just unbelievably great there are not enough bands blending the best of 70's rock with a healthy dose of Stooges/MC5 craziness and a dash of grimy early USHC and these guys by far are the best at it I said in my original post on these guys that i figure even if Annihilation Time had kept going this is what their next album would have sounded like anyway. This is tight and well played, the musicianship is impeccable and it shows that the core of this band have been playing together for quite a while and it can't be said enough how great a guitarist Graham Clise is he is a non stop hot rock lick machine! Whilst this is an excellent debut their latest album from this year "Zeta Reticuli Blues" takes the template and just makes it even better the songs are even more rocking and memorable and they even do a cover of old blues rock standard "Baby Please Don't Go" and their version is just scorching all i can say is if you thought "On The Skids" was good then this will blow you away! As far as I can tell this is the only place this is available for free on the net because I tried for months after hearing it was being released and after it was released and in the end had to give in and buy it ha ha!

So there you go the complete story so far and having seen them live recently it's obvious these guys LOVE what they do as they certainly looked like they were enjoying playing as much as we were enjoying watching them so i doubt this is the last we will hear from them and personally I can't wait for more! Enjoy!


On The SkidsMediafire

Zeta Reticuli BluesMediafire

And just for fun here's some pics me and my Girlfriend took with our phones of Lecherous Gaze live at the Blade factory Liverpool....


I Have often mentioned the fact that I had a renewed interest in Hardcore in the early millennium and it led me to discover a lot of great bands who were either short lived or just disappeared completely without at trace one of those great bands was SNAKEBiTE. I have often used them for reference in other posts but i never really thought about the fact that having only had 2 x EP's about 13 years ago that most folk wouldn't have a clue who they were. I had often wanted to rectify this but i only had vinyl rips of their 2 EP's and they were fairly atrocious quality but recently I came across a bandcamp page which had both their EP's uploaded and from what I can tell the source wasn't vinyl and they sounded a lot better than my own rips. So here I present you the "discography" (does 2 EP's count as a discography??) of this great short lived and overlooked band!

These guys were, if memory serves me, from New Jersey in the USA I got interested in them because they had an ex member of Down In Flames but then discovered one of them went on to be in Forward To Death and another member was in a short lived but excellent Hardcore band called Survivors who again did one EP and that was it. I also mentioned in various posts that the internet was in it's infancy/dial up era back then and often labels would have small websites and they would offer 1 or 2 tracks from each release they had for download and i used to download everything and make mix CD's of it to listen to then decide what stuff I wanted to buy and that's how i came across these guys, they were on Don Giovanni records who started out releasing mainly hardcore but have become quite a big underground/Indie type label but at the time their current releases were SNAKEBiTE, Kamikaze, Talk Hard and a couple of others and they were all so good I bought all the EP's.

So I got these 2 Ep's mainly on the strength of the Down In Flames connection however I was quite surprised when I heard them because instead of the Fast thrash i expected what i got was some GREAT mid paced/Fast hardcore with more than a nod to the likes of Poison Idea. What i like most about these guys is tho they have quite shredding and Intense vocals the music is nice and chunky has a classic old school feel while still managing to sound contemporary rather than retro also the songs they wrote were very memorable with great riffs that get your head nodding and just stick with you for days!

So in the link below you have their 1st EP "Every Bad Idea Is A Good Idea" and 2nd "Feel The Buzz" there's only 4 tracks on each and the total playing time of both is a mere 15 mins however it's a seriously great 15 mins and i find it criminal that these guys never did anymore music as although according to all of the members are in other bands SNAKEBiTE were one of those frustratingly short lived bands that just make you go ARGGGGHHHH why did you break up when you were SOOOO good!

I Hadn't listened to these in a while before i got this post together and it has struck me that these guys are in quite a similar vein to recent hardcore revivalists Obliterations so if you like that sort of thing then these guys are definitely for you. So now anyone who follows all the posts on here can download these EP's and make sense of the comparisons I make when I mention these guys! Both EP's are high bitrate not quite 320 but high enough I have separated them into individual folders for each EP withj the correct artwork etc so go download and enjoy this GREAT band.

SNAKEBiTE EP'sMediafire

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UPDATE #984326543

Hi readers,

I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts or any kind of activity on here for a while I've just been finding it hard to put words together as it will be 2 years in february that I have been doing this and I'm NO writer so coming up with descriptions etc for the music has been a bit daunting for me and I have to admit I have been avoiding it recently.

I will say that there have been almost daily comments on older posts of late so it would seem new people are still finding the blog and discovering new music from it so that has been encouraging. What has not been encouraging is we got an email from my Internet Service Provider saying they had a complaint about the sharing of copyrighted material, I haven't heard anything since and it wasn't specific so i don't really know what i can do about it so fingers X'ed that will be the last I will hear. what is also discouraging is shit like people criticizing my lack of knowledge/research I have had a couple of digs recently however this was the most recent one posted on my Black Sabbath post (HERE) from an obviously "anonymous" user with regards to my comments (not the write up) with regards to latest BS album "13".....

