Thursday 9 May 2013

Jingo De Lunch

Jingo De Lunch were a "hardcore" band from Berlin formed in 1987 they had a long musical career releasing a live album as recently as 2011 however I'm only concerning this post with their Independent early years preceding them signing to a major in 1990. So I discovered this band through a friend of mine he had had a tape from someone and there were 2 songs from their debut album "Perpetuum Mobile" on it. we had recently discovered "i against i" by Bad Brains (We had yet to discover "The Roir Tape" or "Rock For Light"!!!) and we fucking loved it and so... this band Jingo De Lunch seemed to be taking their influence from this very album!!! So he got the LP eventually and we were both blown away. Although this band were definitely taking that influence from "i against i" they had taken the best bits!!! the chugging rifferama and lightning quick super tight guitarwork but with a healthy dose of rock thrown in there, Listening to them now the Bad Brains thing is still there but i hear so much more to em now i have a wider frame of reference! This considerable Bad brains feel was not harmed by the barking and snarling and sometimes brilliantly tuneful voice of  dreadlocked American Ex Pat Yvonne Ducksworth! These were a great band tight well rehearsed and with a really fucking ROCKING sound! So onto the music....

First up is debut album "Perpetuum Mobile" from 1987 "Bad brains "i Against i" had been out barely a year when it's influence was already being felt all the way in Germany! Whilst this album has it's influence written all over it i will say that there's no direct ripping off only in the sound and feel of the music and Yvonnes unique take on H.R.'s style! There's shades of fat early AC/DC style riffage (think the good Bon Scott stuff that makes your head start nodding instantly!) lightning fast guitarwork, tight rhythm section and each one of them in total sync! This is an unbeleivably confident and accomplished debut from an apparent "hardcore" band on We Bite records a notoriously great hardcore label from Germany who released MANY crucial albums over the years and all this from a band barely a year old!!!! Taken from my CD of this 320kbps

Next up "Cursed Earth" 10" (1988) and "Axe To Grind" (1989) now these were taken off a good quality VBR download of "The Independent years" Comp on Boss Tuneage  but when I broke the CD Up into it's parts because 1: It contained Cursed Earth 10" on CD in it's entiritey and it was right in the middle so i stripped it out and retagged it, However when i did the same for the album "Axe to Grind" i realised some tracks were missing from it so I've added these from another download of the album so it's of variable bit rate but i've retagged it and numbered it all tracks present and in correct order! and as usual i don't post rubbish quality stuff no matter how good it is! Cursed Earth contains 4 originals and 3 cover versions the 4 originals are Jingo De Lunch business as usual opener "Cursed Earth" being particularly good with a little HEAVY funkiness in the mid section! The covers say a lot and might give you more of an idea where this band are coming from "Cowboy Song" By Thin Lizzy "Pay To Cum" by Bad Brains and "Fuck You" by D.O.A. So even a year later the bad brains and hardcore influence is prevalent! This is a great EP and i'm glad it came out on that "Independent years" Comp as I had never heard it before! However I did used to have... "Axe to Grind" I always thought it wasn't as good as the first album when i had it originally but having revisited it it in recent years it's actually every bit as good as the first album the playing has however progressed to another level and with this comes more flashy lightning fast guitarwork and the rock influence is heavier here than on the first album but when i say rock you do know i mean the good stuff that even the very jaded can't help but stroke a beard look chuffed and start nodding to! All in all a 100% fucking solid follow up!

So that's your lot this is great stuff and i feel this band are largely overlooked and they were so fucking talented and enjoyable and al round fucking great from 1987 - 89 memorable songs great hooks cool as fuck and just rocking!These albums need more attention than they get that's why they are here! Plus they are hard to find online and I know when i tried to find "Perpetuum Mobile" I got so fucked off looking i bought it!!!  Oh and a personal opinion I could have maybe seen these albums being on SST at the time they were released think their unusual approach may have been enough but maybe a bit too rocking??

Perpetuum MobileMediafire

Cursed Earth 10"Mediafire

Axe To GrindMediafire

Wednesday 8 May 2013


So i really wanted to do a Kylesa post as i'd already covered Damad & Karst (HERE) and seeing as how they are one of my favourite "heavy" bands and being the OCD freak that i am i almost uploaded everything but seeing as how i'm trying to give you things that are a bit rarer and i didn't want to be one of a million links to the same Kylesa albums and didn't want to get in trouble for upping "in print" material plus they're quite popular these days so.... here's my Kylesa post!

