Wednesday 9 October 2013

Burning Ripper Leather Metal!!!!

So I have never made a secret of my love of 70's rock but this is not a new thing to me my first musical love at the age of 11 was heavy metal the 80's was a great time to love metal and I utterly worshipped bands like AC/DC, Kiss, Motorhead, Sabbath, Twisted Sister, Saxon etc etc that was until one summer i discovered Punk and the rest is history!!!

There is a reason that in it's formative years that it was called Punk ROCK now as dismissive and sneering as the original punk rockers may have been towards the old guard of stadium rock dinosaurs one listen to any classics by The Damned or even something as contemporary crust punk as the last couple of Disfear albums and you would find as much rock as you will punk. and over the years we have had many hybrids of punk and metal/rock etc but there's always been a sort of "shame" of having a love of heavy metal if you're serious about your punk! However one band have always been the exception to this rule and still to this day are worshipped by many punks myself included and that would be MOTORHEAD!!!! And this is where this post comes in here I present 2 albums I have discovered recently that feature some veteran players from the crust and punk scenes that are 100% unashamedely balls out fucking ROCK! let me begin....

First up we have Burning Leather this band features people who have played/play in such crust heavyweights as Detestation, Hellshock, Atrocious Madness, Nux Vomica, and Fall Of The Bastards to name just a few and their album being mastered by Brad Boatright of From Ashes Rise/Audiosiege fame you'd think with a pedigree like that you'd expect some fucking heavy distortion driven crust brutality right? WRONG! and you couldn't be more wrong.

I just got onto this band this week when researching some info on Hellshock and even though the name was a dead giveaway I went ahead and searched for it and managed to come up with a download of their one and only album "Daylight Nights" (Actually their 6 track demo and 4 new songs, they have also done 2 split 7"'s one with Japanese metalpunkers G.A.T.E.S. and another with The Slowmotions but i haven't sourced them yet also worth noting is that the Japanese label that released this album is called (wait for it....) Under the Surface!!!) Although I had expected some metal madness cos of the name of the band and album I was totally unprepared for the sheer unashamed rocking nature of this music! This is Heavy Metal plain and simple albeit in the finest tradition with more than a slight hint of Motorhead! Don't go downloading this expecting to be blown away by some punk influenced metal this is Rock 'N' Roll pure and simple. just one look at the tracklist should give you an idea where this band are coming from with track titles like "Wasted Days" & "In The Moonlight" plants these guys squarely in the rock camp! However that being said I can assure you nothing i have said so far is meant in any kind of negative way this is great fun music first and foremost. There's 12 bar boogies, lightning fast guitar solos and sleazy chugging rifferama by the bucketload throughout this album and the musicianship of this band is more than impressive it may have a reputation for being dumb music but if you wanna play rock/metal you better be able to play folks and these guys certainly can wail!!! I can tell you right now after repeated listens this album left me with a huge shit eating grin from ear to ear I cannot urge you to check this out soon enough it's good time, old school fucking rock with Motorhead written all over it and at the risk of repeating myself even more it's above all great fun! Go get this album now and fucking windmill (or if you're hairless like me do some serious Beard Bangin!!)

Daylight NightsMediafire

So next up staying in Portland (Like I've said about Sweden WTF?? what is going on in Portland man it's a godamn hotbed of awesome music!) We have Ripper, this band features members of bands that I haven't heard of but judging by what I've seen of their other bands releases these guys have their roots in crust/punk as well, has these listed as "Hardcore Punk" which is seriously deluded of the writer or the writer is some punker who is just trying to justify their love for this album!  Like Burning Leather this album here "Into Oblivion" is another Heavy Metal gem! However in this case the production and sound is way dirtier,meaner and nastier than Burning Leather and the Motorhead influence is far more prevalent here however one look at the tracklist will leave you with no doubt about their metal credentials tracks like opener "Burning Up The Night" & "Soldier Of Fortune" again squarely put these guys in the metal camp. As I've said the production on this album is far rawer than Burning Leather but whether that is due to this being a vinyl rip I don't know but it doesn't detract from the music one bit. Theres chunky riffs and fast guitar runs aplenty backed up by drums straight out of the Philthy Animal school of kit annihilation! These guys are definitely wearing their influence on their sleeve no question but I would hesitate to dismiss them as mere clones as if you look through the obvious Motorhead influence you will find some serious rocking moments on this album and again it just makes me wanna don some denim and leather throw horns and bang my beard ha ha! again i can't urge you enough to download this as again this album also leaves me with a big smile on my face and is also great fun whilst kicking you squarely in the pants!

Into Oblivion

So there ya go folks some rock 'n' roll madness for ya I want to say don't let my descriptions scare you these albums are both just great music and deserve to be heard by more people if i could lay my hands on originals of these on CD i would not hesitate for a second! Put some metal back into your life go and download these and feel yourself start to grin before you've even realised how awesome these bands are! Hey I wouldn't waste the space or my time (or yours) posting this to poke fun or if i didn't really like these bands? Utterly brilliant stuff!

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