Think you'll find Geezer is the guilty one for the lyrics, not Ozzy. Plus the album is really Rick Rubin's last ditch effort to relive his Sabbath childhood memories more than the band themselves deciding "Hey, Guvna, let's drop a new album of spooky Brummy stuff we've been hanging on to since the Reunion gig but never got round to recording". And in 2014, you'd think someone posting a rant on an internet blog could have looked that up. But anyway...

to which I replied....

Oh I am sorry that i offended your sabbath sensibilities and yeah my research may be lacking but i have often admitted that and i always say if you're not happy go start your own blog so go push your fucking glasses up your nose and "I think you'll find..." somewhere else Buddy and go start your own blog their new album is a heap of shit. It's dicks like you that make me want to give up doing blogging and exactly the kind of people this blog is NOT directed at I'm not wikipedia,allmusic or whatever I'm a one man free operation who pays his OWN MONEY to file hosters to give free music to other like minded people so why not shut your dick holster and just enjoy the music or go somewhere else,
Thanks for commenting,
Dave B.
I just want to be clear that I have repeatedly and honestly admitted that my research is lacking, my punctuation and grammar is appaling but my passion is unquestionable, All i want to do here is give away free music and some of my opinion on the music I AM NOT A RESOURCE FOR FACTS I have neither the time or the inclanation to spend hours researching my posts I just want to get the music up and share my excitement and enthusiasm for it I write what i know and have no objection to people letting me know I've made a mistake as long as it's polite but sarcastic shit will just get you I said in my comment It's dicks like that that make me want to give this up and delete everything. If some people can do nothing but criticize considering the amount of time and effort i have given to this blog then they are not going to be treated with any kind of respect or decency so be warned keyboard warriors.
As for the people who leave positive comments and even just a simple "thanks" you're the reason i keep doing this and I thank you all for your encouragement.
Look out for some more updated and some new posts real soon,
Thanks for keeping coming back.

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Ok so I have opened this blog to requests many times and hardly anyone asks or if they do they generally out-obscure me and I can't fulfill the request this time I can actually honor it!

An anonymous reader commented on my Obliterations post  (HERE) Thanking me for posting them and saying hopefully I would post a discography by Baptists soon well my anonymous user your wish is my command!!!

Vancouver Canada's Baptists are a kinda new band they have been around since 2009 they have released an EP and more recently an album "Bushcraft" last year on the home of most of the great heavy shit i listen to at the moment Southern Lord records. I have no idea how i got onto Baptists I do know however that it's only been a matter of weeks since i did and i have played them quite a few times since discovering them, their loud, heavy hardcore certainly does strike a chord with me! I dunno what they are doing up there in Canada but Baptists are another band from there peddling some great heavy music!

Baptists have a really good sound Thick heavy guitar battles with barreling drums and good vocals that are kinda shouty kinda screamy and work really well with the music! Suffice to say these guys are not re-inventing the hardcore wheel here but they have enough passion,conviction, originality and talent to make me sit up and take notice and even though this has been a requested post they were on the backburner for inclusion on here anyway so the request just hurried me up a little. If you are a fan of any of the other hardcore/punk stuff that Southern Lord have been issuing of late then these guys are for you and certainly among the best of them.

So below you will find a links to the "Baptists" EP and the "Bushcraft" album (I haven't been able to source their rare 2009 Demo at all but if anyone can link me to it please DO comment) the bitrates aren't 320kbps but the album is in the high 200's and "Baptists" EP is 192kbps but all of it is great quality otherwise i would not have posted it for you.

So there you have it when you have been listening to hardcore as long as i have you generally find that there's very little that comes along that truly stand outs it's a generic musical format really however now and again you get a band like Baptists that whilst bearing some of the trademarks of the style really bring something fresh to it! Go check it out for yourself and see why these guys are making some serious waves right now! Absolutely RAGING stuff.

*UPDATE* So Baptists just released a new album called "Bloodmines" If you have read the rest of this post then you should have an idea what they sound like however this new album shows some real progression for a start it's faster than the last one but also there are some different touches here and there and the title track sounds like a more hardcore Shellac! The fast songs are ferocious and put me in mind of fellow Canadians Cursed (R.I.P. see my post on them HERE ) so much so i did some research to see if any ex members of Cursed were in the band!!! These guys are really progressive and this album shows it managing to add originality and a fresh approach to their intense heavy sound and that's why so many people are showing an interest in them i would say so just to be Johnny-on-the-spot here's your link to freshly released album "Bloodmines" defo one of my picks for best of 2014!

Baptists -EP - Mediafire

Baptists - Bushcraft - Mediafire

Baptists - BloodminesMediafire

Please note that I have updated this post again as an astute reader pointed out to me that the "Black Dawn" EP was actually the UK baptists not the Canadian so I have now separated the links for the 2 albums and the EP into their 3 separate releases! A stupid mistake but to be fair they were a new band to me  and this post was originally put up in a rush to fulfill a request! Thanks to the reader for letting me know and just goes to show that it's better to do your OWN research.