Right I'm sure i shouldn't have to explain but they were a super heavy band emerged out of the ashes of Damad and from the "Crust" political punk scene to develop a style all their own progressing with each album into the post metal popular monster they are today! That's all you're getting if you don't know Kylesa then i'd be surprised that you're reading this blog! so here's your files

EP & COMP TRACKS does what it sez on the tin wraps all the non album bits and bobs that weren't covered by Kylesa's recent excellent archive trawler "From The Vaults Vol 1" so you can be sure as shit most of this is set to make Vol 2 anyway! so far they remain non album bonus stuff!!! included in the file are.... Debut 7" on Scorched earth policy ("Delusions On Fire"/"Crutches") 110 Degree Heat Index 7" The Sides of their split 7"'s With Momento Mori & Victims and also their tracks from the Syd Barret tribute, The EYEHATEGOD tribute and a pink floyd cover from "Falling Down" Compilation. (Taken mostly from my own CD's and paid downloads all top quality)

Kylesa debut self titled album this is some seriously heavy shit and barely shows a picture of the band they would become later this is thick heavy as shit stuff with more in common with hardcore albeit with crushing mettalic riffage! This is pretty much out of print unless you wanna pay a lot for it or order it direct from Prank records then you can be happy that i have uploaded you a 320kbps rip of it here for you!

Split CD W/ Cream Abdul Babar  This is where the wisescreen sound of Kylesa first began to appear, on this their side of this split we have "Curse Of Lost Days" 1  track split into 5 movements this is awesome stuff a far more considered band but still with that heavy bludgeon to hand although this definitely sees them experimenting more with their riffage and also using more prevelant keyboards and noise to link up the tracks I think this is a vastly overlooked piece of Kylesa's music and is one of my favourite recordings of theirs criminal that it's out of print tho fairly easy to get a hold of on ebay or such! again uploaded from my CD at 320kbps.

That's it there's your Kylesa post hope you enjoy exploring the roots of this amazing band or refreshing you're tired old 192kbps downloads with my superior ones :-)

EP's & Comp TracksMediafire

Split W/ C.A.B.Mediafire


Blasting Concept (The Band!!!)

Blasting Concept have been around since 2009 but I only heard of them last year but I'm glad to have caught up with them! they are from the Santa Barbara / Oxnard area of California. All i can say about Blasting Concept is they appeared after Annihilation Time broke up but seem to have thought there's a gap in the market goooooo! they have wholesale ripped off A.T's sound and image to the complete MAX!!!! That sounds really bad but it's true i heard the name and related it to the SST comp "The Blasting Concept" and was interested enough to do some digging and i managed to unearth their 2 releases to date a 12" and an 7" and this is basically Annihilation Time's sound but a different band I really can't see how or why they would do it but you get the exact same 70's rock meets 80's california hardcore on a skateboard with a beer and a bong! From the band's profile on facebook.....

Biography :

"We dig punk rock and heavy metal. try to weed out the boring bullshit and play some stuff with testicles"


"BL'AST! meets Mountain. Played by retards"

Band Interests

"just cruisin'"

Artists We Also Like

"Molly Hatchet"

So when i say all this yes they are derivative but if you like me can't get enough of California hardcore revivalism meets killer 70's rock/garage riffage like me then you need to download BOTH of these EP's right the fuck NOW! This is awesome ass kicking rock/punk of the highest fucking order.....

Blasting Concept 7"Mediafire

Blasting Concept 12" - Mediafire

UPDATE - Blasting Concept have used my Links on their blog in order to give the music for free to the fans, Go check out their awesome blog  I feel tight now for calling them A.T. clones cos they didn't make me take my links down when they very well could have! I'm sorry Blasting Concept I hope i didn't offend but that's really what i hear but  A.T. were and B.C. are fucking great bands and i listen to you guys a lot! Hope that makes up for it?

