Wednesday 13 April 2022

UPDATE #221239076

So basically this update is to say I am full of shit! All my promises of  2 posts a week etc. did not come to fruition. There's been nothing for 18 months now, I know!!! There is a very good reason for this. 

I have plenty of free time to write but unfortunately I live in an area where there is a lot of "Old Money" people, that is, rich old FUCKS with a vested interest in the status quo who do not like CHANGE. So unlike most of the rest of the country we can't get glorious fibre broadband because these rich old FUCKS won't allow the companies to put the infrastructure in. This means no fibre and the internet speed where I live is now SO weak that I have to trail a 30 metre ethernet cable through 2 rooms and a hallway to just get online!!! 

This means that whenever I decide to upload anything it consumes the ENTIRE bandwith available so therefore I can't stream TV or use the internet or even just get wifi on my phone whilst uploading files, now... this is not a problem for me, however I am not the only person who lives in  my house ha ha!. The average album takes approx 30 mins to an hour to upload so, for example say that I want to do one of my usual big posts it takes from 3 to 8 or as much as 12 hrs to upload meaning no internet access during that time. This obviously sucks and means the only time I can upload now is when one of us is on nightshift and the other is sleeping which is a fairly rare occurrence these days! 

I hope you understand this and again apologies for being FULL OF SHIT!  But I can Assure you of one thing I promise often that is still true....


It's just in hibernation  till I can figure something out!!