Ok so Obliterations are a new band from California that I was only alerted to about a couple of weeks ago because a friend of mine is trying to put a gig on for them in Liverpool so i decided to check them out luckily I haven't missed out too much by these guys so I'm quite glad to have found out about them now! Featuring members of Black Mountain, Saviours,Bluebird,Yaphet Kotto to name but a few I have to be honest having only heard of Stephen Mcbean of Black Mountain who is in the band i didn't know what to expect I kinda thought maybe some sort of cool Psych/Stoner type stuff but I was WAY off the mark these guys play an absolutely ferocious modern take on old school American hardcore not unlike maybe a supercharged version of Annihilation Time ( see my post on them HERE ) however that being said it's not without it's modern touches as well! They list their influences as simply Black Flag and Black Sabbath! and to be honest when starting a band what more do you need? and seeing as those bands happen to be my 2 favourite bands then I am automatically gonna give a thumbs up before I've heard a note!!!

So Far these guys have only released 2 x 7" EP's 8 tracks total but they have an album out called "Poison Everything" on Southern Lord on 14/10/14 which i will add to this post when it comes out. But for now here are their 2 EP's in one handy package Their self titled debut EP from 2013 and latest EP from this year "The Hole" what you get is 8 tracks of loud distorted everything turned up to 10 dirty nasty hardcore however as i say this is hardcore looking back to early 80's California (think early Black Flag, Circle Jerks etc) with some more slightly "Rocking" touches (think early 00's hardcore like Suicide File or Snakebite or something along those lines) I post a lot of this retro hardcore type stuff on here and I genuinely feel there is not enough of it around but I only pick the best of it to put on here as it's not easy to capture that "Dangerous" feel of the early 80's USHC you can pillage Black Flag riffs as much as you like but unless you really know your stuff you're just wasting your time these guys however have taken that sound and feel and brought it kicking and screaming into 2014 and added their own spin on it without taking too much away from the core sound! This is intense loud and nasty hardcore done the way it should be without going crazy on the speed or adding heavy guitars or whatever! Having found these guys was a real pleasure for me and I hope you readers will enjoy them too I cannot WAIT for the album!

On a final note here's some trainspotting for you....  if you doubt these guys credentials as a hardcore band you may be interested to know that although Stephen Mcbean is best known for his Alternative/Stoner band Black Mountain and his Acoustic alias Pink Mountaintops I just found out that he was also in an old Canadian hardcore band called Mission Of Christ who did one demo tape and a split EP with Fratricide (Fratricide would later do a couple Of EP's and record a split album with Neuroot for the legendary Pusmort records which never got released) And i remember very clearly that back in 1987 that Fratricide/Mission of Christ split EP was a highly sought after 7" by many collectors of hardcore myself included I eventually got a copy and it was a great EP! So there you go it may have taken him a long time to come back to hardcore but like every other fan of that kind of music you never lose your love for it!

*UPDATE* So as i mentioned these guys were preparing to release their debut album when i did this post and I promised I'd add it when I got it but try as i might i could not lay my hands on it pre-release! It was killing me cos i have played the 2 EP's to death, so "Poison Everything" carrys on where the EP's left off again if you have read the rest of this post then you should have a good idea of what they sound like however unleashed from the confines of the EP format and given a whole album these guys have exceeded even my expectations this is an utterly shredding killer of an album aside from the influences i already mentioned that i heard through the EP's on this album i hear touches of Motorhead in places and the title track is a slow sludgy groove with such intensity that it easily matches the more ferocious faster tracks with ease and even the faster tracks are faster than some of the tracks on the EP's ! also notable is the other longer slower track on this album "Shame" which is a super crushing jam with a groove that is like Greg Ginn  jamming with Celtic Frost circa 1985!!! Sound insane? well it totally works and completely floors me! This album has enough originality, variety and twists and turns within it's chosen style that although the majority of the 13 tracks are fairly fast paced they are memorable and stick in your head which is unusual for most hardcore. These guys are masters of their craft and this album is a real killer! Southern Lord are just killing me these days with the quality of their current bands and I hope they continue to release bands like this and Baptists among the many other gems they have uncovered! Again this is definitely one of my top 5 best of this year YEAH it's THAT good! Enjoy....

Obliterations EP's - Mediafire

Poison Everything - Mediafire


Well I discovered this band through Brad Boatright's (From Ashes Rise etc) Audiosiege download label he had a load of stuff up for free download mostly things he'd been involved in the engineering or mastering of (Audiosiege is also his studio) as an offshoot of the awesome Moshpit Tragedy website, most of the other stuff that he had put up had been on the heavy hardcore/crust side of things but these guys were a different proposition altogether featuring Kelli Haliburton on bass who is known for bands like Detestation and Severed Head of State among many other crust legends and Dean Johnson who played drums for Poison Idea during their most revered 83 - 86 period ("Pick Your King", "Kings Of Punk" & "Record collectors are..." era) and 3 other fellas who are new to this band! This is classic catchy memorable loud and distorted punk fucking rock with a nod to Motorhead and a Stooges/MC5 edge to it. Now don't be put off by my use of the word punk rock when i say that I'm thinking (again) the slower stuff by Poison Idea and the sorta garage/punk/metal crossover bands that were popular in the 90's like Hellacopters or Glucifer not gobbing spitting obnoxious oi oi shit! As I've grown to dislike most Punk music in my later years! Anyway this is loud thick and in your face stuff that will have your head bopping in a second!