Annihilation Time

This is the first part of 4 related posts not neccesarily by band but definitely by music! First up is Annihilation Time formed in 2001 from the ashes of X625X Records thrashers Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, A.T. had a few line up changes mainly in the vocal department 1st album having Fred Hammer on vocals but from the Bad Reputation EP till the end vocal duties were handled by Jimmie Rose. Anyway so take a core band of beer drinking bong smoking punk metalheads with a serious Black Flag/BLA'ST! obsession, add in some healthy 70's rock/metal flashiness and you got Annihilation Time, For me A.T. are one of those bands who totally take me back to the old school days of being into hardcore was more like punk y'know, beers, skating, smoking, rebellion & FUCK YOU! middle finger raised high! What I mean is whilst having a seriously crunching sound and plenty of fat rock riffage and they still retain enough balls out agression and a harder edge but they tend to have a less political more punk rock kinda stance where you know the band are  pissed but at the shit of their daily lives rather than specific political targets which is cool for a change to just enjoy something musically without having to be too concerned about what they are saying! I think seeing these guys live woulda been a great experience! So I feel like I'm kinda making Annihilation Time sound a bit lame here best way i can do this is give you some idea of what they sound like so i hear elements of the following in their sound Germs, Black Flag, BLA'ST!, AC/DC, The Stooges, Thin Lizzy, Circle Jerks, Sabbath,MC5, Poison Idea the list goes on and i doubt they would diasagree with any of those! And there's not a bad band among them!

So onto the music 1st up is debut album "Annihilation Time" and with that logo and a Ray Pettibon cover you knew this was gonna be awesome.....

This is probably the most hardcore of the 3 albums having that hungry ferocious 1st album hardcore band feel! There's still rockin middle 8's a plenty and even tho this is the most Black Flag/BLA'ST! sounding as well it manages to stay mainly away from the usual flag/BLA'ST! pilfering and has it's own style going for it a fucking great debut! But first and last for original vocalist Fred hammer.. Step up Jimmie Rose... So a new EP and a breaking in of new singer for the "Bad Reputation" EP 4 Tracks 3 new and one sterling hardcore cover of Thin Lizzy's "Bad Reputation" Of the 3 originals there's not much to pick from them they are all good however opening track "Fast Forward To the Gore" has a fucking tasty intro which is pure Greg Ginn meets Tony Iommi!  Jimmie Rose is a more than capable replacement and the band feels more solid on this and subsequent releases Next was "Annihilation Time II" what a follow up!! unfortunately whilst it's a great album it suffers a bit from a tinny production the songs are great just the sound is a bit thin and less crushing than before maybe just down to budget production this is hardcore after all! However thankfully the tunes are so great you won't care what I've said! Real progression from first album this album whilst tight and hardcore most of the way through manages to hit on some great slow jam mid sections pillaging the best of scorching garage/stoner riffage! Never letting up track after track of killer skate trash fucking punk rock! Plus the aforementioned "Fast forward To the Gore" gets a slick new version as well! next up was the 3 track "Cosmic Unconciousness" EP only available on 7" or on the rare and limited band released "Incomplete Discography" It's a shame this hasn't seen a proper CD release as it's a killer EP the title track has a great sample then an awesome rock/metal intro then into the scorching sunburnt fucking punk riffs classic stuff and the Flag/BLA'ST! motif is definitely prevelant again! the other 2 tracks the re-recording of "Annihilate" from the debut album & "Feel It! are both blistering Annihilation Time business as usual! Lastly is "Annihilation Time III : Tales Of The Ancient Age" This is still as great as the other 2 albums however i have to say that on this one there is no masking the fact that "Rock" is first and foremost for these guys now whilst the chugging fat skate punk riffage is still plentiful there is a far more accomplished display of musicianship going on and there's a lot more rock descends and soloing and shit on this album than before although it had been creeping through all the way along! Anyway this is still good if you liked the other stuff you will no question like this album it's just a progression from the last and these guys have developed some serious chops but you still get beaten around the head with the punk rock with blitzes like the 1min 49 sec "Jonestown"! Jimmie Rose is definitely finding his feet and has become far more confident especially on a track like "Bald-Headed Woman" which is just pure rock fury man!!!

So that's it a great discography by an utterly awesome band if you haven't heard them and you like the stuff i post on here that doesn't have "Crust" in the description and more towards the ones that say "SST" then this is definetley for you! All ripped from my own CD's at 320kbps except for "Cosmic Unconciousness" which is from a 192kbps rip of the Discography CD.


Annihilation TimeMediafire

Bad Reputation EPMediafire


III - Tales Of...Mediafire

Cosmic Unconciousness EPMediafire

Monday 6 May 2013


Lark's Tongue are a new band featuring members of post metal titans MINSK  I decided that they were too good not to bring your attention to them properly so Below in the bold type is the description of the band and the music by the band themselves taken from their facebook page......

