Saturday, 17 September 2016


Hi Readers,

OK so there's been nothing new on the blog for a while apologies for this I have been busy with the other blog as the scene round here is exploding I hope to get back to putting some new stuff up soon

I have noticed that there a lot of requests for passwords for the links and comments saying links are broken Unfortunately some of the direct links are not working but the links are there and are available to download here's some tips

1: Give the links a few tries or "clicks" sometimes that works

2: If direct link does not work try copying the link address from www. (not http) and pasting in a new window this should work

3: There are NO PASSWORDS none of my links are password protected

There you go that should help unfortunately I have not got the time to check the HUNDREDS of links on here but the music is all still in my account NOTHING has been deleted so try the steps above if they don't work then comment i shall see what I can do,

Thank you to all the people that comment and come to the blog to read the posts and enjoy the music I shall be back one day with some new posts but in the meantime there is plenty here to choose from!


Dave B.