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READ ME - I decided to upgrade and sort of finalize this post and tidy up the write up a bit and add a few loose ends and get all the Aphex Twin in one handy post! All the links are still valid and I have upgraded the Analord 1-11 series with the recent expanded digital versions the "Other Projects" folder has been upgraded with the full Digital expanded version of the GAK EP and the 2 disc remastered Mike And Rich "Expert Knob Twiddlers"plus a couple of other bits related to the soundcloud playlists! All will become clear if you read this hope you enjoy this expansive post!
(I have highlighted anything that's been updated in YELLOW so if you can be arsed to read just look for the yellow!)


Aphex Twin is an artist that seems to unite everyone, I know many people who live and die for their specific genres of music be it metal,punk,rock,indie etc that can't help but love a bit of Aphex Twin and he inspires slavish devotion from his fans. His back catlog is both vast and confusing. Here is a man who gave away near 3GB of music on soundcloud and claims to be barely scratching the surface of his archives! Richard D. James is a true maverick and I think that along with his stellar music is what makes him appeal to so many people despite creating some of the most angular and "difficult" electronic music around.

I see no point in going into his long history because it's been done many times before and to be honest while I wouldn't consider myself an expert I think I know enough about him but I think you'd be better off doing your own research I would assume if you're here at this post you are already a fan? I'm simply here to provide some music for you

So whats on offer then? OK, There's no way to gauge a true Aphex Discography, if you have seen the list of his various pseudonyms and projects it's beyond ridiculous, while the title of this post is APHEX TWIN DISCOGRAPHY no one other than Richard D James knows what the complete Discography is and I have missed out all of his early rave stuff that was done under names such as Power Pill etc as it doesn't really move me and there's a lot of it! Below you will find everything I have by Aphex Twin! here's what's in your first lot of links

I Care Because You Do (2017 reissue 20 tracks)


Selected Ambient Works '85 - 92

Selected Ambient Works II (2017 Reissue which has the fabled "track 19" that was only available on the original cassette and Vinyl versions of "SAW II" reinstated, plus a bonus track) ,

Aphex Twin EP's (Contains "Come To Daddy" EP  8 tracks, the "Girl/Boy" EP & All tracks from the various versions of "Windowlicker")

Caustic Window Discography (Contains the original Caustic Window Compilation and also the Unreleased Caustic Window album that was recorded in 1994 and released in 2014 digitally by RDJ)

Polygon Window Discography (Contains the "Surfing On Sine Waves" album the "Quoth" EP and the "Portreath Harbour" 12")

AFX : Analord Series  UPDATED This has been updated to the EXPANDED DIGITTAL VERSIONS (NOT vinyl Rips!!!) there's a LOAD of bonus tracks on these enough for another cpl of EP's! I also stuck in "Chosen Lords" compilation CD as well which features 10 tracks from the series chosen by Aphex Twin all in one handy pack

Peel Sessions 1 & 2 (1st Session was never officially released second session is available as a download from Warp or on a very limited 12" box set),

Analogue Bubblebath 1- 5 (Includes all the AB series the Different Vinyl & CD Versions of AB 3 and also the rare Analogue Bubblebath 3.1)

EP's Pt. 1 Contains "Donkey Rhubarb""Hangable Auto Bulb" 1 & 2, "On" (EP & Remixes EP) & "Ventolin" (EP & Remixes EP).

EP's Pt.2 Contains Later EP's "Cheetah""Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments" , "MARCHROMT30a edit 2b 96" EP "Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006 - 2008" & "Orphans".

Odds & Sods is a pack containing some Digital only Aphex Twin releases and other EP's including "2 Remixes by AFX""2 Tran 1" "Korg Trax & Tunings For Falling Asleep" "AFX & LFO" Split EP "Modular Trax" & the "Smojphace" EP.

The Tuss - Discography Richard James side Project from 2006/7 which Includes The "Confederate Trough" EP "Rushup Edge" album and the "Rushup Edge" 2017 reissue with 7 bonus tracks!!!!