This file contains the CD version of their album which has the whole album and very neatly adds their 1st 4 7" singles as bonus plus an extra track of them covering "Evil Woman" which i would attribute to Black Sabbath but  Sabs version is also a cover but I can't remember who did the original!!!So that's 18 tracks and 50 mins of music! anyway it's a really good quality direct download and back to you so no probs with quality! Go get this and have a rocking time with something a bit different from the pack!

*UPDATE* OK so a user of this blog mentioned that the original link i provided for this album was dead Thank you anonymous user for that I really like when people alert me to dead links otherwise i can't fix it!

I was recommending some music to a friend of mine recently and said he should check out P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. and as the link was down as luck would have it I uploaded it for him but I had just also acquired the recent P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. Mexican Tour CD Which compiles all the material since the 1st album which amounts to 8 tracks taken from 2 x Split EP's a 7" and a flexi.

So below is your link to a file containing the CD version of the album with the Bonus EP's AND the Mexican Tour CD (pictured above) so that brings you bang up to date with everything that has been done by this band so far, and believe me the 8 new tracks are every bit as good if not even more ferocious than their predecessors! It's a 150mb file but even with an average internet connection you should be able to download it in about 5-8 minutes. Enjoy....

P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. Mediafire

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


was emailed the text of this post by Rodney Shades of the mighty Thisclose (you can download the first Thisclose album free HERE if you haven't heard this OUTSTANDING band you are missing out) I have been a fan of Thisclose since they first started and have been awaiting this compilation of like minded bands since it was first mentioned a few months back. He asked me to forward the email to anyone who could possibly help them spread the word and as i didn't know anyone i thought I'd give them some space here, I have heard a few bands on here but have yet to receive a copy of the CD however Thisclose, Broken Brains, Rodney Shades Band and Drilsearch would be worth your time individually so as you're getting those 4 bands plus 8 others and a shitload of songs this is definitely worth your time. I don't normally buy compilations but as so much of this music is exclusive to this CD and the packaging is great and the price is cheap do yourself a favor and pick one of these up! Best £5 you could possibly spend!


Otherwise contact the man himself for a copy at 

So that being said here's the message from the man himself Mr Rodney Shades....

Hello all, 

here is information about the latest release from Our Future Records, featuring my own band Thisclose. I am helping with distribution for this record. Please read through the mail, and let me know if you would like to order copies of this CD. 1 copy is £5 post paid in the UK (cheaper price for larger numbers)

V/A - The New Wave of the Grave New Beat Vol. 1

The CD is an international collection of bands taking their influence from different era's of Discharge, coming together under the banner of 'the grave new beat'

·         ­12 different artists
·         20 exclusive tracks
·         ­wrap-round double sided cover
·         8 panel insert with artist information
·         ltd. obi-strip cover
·         first copies come with "Ow!" badge

Track List

1. Fairytale – Anarchist Meeting
2. Thisclose – The Price We Pay
3. Ism – Activism (Is a Fucking Grave Yard)
4. Broken Brains – 無応答
5. Rodney Shades Band – Rock ‘N’ Roll Shortchange
6. Svartskit – Life is Skulls
7. Datcharge – L’ Incedieva Sans Dire
8.Fairytale – Government Schemes
9. Pictish Haar – Eternal Winter
10. Drilseach – Luathas Teichidh
11. Thisclose – One Foot in the Grave (Pt1)
12. Rodney Shades Band – Shotgun Rocker
13. Svartskit – We are Svartskit
14. Fairytale – Fairytales
15. Charmers Flute – No Bed of Roses
16. Broken Brainsヘッジを引き裂
17. Saor Alba – Join the Convoy
18. Pictish Haar – Never Enough
19. Thisclose – Arrogance
20. The Mournful Sound - Outro

also still available:

Broken Brains -  S/T 7" EP 

Thisclose - One Foot in the Grave 12" LP

Thisclose - S/T 10" LP

Thisclose - Live in London cassette tape

Thisclose and Broken Brains t-shirts

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 Ok so as you know I've been posting a bit of hardcore these days and recently i did posts on Bands related to the scene revolving round the city of Hamilton, Ontario in Canada (have a look at those posts on Haymaker, Cursed and Pick Your Side HERE) It's a fertlile scene and an incestuous one, the main players have been on the scene from what would seem to be it's inception and have been in various important and influential bands both in their hometown and globally. I have to admit this all started with the band Haymaker for me (see the link above their post is there)  and though I was vaguely aware of that bands history my knowledge is/was lacking a bit and the "Family Tree" of the scene is way too complicated one to get into but if you wish to do your own research as i did you should got to and type in any of the band names from this post or the linked post and click on some of the members names to find out who's in what band etc. I have already done this and discovered that the 3 Bands that this post is about all pre-date Haymaker and feature members of that band so that being said and once again in the spirit of "shorter write ups more music" i will let you decide if you want to do your own research I've given you the links so that just leaves me to give you a brief overview of what's here and why!