Lark’s Tongue formed in 2010 of seasoned, like-minded travelers—influenced by everything, but ultimately inspired by the likes of Codeine, Hawkwind, Swervedriver, Earth, The Verve and Slowdive. Hailing from the Midwest, Chris Bennett (Minsk), Jeff Hyde (Minsk), Nate Lucas (Deceased Priest), Jon Wright (juanGoblin) and Andrew Sledd (Men of Fortune) came together to create heavy psychedelic space rock with an emphasis on harmony and narrative. Layers of harmonies sail atop beguiling squalls of guitar, heavy psychedelia as means of expansion, bittersweet; for unlocking this deliberation of tension and release, a sweet chimera of imperial distortion and ethereal subtleties sings of hidden truths to hotwire the established dreamworlds.

Whilst i agree with this slightly abstract description and the influence of the bands mentioned i have to say i have heard NOTHING like Lark's Tongue before there are so many familiar elements, Chiming guitars, Epic Builds, Indie Rock flourishes dramatic keyboard passages but maybe all in one song! They aren't all over the place with different styles they manage to combine all the elements of their influences into a sound that is altogether original whilst has just enough familiar touches to hook you in BIG time, As well as the bands they themselves say are an influence I also hear little touches of, American Analog Set, Queens Of The Stone Age, Low, The most melodic parts of ISIS, some stoner rock, but still not derivative in any way! i just can't say enough good things about this new and REFRESHINGLY original band. They offer all their releases to date free on bandcamp those would be a 7" a Split LP with Across Tundras and a split LP with Men Of Fortune but they also did an amazing 3 track demo CD as well which i've managed to find online so i have packaged you up the complete works to date of Lark's Tongue in one file it's all taken from direct band approved downloads so this file is shit hot quality and along with the great crystal clear production throughout this is 10 tracks and 70 mins that is beyond essential for anyone looking for something really fresh and original.

Lark's TongueMediafire

Saturday 4 May 2013


Head Of David (pictured above with a long haired Justin Broadrick (on the right) in 1986) existed from about 1984 - 1992 and were one of those bands like Loop (See my Post HERE ) That only seemed to exist in the 80's! I always put Head Of David into the industrial category but tho they have some touches of what would later be termed Industrial they really aren't, they don't have that "machine" like stop and start and clinical coldness of industrial music, they had quite a unique sound it's hard to pigeonhole them so I'm not gonna try but they are pretty heavy with a seriously Gnarly growling bass sound Pounding drums and LOUD heavy kinda psychedlic guitars! Think Bikers, 60's road movies Black Leather and some slight S+M overtones and a general dark and grungy sound (grungy as in dirty/sludgy not the crap Seattle music) and you're about there! I've also heard them described as "A Protoypical Godflesh" which wouldn't be entirely unfair as they had Justin Broadrick as a drummer for a while and he formed Godflesh after his tenure with Head of David and i definitely think he took a huge influence from the guitar style/sound of H.O.D. with him! So in short think Godflesh but not as industrial and Loop but WAYYY heavier and more intense! Right if that hasn't confused the fuck out of you onto what i present here.....

Debut 12" "Dogbreath" from 1986 contains 4 tracks which opens with the utterly POUNDING "Smears" and continues to bust your head over 20 mins with 3 original tracks and closes with a slow grinding take on Suicide's "Rocket USA" (Also covered by Loop jeez guys Suicide had loads more good songs than just this one) This was later released as one half of 'LP' (and later 'CD') backed with their debut Peel session however i have given you "Dogbreath" On it's own and saved the Peel session for later (Keep reading...) This is taken from a 320kbps CD rip (but not mine)

Next up is debut album proper "Dustbowl" released in 1988 this album was the debut of Justin K Broadrick on drums recorded by Steve Albini and one of the albums that helped him make his name, This is a great album some of their best songs are on here and tracks like "Skin Drill" & "Peirced All Over" carry on from where "Dogbreath" left off but with a slightly cleaner production but not losing ANY of their menancing sound! In fact track by track this is just a great album there's absolutely no filler and is the sound of a band firing on all 6 cylinders and at their peak. The file is taken from a 192kbps rip possibly vinyl rip but it sounds pretty damn good to me even tho it has great Albini production it is a quiet recording, the quality is there you just need to turn it up!

Just after "Dustbowl" a 12" of alternate mixes of the album tracks was released  "The Saveana Mixes" This contains not vastly different versions of "Bugged" "108" & "Adrenicide" from the album and one cut not featured on the album "Bad Times" as i said not vastly different from the album versions but with maybe a slightly more dubbed out production giving the songs a bit of a different feel and a bit more space than Albini's tight production style, even tho 3 out of the 4 tracks are repeats of album tracks it's most definitley worth hearing this. This was only released on vinyl so this is taken from a vinyl rip but again quality is fine!