26 Mixes For Cash (comp of 26 Aphex Twin remixes)


Early EP's ("Xylem Tube" EP & "Digeridoo" EP)

Melodies From Mars (An unreleased Aphex album from 1995 that was bootlegged heavily)

51:13 Singles Collection (Japanese comp of singles feat alternative edits and versions of tracks from "Donkey Rhubard" "On" & "Ventolin")

Richard D. James (expanded digital reissue with the "Girl/Boy" EP as bonus tracks)

Other Projects UPDATED  "Gak" EP (EXPANDED DIGITAL VERSIONMike & Rich "Expert Knob Twiddlers" (2 DISC REMASTERED & EXPANDED EDITION"Mescalinum United" EP and Universal Indicator Discography ("Red" 12" "Blue" 12" and "Green" album) I have also moved the links for his recent releases from the Soundcloud playlists page to here so additional extras

Houston, TX 12.17.16 12"  (2 Long tracks sold only at this Houston show)

London 03.06.17 12" (11 untitled tracks 36 mins more like a mini album sold only at this London show)

Aphex Mt. Fuji 2017 Cassette (Crazy soundbyte/noise tape 45 tracks 1 hr in length unpleasant listening sold only at this Mt. Fuji show)

Some of these Packs are pretty big but if you only want one thing from a pack then sorry I did not want to list every single release separately but you can still get whatever you want by downloading the "packs" and I have utterly crap broadband speed and the biggest of these packs would still only take me around 20 mins to download. I'm sorry for the lack of in depth blurb but how the hell do you go about charting the complex history of an insane genius? His story is filled with rumor, legend and myth Many have tried  but I don't think anyone will ever get to the true heart of Aphex Twin and that's fine with me there's not enough mystique in music anymore and I personally like to imagine Richard D. James perpetually locked away in a room buried under a stack of unfathomable knobs and wires continuing to create the most distinctive and appealing electronic music of our time!

Which leads me nicely to...


When I said above I liked to imagine Aphex Twin perpetually locked away making music this pretty much illustrates that perfectly

It's no longer a secret that in 2015 a Soundcloud account was started under the name user48736353001 This person claimed to be a friend of Richard D James and claimed to have been making electronic music around the same time that was heavily influenced by Aphex Twin's output and began uploading quite a lot of tracks to Soundcloud eventually it became clear and was finally confirmed that user48736353001 was none other than Richard D James himself. The account was closed shortly thereafter and all the archive material gone a further 2 other soundcloud accounts with variations on the user... name were opened and are now all closed.

Now people who are a fan of Aphex Twin will know that Richard D James has often said he has a VAST archive of unreleased material, it would seem that he has compiled greatly more unreleased material than what has actually been released so he began to upload big chunks of this archive material to soundcloud. Now as this is no well kept secret and I came to this whole Soundcloud thing late however I checked it out and found that the vast amount of stuff on there was too intimidating for me firstly I hate streaming and then I thought what should I listen to first? what will  he delete? etc etc so i had a look thought "Pretty cool" and left it at that and kinda forgot about it! Because I was late getting to it there was just too much stuff to go through.

However a few days ago I was looking for something else and i came across a 2.5GB download entitled "user48736353001 the soundcloud playlists" the user name rung a bell and I realized this was a download of everything that Aphex Twin had uploaded to Soundcloud on that account so I thought why the hell not so I downloaded it and kinda regretted it immediately what I was confronted with was a huge messy playlist with 280 tracks all in one long list however it was numbered 1 - 8 so i took that to be playlists uploaded at different times so I broke it into 8 slightly more manageable chunks retagged it all sorted it out into a more easily digestible format and that's what I present to you here.

Now I did some research and I will say that these tracks are no secret there are links on several well known internet pages to downloads of this stuff however when i did my research I found most of the links to be dead so I decided I would put up my "version" of these infamous tracks for you readers!

OK so onto the music firstly these are huge files the smallest being 138mb the largest around 450mb!!! the bitrates vary from 128kbps to 320kbps and the total playing time of all 8 parts is a might 22 hrs the tracks are taken from all eras of Aphex Twin from before he released any music to bang up to date however I have no idea which is which and he hasn't said either but if you are familiar with Aphex Twin then you will know his sound is completely unique and whilst always progressing his music forward he has also remained consistent again it's a case of when you hear Aphex Twin you know it can only BE Aphex Twin and no one else. I cannot claim to have listened to all of this music (yet) but from what I have listened to sounds as good and in some cases better than his released music. Whilst I am sure someone will either officially or unofficially release some sort of box set or something in the mean time i present you with 280 tracks 22 hrs of unreleased Aphex Twin material comprising demos,remixes some live stuff and just general Aphex Twin madness.

