Tuesday 8 October 2013

Death Evocation

So once again this was a band i discovered through Matt from Auralskit posting up a youtube video which caused quite a stir with me and my crust loving fb friends! What we have here is a band i have never heard of have no idea who's in but are right up my Sacrilege loving street, I can tell you nowt here except this EP is from 2011 has 3 tracks on it and is utterly blistering metallic crust in the vein of classic Sacrilege (see my post on them HERE), Versklaven (see my post on them HERE)  & After The Bombs (see my post on them HERE) There's no info on the net and I had to trainspot like a bastard to find a download of it so I've re-upped it here so there's now at the least 2 links to it up here! They do have a facebook page but both me and Matt posted to them on there and no reply at all so it's all a bit mysterious. However at least I have uncovered this utter gem of an EP for you guys and the rest of the internet! There's 3 tracks of well played, heavy, female vocalled, metallic crust with a very slight stoner edge on there clocking in at 12 minutes and  the 6 min "Relentless" is just JAW DROPPING!

I cannot urge you to download this EP enough it is shockingly fucking good and why these guys only came to my attention now after the EP being out 2 years is a mystery! But I'm glad i got onto it now go download this RIGHT NOW If you like any of the bands I mention above there is no doubt in my mind you will soon have this EP on heavy rotation!

Death Evocation EP - Mediafire


  1. Finally got round to listening to this. Dem riffs, oh my, dem riffs.
    This is great! thanks for uploading.

    1. No Problem Tyler it's a stone cold bonafide ripper of an EP I was just listening to it myself this morning!