Thursday, 31 July 2014

The OldGuard (Feat. Your Editor!!!)

(Clockwise L-R Agz - Vocals,Dave - Drums,Petch - Guitar and Piggy - Vocals)

So for after my brief time filling in for local scandi-punks Skitvarld last September (2013) I was asked by Agz at that time if I wanted to start another band this year with him and Piggy I was dubious as i hadn't really intended to get back into drumming I had just stepped up to help Skitvarld, anyway a couple months back Agz said did i want to come down to Crash (Liverpool Rehearsal Studio) and have a jam with himself, Piggy and Petch a new band for fun, once a month practicing, maybe a local gig or two... but that's all so i went down to Crash and met up with the lads and we had a fucking riot also I bonded musically with Petch really well and came away very happy.... So ffwd we have a few rehearsals but due to limited recording technique i.e. an iphone no one was able to have anything to refer to between practices, couple that with a serious love of alcohol i suggested we do something about getting a listenable recording of us as it was frustrating having nothing decent to listen to between practices. So we asked Matt Snedvrida of local Juggernauts AĆ¼ralskit (If you have yet to hear AĆ¼ralskit you can check out my posts on them HERE and HERE ) who has the gear and the skills and he mic'd us up in about half an hour and then another Half hour to record our 5 song 12 min set live to 8 track no overdubs no bullshit!! Matt then went off with the recording and when practice finished he was messaging me whilst I was on the bus home to say he had finished mixing one of the songs it was "Demo Quality" and get in touch as soon as I had had a listen... so i got home straight on the computer and when i heard the song he sent me i was went FUCK!!! as i had been expecting a fairly decent audible live noisy rehearsal quality but testament to Matt's sheer skill with mixing what we got was indeed demo quality and i had stuff in my collection on CD that were worse produced than this!! So Matt was unable to mix the rest till next evening and i was gonna be working till 10PM! I was pretty excited to hear the whole recording and Matt had done a great job and it sounded good enough that we felt with a disclaimer it could be given out to the public!

So lo and behold here we have 5 tracks 12 mins of old school hardcore thrash now here's your disclaimer.. This recording is after only 5 practices at which more drinking and socialising is done than playing music ha ha! and the fact that i was struggling to remember the songs between practices the reason for the recording! So there's a few mistakes and there is no bass either we have had a revolving door of bassists JUST DON'T ASK!!! however my good pal Ged (Ex- Ballpein again if you didn't check out Ballpein go get their  lost gem of a demo, Primo UKHC HERE also features our vocalist Piggy on...vocals) filled in for us on 2 songs of this demo (numbers 2 and 3 on my mediafire link) but he was not mic'd up so you can barely hear him) but all in all i think quality wise and band wise we are pretty damn good for our short timespan and drunkenness!

So here's your links to The OldGuard Live "In The Pit" 21/7/14 don't take the cover at the top of the page seriously the "Tough Guy" posing is meant as a joke! This is my mediafire link to the set in the order we'd "probably" play it ....

Comments I have had from friends who have heard it......  "Sounds like you should be on a Hardcore Holcaust Tape" , "1987!!!!!" so i guess we ARE old school!

The OldGuardMediafire

You can also get it from our Bandcamp - HERE

Stream on Soundcloud - HERE

And Lastly Our Facebook Page - HERE

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


So it has been some 20 years since riff titans Sleep have been anywhere near a studio so i was excited as anyone when i heard they were to release a new single through the Adult Swim Program (check that out HERE ) and lo and behold here we have the first new recording from the revitalized Sleep so is it any good? it's called  "The Clarity" and well yeah of course it is good but to be honest i don't know if my expectations were too high or what but to me whilst a decent song and at near 10 mins in length there's plenty of it, to my ears it sounds a bit too much like OM with guitar whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing as readers of this blog will know I am a fan of OM however we already have a ton of OM releases to listen to, with a new Sleep single i can't help but have expected a bit more than that, it's a titanic riff and there's a great solo but all i hear as i said is OM! I have only listened to it a couple of times and i have really enjoyed it but the reason i loved OM was because they were doing something different to what Chris and Al did in Sleep but from Sleep in 2014 I expected something more along the lines of the new songs they debuted on recent live releases however it is the first thing they have released and maybe the OM thing won't be so apparent with the album as I'm sure there is to be one! Anyway i shall leave you to judge for yourself you can go download it from the Adult Swim link i have provided above but it comes down untagged with no cover etc I have rectified this and uploaded it to mediafire so you can take my tagged and with artwork version from the link below if you prefer! Anyway go check this out Sleep? back in 2014 FUCK man i couldn't be happier!

Sleep - The ClarityMediafire

If you are unaware of this band then I dunno what you are doing here at this blog ha ha but should your education in matters of the mighty SLEEP be lacking you can check out my full discography post HERE you will find all their studio work and also some great live recordings featuring previously unreleased tracks live that i certainly hope will be reworked for their album!

Also if you want to check out some of Al Cisneros solo work and a little bit of OM you can go check out my post on that HERE i wouldn't recommend it as the best starting place for investigating OM for that i would check out their epic "Variations On A Theme" or "Conference Of The Birds" albums I can't upload them here as they may cause me to get in trouble! But the couple of tracks at my post are pretty damn good!