Saving, in my opinion the best till last you get "White Elephant" This was released as a limited vinyl/mail order only release rounding up the other 2 Peel sessions they did (The first one having been previously released as one half of 'LP'/'CD' as i mentioned above) however i felt all 3 peel sessions should be heard together in their correct running order so Instead of the original 2 Session version this is my personal "Dave's Expanded Version" so it is now a complete Peel sessions (Note I have since been informed of the fact that they did one further peel session after these 3 however that is during the time they were on their last legs as a band and in my opinion not very good) featuring their 2 sessions from April and September 1986 and their 3rd and last from just before the "Dustbowl" album in July 1987 which debuts 4 tracks from the forthcoming album. I think this works better as a complete set of the 3 sessions chronologically and re-tagged with all the info so it runs smooth and won't confuse your media player. 6 of the 7 songs from the first 2 sessions were only recorded on these sessions and never re-recorded anywhere else. The second session however is the one that fucking floors me completely Opening with the super fucking heavy "Jack Nicholson" which is lyrically a tribute to "The Shining" and totally manages to evoke the feel of the movie i.e. dark and menancing! You then get a Peel version of "Pierced All Over" which has the same heavy sound and is far superior to the later recorded album version and closing with the slow burning crawl of  "Metal Texas Psych-Out" these 3 tracks are the BEST of Head of David in my opinion and definitely my favourite of their recordings! If you are unfamiliar with Head Of David I suggest you start with this album it's a perfect representation of their sound and contains great (if not better) versions of tracks later recorded for "Dustbowl" and as i said what i consider to be their best work.

So There ya go this is not a "Discography" as such because I have ommited "official" bootleg "H.O.D.I.C.A."  which is supposed to be them live at the I.C.A. in London but this album contains 1 side of them live which is a completely atrocious quality audience recording and  it's just one big mush through which almost no "songs" are discernible at all and the flip side of the album contains a whole side of a recording of one of those "Laughing Bags" you used to get in joke shops in the 70's & 80's where you press it and the bag does this insane tinny clown laugh. Why they bothered making this is a mystery to me because it's an utter waste of time I bought it at the time thinking I'd scored a winner only to be really dissapointed, if it's a joke I don't get it and it was an expensive joke on me at the time! Also missing is their later album from 1992 "Seed State" and it's single "Soul Spark" reason being that by this time there was nothing left of the amazing sound they had been doing up till then in fact it's so terrible i don't even have a download of it. What I'm basically saying this is all The Head Of David that is worth listening to and you can definitely bank on that! Go check out this utterly amazing, Influential, unique and totally overlooked band... Amazing!



The Saveana MixesMediafire

White Elephant (Peel Sessions) - Mediafire

Thursday 2 May 2013

Sangre De Muerdago

I originally posted this back in Febuary when I did my spate of "And Now For Something Completely Different..." Posts but decided it needed re-visiting here's why....

When i first got a hold of a download of their debut cassette it was from "No Beast So Fierce NYC" Blog and i posted their link but yesterday i found it to be a dead link so decided to re-up it myself, whilst doing this i decided to do a bit of surfing and find out something more about them. Originally what I knew was that this project was started by 2 members of Spanish crust band Ekkaia namely Pablo C. and Jorge Olson De Abreu sadly Jorge passed away right before the release of the cassette so I assumed that would be the last i heard of them... however today i found out that the project continues as i came across their bandcamp page and they have a new album available for download (HERE) and it is coming out in an edition of 350 CD's and an unspecified amount of vinyls. I was more than pleased to find this out as the download of the cassette pictured above has been a firm favourite of mine since I first heard it. I originally downloaded it cos i thought the cover was cool (I like owls!) and the description of the music sounded interesting. I was not prepared for what i heard in the slightest, this is some of the most truly emotive and beautiful music i have ever heard and NOTHING like anything else I own.
Mostly played on Spanish guitar with a minimal accompaniment of traditional instruments, some strings and occasional female vocals along with the male vocals (there is nothing electric on their music at all) This has a sound that is at once specific to their geography and traditional whilst at the same time having a completely contemporary feel. Unfortunately i don't know Spanish and because it's downloaded i don't know if translations are even available but the lyrics are sung beautifully and passionately which makes me feel the subject matter must be something really close to their hearts, The vocals are in a traditional yet contemporary style, what i'm getting at is that although the music is clear and well produced it could have just as easy been recorded in a cabin on a Spanish hillside 100 years ago or recorded in a studio 5 years ago. I lack the descriptive terms for music this good and this beautiful, I have very wide ranging tastes in music but I could not understand how music as well played and as good as this could not affect anyone with a beating heart no matter what your personal tastes in music are.