LEFT FOR DEAD - First off it has to be said that Chokehold were probably the band that started the whole Hamilton thing however their omission from this post although they are important for historical reasons is simply because i do not like Chokehold's music and I would not be able to give them an enthusiastic write up and this blog is for sharing music I like so even tho this post is about the history of the other Hamilton bands i have posted I would feel fraudulent uploading and sharing something on here i don't like so onwards... After Chokehold some of their members went on to form Left For Dead who to my mind were the first of the Hamilton bands to produce that really dirty,heavy, sludgy nasty sound that endears me to that scene so much, their brief existence from 1996 - 1998 produced a mere 18 tracks that were used on 2 separate split 12"'s and a split EP there was also a live 12" but I haven't included that because I don't own it and it's a vinyl only release! Left For Dead play in a similar vein to Haymaker heavy downtuned guitars fast hardcore with the occasional blast in there too, fronted by Chris Colohan (who fronted all 3 bands in this post) who's shredding yet youthful sounding vocals suit the music perfectly! Their brief yet explosive discography was remastered recently and I bought it so now that I had a 320kbps rip from CD I decided to share it with you, I had some pretty ropey vinyl rips of their stuff but it wasn't till i purchased this CD that i truly got why this band are so revered and why their influence on hardcore in their local scene and globally is so important! But the story doesn't end there i dunno what's going on over in Hamilton but 2013/2014 saw both Left For Dead and Haymaker return with new EP's Left for Dead's 2013 EP "1" contains 8 tracks of their trademark face ripping hardcore and shows that these guys have not lost any of their passion for hardcore in the years since they last played together and is utterly blinding!!! The link below contains the discography ripped from my own CD and separated into it's relevant releases all tagged with artwork and it also contains latest EP "1" which i got a vinyl rip of it's not as great quality as the other stuff due to the source but hey this is hardcore you can't expect the best quality all the time!!!

Left For DeadMediafire

THE SWARM (A.K.A. KNEE DEEP IN THE DEAD) - Next up we have another short lived band The Swarm this was unwittingly the first Hamilton band i heard I bought their "Parasitic Skies" 10" simply on the strength of a review i read and when i heard it although it wasn't in line with what i was into at the time It was heavy and aggressive and i loved it! Carrying on pretty much where Left For Dead finished this has quite a similar sound to Left For Dead, Thick heavy Guitars great vocals (again by Chris Colohan) etc and if you liked Left For Dead then you will love this, They released only "The Parasitic Skies" 10" a split EP with Morser, a split Pic Disc EP with Force Fed Glass and a final EP "Ol' Blue Eyes Is Dead"between 1998 and 1999 and they were gone! The split with Morser was added as bonus tracks on the CD version of "Parasitic Skies" it was recorded at the same time as "Parasitic.." so in your file you get Parasitic Skies with the tracks from The Morser split all together then separate folders for the Vinyl rips of the split with Force Fed Glass and "Ol' Blue Eyes Is Dead" the latter 2 aren't the best quality but i include them in the file for completions sake, In fact even the CD rip of "Parasitic Skies" is a bit quiet even tho it's a 320kbps rip straight from my own CD I suggest you turn it up loud and let the discography of this brutally heavy hardcore band annihilate you!

The Swarm (AKA Knee Deep In The Dead)Mediafire

RUINATION - And lastly we get to Ruination who are a different prospect from the first 2 altogether I'm not sure what is going on with this band as they seem to have had their base in Ann Arbor Michigan USA (once the home of The Stooges!!!) However as well as being fronted once again by Chris Colohan (maybe i shoulda called this post Chris Colohan??) they also feature one Mike Haliechuk better known as 10,000 Marbles guitarist for Canadian hardcore superstars Fucked Up but also notable is the fact they have Ebro Virumbales in their ranks who has served time in such hardcore legends as Charles Bronson, Los Crudos and Punch In The Face and has quite the Rep in hardcore circles! Ruination only existed again a short while between 2000 and 2001 and released 2 EP's a Split EP with They Live and contributed 3 tracks to the "Deadly Sins" 7" Box set comp on Hater Of God records and they were again gone! As for the music well this time around it's a completely different style to the previous 2 bands these guys play more straight up Hardcore/Fastcore which is a perfect representation of the time it was recorded and reminds me of some of the better bands from this time such as The Rites (see my post on them HERE ), Cut The Shit, Snakebite (see my post on them HERE) etc. there's not a great deal of this kind of hardcore i like but these guys are definitely among them it's well played tight and infectious stuff! The link below contains their discography ripped from my own CD and as it's such a short discography i have left the bonus full live set that is extra on the CD in there as well I have lumped all their comp tracks together in one file tagged as Comp tracks plus the 2 Ep's and the split all separated into their own folders with relevant artwork. Enjoy