So before your links I want to mention something else Since owning these for a while i have often come across articles relating to these playlists obviously an artist as popular as Aphex dropping a career's worth of music on soundcloud for free has been much discussed! So firstly within the files I found a folder titled "Selected Ambient Works  1.5" This was a playlist uploaded to the soundcloud site by RDJ so whether this was a propsed volume preceding "SAW 2" or an actual project that got shelved who knows so I have uploaded it seperately below. I also came across some chatter about a second volume of Polygon Window's "Surfing On Sinewaves" I cannot find the link where Aphex gives the actual tracklist but I have also tacked on the links below "Surfing On Sinewaves 2" This is a playlist uploaded by RDJ to soundcloud for a second volume and it got folded into the massive wealth of other tracks here but I painstakingly assembled this from much research I did. Here's what the man himself said....

 "list not complete, might add from tracks already on SC or from the archives, I have started a bit to knock the order into shape. or take away tracks if they dont fit, so feel free to omit some. These tracks are mostly from the same era with a few newer and older ones that were on SOSW1. SOSW1 was also a mixture of old ones like polygon window, audax and newer ones like Quoth, so I dont mind mixing it up again a little bit. If you would like to try and order this, it would be very helpful and might end up getting used :) Im currently working on new stuff, so not in the mood to do it. Would love to release this on Warp, all mastered properly, Warp? Wish Rob Mitchell was around to help, RIP Rob, your still very, very missed man!"

So I took this huge prospective tracklist and assembled it as best possible from the playlists retagged and organised and  broke it into 3 parts of just over an hour in length. These tracks do work well together as an album that's why I have uploaded it but it is in it's rawest form who knows if it will ever happen or if any of these would end up after the final addition/subtraction proccess

Below you will find links to the 8 Packs I would suggest downloading them all if you have the space because there are some stunning alternate version/different takes on some of his most well known work as well as a goldmine of unheard stuff and i for one have enjoyed everything I have listened to so far it may seem like an awful lot of music by one artist and I have not listened to it all myself yet but broken down into 6 chunks as I have done here even though they are far from bite size means you can dip in whenever you like rather than try to digest 22 hrs of music in one sitting.

Aphex Twin whether because of his eccentricities or the sheer originality of his amazing music is by far the most popular IDM/Electronic music artist around and the one who has had the longest career within that genre the albums he has released have all been real masterpieces of the style and the quality of the Vast amount of unreleased material here (and these 207 tracks are apparently a mere glimpse into his archive) shows that there's a good reason why he is that popular.
Here's your links Enjoy......

(Please note there was a TON of artwork for all these playlists there is a folder entitled Artwork that includes all the art plus the above cover (which i used for all 8 parts) plus all the individual pictures for various tracks this folder is included in Playlist 1 OK)

Not Included in the artwork are some notes from a Solid Steel Radio Show Mix that was done by DJ Food here it is if you save then open it in a picture viewer you can read some notes about this music by someone who was actually there at the time (The DJ FOOD mix is not enclosed on this post)....

Also you can find a full breakdown and all the information you could need on these tracks HERE

Syro - Mediafire 

EP'S -  Mediafire

Ambient Works 85 - 92 - Mediafire

Polygon Window - Mediafire

I Care Because You Do (Expanded Reissue) - Mediafire

Selected Ambient Works II (Expanded Reissue) - Mediafire

Caustic Window - Mediafire

Analord EP's 1 - 11 (Expanded Digital Versions) & Chosen Lords CD - Mediafire

Peel Sessions 1 & 2 - Mediafire

Analogue Bubblebath 1-5 Mediafire

EP's Pt. 1 - Mediafire

EP's Pt. 2 - Mediafire

Odds N Sods - Mediafire

The Tuss Discography - Mediafire

Early EP's
 - Mediafire

Richard D. James (Expanded Digital Issue) - Mediafire

Melodies From Mars - Mediafire

51:13 Singles Collection - Mediafire

Drukqs - Mediafire

26 Mixes For Cash - Mediafire

Other Projects - Mediafire

Houston, TX 12.17.16 12" - Mediafire

London 03.06.17 12" - Mediafire

Aphex Mt. Fuji 2017 Cassette - Mediafire

Soundcloud Playlists Part 1 - Mediafire

Soundcloud Playlists Part 2 - Mediafire

Soundcloud Playlists Part 3 - Mediafire

Soundcloud Playlists Part 4 - Mediafire

Soundcloud Playlists Part 5 - Mediafire

Soundcloud Playlists Part 6 - Mediafire

Soundcloud Playlists Part 7 - Mediafire

Soundcloud Playlists Part 8 - Mediafire

Selected Ambient works 1.5

Surfing On Sine Waves 2Mediafire


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