So onto your links I've been a bit bad here i managed to find a download of their latest album free (they charge 7 Euros for a download of the new album which is about £6/$9 which i don't have at the mo) so I'm giving you that plus the 2009 self titled cassette and their 3 track demo from 2007. Even though their new album "Deixademe Morrer no Bosque" is short of one member from the original duo none of the passion or beauty of the music has been lost and it  is equal in quality of musicianship and songwriting to the cassette and I've only listened to it now whilst doing this post.

Now the bitrates for these files is quite low (192kbps for the tape 128kbps for the new album and various for the demo) however due to the fact that it's acoustic music the quality is absolutely great I've listened to all of it whilst doing this and it's all crystal clear. I don't normally put things up with bitrates as low as this but I feel that with the new album being limited to 350 copies that more than 350 people have to hear this music! So i strongly encourage you to go buy a download of this album instead of taking it from here free but I promised to only provide free music on this blog so i leave it up to your own conscience what you do, but I've already enquired about buying this on CD if it's too expensive I'll be buying a download of it as soon as possible as i feel this artist really deserves my support i just couldn't wait till i had some free cash to hear the album,also note when i do get a CD or a higher bitrate download i will NOT be updating the link if you're fussy like me about bitrates then you should go support them at the link i put up at the beginning.

Please swallow your musical pride and give this music a listen if you don't like it you've lost nothing and if you do you will have discovered something very obscure and one of those very rare musical things that come along in life that affect you profoundly. An utterly astounding band.

Demo 2007Mediafire

Sangre De MuerdagoMediafire

Deixademe Morrer no BosqueMediafire

*NOTE* I have since been contacted by Pablo from S.D.M. about this post he was kind enough to allow me to keep these links up here and not make me take them down, but he also informed me that Jorge passed away before the recording of the cassette and only appeared on the 2007 demo, the information i had from the place i originally got the SDM cassette download from was wrong so i just wanted to mention this as it makes more sense of why there's no less quality of music displayed on the latest album. Thanks Pablo!

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Mountain Of Judgement

So didn't take me long to decide on some new posts eh?? I forgot about this album until i was browsing files for some inspiration! so here you have the one and only album by Mountain Of Judgement these guys are a "stoner" band from Carolina U.S. this as i say is their one and only album as 2 members are busy with their other Bands U.S. Christmas and Hour of 13. Now don't let the "Stoner" tag put you off I'm not a pothead any more and I can still enjoy this music so owning a bong and a Sleep t-shirt are not essentials for digging this shit maaaaaan (Though it certainly wouldn't impair the experience ha ha)!
This is a great album that stands head and shoulders over the fucking MYRIAD of "stoner" bands out there and I'm kinda glad that it is a one off thing. This project was a bit of a stop start thing they formed the band in 2005 did some recording went off to work with their main bands and when they came back to the original recording it was decided to re record much of it and this album contains the second recording session (tracks 1 -6) and 3 songs from the original session (tracks 7 & 8 as number 7 is two tracks) 2 of the latter 3 tracks are original versions of tracks re-recorded so you only get 6 original tracks and 2 repeats if you get me? but this is irrlevant when it comes to music of this quality. This is Stoner music of the highest quality and as far as I'm concerned is right up there with Sleep, Kyuss and the like, this has all of the hallmarks of great stoner music with none of the blandness of your run of the mill grunge meets sabbath bollocks, Great production, Thick heavy guitars and awesome fucking monolithic heavy riffage are prevalent throughout this album with the addition of the swirly US Christmas/Psychedelic style synths courtesy of Chad Davis (He's the MOJ member who is also in US Christmas and Hour of 13) and Scott Isenhour (Also a "floating" member of US Christmas) Anyway there's a far more informative page on Mountain of Judgement HERE which I suggest you read if you want to know more as I can't really describe this music without using the usual reference points like Sabbath etc and i don't want to make these guys sound unoriginal or boring I WANT you to download this album and see for yourself that not all stoner rock is generic as it has become these days go read the blurb at the link i supplied above then come back and download this utter fucking classic of an album.

Mountain Of JudgementMediafire

And here's a psychedelic picture of the band....