Ruination - Mediafire

I wanted to say this write up and post is not really up to my usual standards but I did promise shorter write ups and more music these days and i am trying to stick to that, and linking together the history of the various members of these bands and the other Hamilton bands would be futile because i would just be regurgitating what i learned myself recently from and i have given a link to that site many times and again in this post so you can do your own research the reason is not simply laziness it's because it's great fun to find out things for yourself and I am here to share the music mainly more than give in-depth histories as i would never claim to be an expert i'm just a decent standard trainspotter of music!!! I can't claim to have been in on the ground floor where these bands are concerned (with the exception of The Swarm who i came across by chance in 1999 and had no idea they would relate to music i would get into years later) i backtracked these bands simply by looking for more music like Haymaker!! one of the main reasons for doing this post and this has become a recurrent theme is when i did do my research and got downloads of Ruination and Left For dead I could only get 128kbps downloads which were shit quality and really detracted from what is cheaply recorded music anyway so because i liked them i wanted to share them on here especially as it linked to other posts I had done and I went off on the net and luckily both bands had discography CD's available so i bought both for my own pleasure and so i could do the bands justice by uploading better quality downloads here than were available online when i was looking for them and this is not the first time i have bought CD's with the idea of uploading them for my blog so that would be mainly for YOU the reader!!!! So I hope you enjoy some vintage hardcore and that after listening to these bands will see why they are important and why people still talk about them now! Hope you enjoy it!


So This Morning I was just browsing my blog as i do checking for any spelling mistakes etc and i decided it was a bit cruel of me not to give you more info on the Hamilton scene with these posts so i quickly put together a list of the main players and what bands they are in. Unfortunately without a serious research of my CD's and google i can't tell you who plays what instrument as some of them have played instruments in one band sung in another etc but here's my list of who is in what band (note Burning Love are a current Hamilton band who play a heavy brand of early USHC/Garage influenced hardcore i have not done a post on them yet and Our War were a short lived project by members of Haymaker etc again not featured on here as i don't have the one EP and  demo they did) also some of these guys are in multiple other bands that i know nothing about and have yet to investigate so I'm only mentioning bands I know about that they are in not everything also seems like a couple of them have played in Fucked Up at one time or another but I can't confirm when or on what they played. this is the basics...hope this is helpful.....

Jeff Beckman – Chokehold, Left For Dead, Our War, Pick Your Side

Matt Beckman – Chokehold, Left For Dead

Chris Ansley – Chokehold, Pick Your Side

Christian Mcmaster – Chokehold, Cursed, Haymaker, Left For Dead, Our War, The Swarm

Curtis Gordon – Haymaker, Left For Dead

Sandy ??? – Chokehold, Haymaker

Chris Colohan – Left For Dead, Ruination, the Swarm, Cursed, Mature Situations, Burning Love

Mike Maxymuik – Cursed, Left For Dead, The Swarm

This is just the basic info I got from linking bands and names on discogs so DO NOT fucking push your glasses up your nose and give me a fucking "I think you'll find such and such was in such and such a band briefly..." my info comes from discogs so any mistakes are theirs not mine if you think my info is no good go start your own blog I've no time for geeky fucking know-it-all's tho any pleasant conversation is welcomed :-)

Sunday, 14 September 2014


So a band like Slint should really need no introduction their 2nd album "Spiderland" is probably one of the most unique and important albums of the 90's and pretty much invented the sound known as "Post Rock" without them the vast amount of bands who have developed that style would most likely not exist chief among them for example would be Mogwai!!!

I have not the inclination to go into the history of Slint or the individual works of it's members who have been involved in many other influential and important bands since their involvement in Slint or rant on about their importance if you are a regular reader of this blog then you surely must know who Slint are? If not then i suggest you go to the link at the bottom of this post and download immediately and also go to  SLINT wikipedia and read up because the importance of this band on pretty much every facet of good underground music from Indie to Metal cannot be understated even in the slightest.

Slint only existed for a very short time and broke up in 1992 and the material they released was sparse, 2 albums debut "Tweez" a 2nd "Spiderland"and a self titled EP containing 2 tracks recorded between "Tweez" and "Spiderland" however it is quality over quantity in this case but it doesn't stop fans like me wanting MORE!

Slint have reformed once in 2005 to curate an All Tomorrows Parties festival again in 2007 to perform "Spiderland" live at Primevera Sound Festival nothing was heard other than that over the years but in 2013 Slint reformed once again to do a full tour I was lucky enough to catch them on this tour and it was an absolutely stunning performance! To coincide with this tour Touch & Go records put together a lavish remastered deluxe box set of the "Spiderland" album (see pic below) which not only contained a remastered "Spiderland" but also a further 14 tracks of demo's, outtakes and live tracks!!! when I first heard this was happening I was beyond excited because if ever an important album needed a remastering it was "Spiderland" and due to the sheer lack of material by Slint the prospect of 14 extra tracks had me salivating!

There is a bit of a catch tho whilst this is a long overdue revisit to a classic and important album the CD version comes packaged with the remastered album plus the documentary "Breadcrumb Trail" and though you get a download card to access the bonus material to me that's not quite the same as getting a full deluxe CD treatment, in order to own the complete package in physical format you have to buy the deluxe box set which contains no less than 3 vinyl albums, 2 X CD's ( a repeat of the vinyl tracks) and the DVD the problem is this box set is limited and prices start at £150 ($243.00) so really it's beyond the reach of most of us in these austere times. I will also say that though the amount of bonus material far exceeds the actual 6 album tracks and whilst the bonuses are an interesting glimpse into the process of the creation of such an important album and a great listen there's nothing startling here simply some demo versions and rehearsal versions of the album songs which are not vastly different to what was released but they are worth hearing otherwise i wouldn't have done the post.

So this post like the Hard-Ons one i did is simply here because even though this deluxe version has been around for months now and i have been searching for a download regularly since it was announced I had been unable to source one other than those scamming bastards that let you download but then you have to go online and give your personal details to unlock the file etc and finally today i found an accesible one and again it was on one of those horrible file hosts that fuck you around and take forever to download files (who wants to wait for 2 hours for a download NOT me) I have uploaded it to my own account so a download should take no more than a few minutes with no fuss,scams or viruses!!!  to So here instead of a big blurb on the history and importance of this band and this album i shall let the music do the talking below is a link to the deluxe and remastered "Spiderland" in glorious 320kbps quality it's a stunning and utterly peerless album and without it underground music as we know it would be much different.....

Yours for the starting price of £150 (If you're lucky!)

Spiderland (Deluxe and Remastered)Mediafire

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


YESSSS! Now this is one post I have been dying to do! If anyone can remember back in March 2013 I did a post on Sweden's Misantropic ( check that post HERE ) They were among the first batch of "crust" posts i did when i started the blog in Feb 2013 their debut mini album from 2011 "Insomnia" was one of those rare releases that come along and as well as giving you an instant hit of sheer aggression has remained a TOP favourite of mine ever since i first heard it. I played it so much I actually had to stop because i was going to ruin it for myself. If I have only one complaint about this band and that the 7 songs on "Insomnia" were just not enough to satisfy me I wanted MORE! Luckily for me I only got onto "Insomnia" in 2013 so i didn't have to wait too long...

Originally I did not want to share this because the band had albums to sell etc but I saw on facebook yesterday that Misantropic had shared a link from another blog who had done a post on them WITHOUT their permission and shared the new Split LP on there so I said that's a shame because i would have really liked to do a post on it but didn't want to piss the band off but because i had done a piece on them before and they liked it they very kindly gave me permission to share it with you and i am SO glad they did...

As i said i have been waiting a while for some new Misantropic material but this is again one of those cases where it's the quality NOT the quantity of music that is important so their side of this split is 8 tracks one of which is a short Acoustic interlude ( "Patriarchs Pt.1") so 7 full tracks in total and believe me every single one of them counts!

Opening with "Ripping Through The Darkness" the first thing that is immediately apparent is that the production this time is way cleaner than the mini album this does not detract from the aggression and heaviness in anyway it just makes everything sound much bigger what is also apparent is although it was obvious the players in this band were talented in the first place that in the 2 years since "Insomnia" the musicianship of this band has really progressed "Ripping Through the Darkness" is a good mid paced (at least mid paced for these guys) number with some really slick metal riffage and some great battling dual female/male vocals in the bridge/chorus parts backed up by some seriously tight and fast double bass runs on the drums, there's quite a bit of great double bass on this album and this is PROPER double bass not your rubbish triggered nonsense, what i like is there's not an overabundance of it and it's used perfectly to push the songs forward where it's needed! However this great song lulls you into a false sense of security because things get nastier on second track "Feedback & Distortion" which is one serious ripper harking back more to the sound of "Insomniac"  clocking in at under 2 minutes with a chorus of vocalist Gerda screaming "Spikes and studs and hard to the core" over some real fast d-beats and ripping guitar lines is a real battle cry of a track! Clocking in at under 2 minutes they still manage to fit a nice heavy breakdown in the middle of all this intense barrage!

 Although this new Split is undeniably Misantropic along with the better production they have written songs which rely less on full on fast all the time and have tempered their ferocious sound with a good deal of variety in pace which shows a real progression and maturity although it's not without plenty of fast parts and intense riffage the songs this time around are varied and memorable whilst still utterly destroying! I'm sure they could have easily written 10 minute and a half crust rippers and just been another decent Swedish crust band instead they have chosen to vary things throughout the album from slow to mid paced to just shredding! I made a lot of comparisons to Sacrilege when I wrote about their "Insomniac" Mini LP but whilst there is still that feel and Gerda is a great female vocalist with a real heartfelt passion to her vocals and although there is still a bit of the Sacrilege/Antisect style that endeared me to them in the first place these guys have definitely progressed a lot and have come up with an album of utterly shredding tunes without just flooring the speed pedal throughout! Songs like "Patriarchs Pt.2" which is mid paced throughout really gives their great riffs room to manoeuvre and just has a real driving sound!

This was one of the most anticipated "heavy" releases for me this year and my expectations were high and Misantropic have 100% delivered, this is without a doubt the best thing i have heard from the "crust" scene this year and puts them head and shoulders above their contemporaries and these guys deserve recognition for putting together an album which as I've said shows a real maturity in writing without straying too far from their roots and for my money is something fairly original too. I hope for big things for these guys beyond the small world of the "crust" scene cos with an album as good as this they totally deserve it! Outstanding stuff!

Split LP W/ Eaten Raw (Misantropic Side Only) - Mediafire

Or if you can show these guys some support and get it from bandcamp HERE

You can buy the vinyl album from Halvfabrikat Records HERE

Misantropic Facebook HERE

Also it may interest you to know that they also have their own Blog which gives you a list of links to the MANY other bands that the members of Misantropic play in which there are a LOT of and vary in style from Misantropic and well worth checking out HERE

*Note* I should mention that the Eaten Raw side of this split is also great but I am planning a separate post on these guys soon.

Friday, 22 August 2014


Australia's Hard-Ons have been a band I have had a soft spot for for decades I was introduced to them around 1986/1987 when my good friend Brian received a tape of all the early Hard-Ons singles from none other than Mitch Dickinson of Heresy/Sacrilege/Unseen Terror fame back then and they were one of those bands that although they didn't sit well with my thrash/hardcore sensibilities that you could not help but fall in love with! They were always pegged with the "Australian Ramones" tag however i just never saw that and maybe it's just me? I am a huge fan of the Ramones but I hear very little of them in Hard-Ons sound, I always thought they had more in common with melodic hardcore bands like Descendents or The Stupids. and classic rock like AC/DC, Kiss etc. and having been releasing records for 30 years come next year and continuing to stick to their trademark sound regardless whether there was an audience or a place for them is a testament to their commitment and the fact that these guys are some brilliant musicians and songwriters.

I feel that going into a huge rant about the Hard-Ons music and history is not necessary this post is in the spirit of shorter write ups more music, I just discovered this week that Citadel records keepers of the garage/punk flame in Australia had since 2012 been reissuing massively expanded editions of the early Hard-Ons material these reissues are apparently a series of 5 and so far 4 have seen the light of day now i could have hung around waiting on the 5th before doing this post but these 1st 4 expanded versions cover the entire period of Hard-Ons from when i originally heard them ( Their early singles and debut mini album "Smell My Finger" 1985) up to the point where i stopped following them ("Yummy" 1991) not that they disappeared in 1991 or started making shit records they just kinda seemed to become a bit less popular and a bit quieter globally as i say they have continued to release  great records all the way from then up to 2010's "Alfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die" however it's the 1985-1991 period that holds the most interest to me because i was there at the time they were released.

So the reissues well the albums covered are "Smell My Finger" (1986) "Dickcheese" (1988) "Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts" (1989) and "Yummy" (1991) however each album has been expanded beyond what any fan of any band could ask for, each double CD contains anything from 51 tracks at shortest to 66 tracks at longest these 4 reissues pretty much cover every scrap of released and unreleased material from this entire period including every single and EP  every Session and a ton of live stuff to boot! I have done my research and believe me NOTHING is missed plus it's all remastered as well!!

But you may be asking why? why would i bother to do a post on this band? well the simple answer is this... I had a FUCK of a hard time downloading these for myself I spent the best part of 12 hours over 4 days finding and downloading these and when i did i had to download them from various fucking BASTARD hosts like uploaded, rapidgator,turbobit y'know those total bastard hosts that take over an hour to download one disc of a 2 disc set and only allow you one download per 3 hrs so you download one disc of the set and then have to wait 3 hrs to do the next then because they were big files it took HOURS to upload em as well? So i say FUCK THAT to all those fucking horrible sites and hosts here are the 4 expanded and remastered Hard-Ons albums no captcha's, no wait, no fucking around and you can do simultaneous downloads you can have the lot in about half an hour max! This post is here simply because i really like the Hard-Ons and especially this period of their music and so that anyone else either the curious or the long time fan instead of spending 12 hrs like i did finding them and downloading them can just come here and help themselves to the ridiculously complete 8 CD's of PRIME Hard Ons material in a matter of minutes also as per usual UTS standards these are all presented in glorious 320KBPS quality too!

So below are your links they are large files but I decided as i can upload larger files that I'd not break them down into parts and trust me if you are a fan of the Hard-Ons then these are the definitive reissues there's nothing missed and SO much added and the quality is brilliant! so here it is for the diehards the ENTIRE works and more of the Hard-Ons from 1985 - 1991 I wish more bands would do reissues like these as they really are just great and they may not be the most popular or serious of bands but hey someone must want these they wouldn't bother going to all the trouble of remastering,expanding and re-issuing them otherwise. So..Here they are! Enjoy..

Smell My FingerMediafire


Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded HeartsMediafire