Saturday 16 August 2014


Conjuro Nuclear from Barcelona Spain are an unusual and compelling band I often get notifications from the awesome site of their regular feature "6 bands you MUST hear this week"  where they put up 6 bands generally from bandcamp and review them and because of cvltnation's wide ranging tastes in dark and unusual music i usually listen to theem all and if there's anything I like i check them out further although they generally put up the heaviest of doom and sludge and the bleakest of black metal sometimes you get the odd gem and Conjuro Nuclear are one of those gems.

It is hard to describe the sound of these guys because it's a mix of styles that is quite unique blending shades of VERY old school black metal (think early Celtic Frost or "The Return" era Bathory) with keyboards/synths that along with the basic beats add a definite psychedelic feel and a touch of something like 70's horror movie soundtracks and very occasionally delving into an almost 80's pop synth sound and coming out with an utterly amazing and completely unusual sound. Whilst my above description may seem like the sound would be a bit messy they put it all together well also the vocals are mixed low but are kind of an ethereal sounding bark which again harks back to the black metal influence i mention before but nowhere near as brutal as you'd get with most of those terrible shrieking corpse-painted fools from the majority of black metal! There's plenty of thrashy atmospheric riffing and accents which would satisfy the fans of things on the heavier side but as i say the keyboards are as prevalent as the guitar so this prevents this falling into total black metal territory.

I can't tell you much more about this band their facebook page,bandcamp and net presence are all quite low key and my description may be a little "off" but I find these guys to be a totally compelling listen they have not left my media player since i downloaded them and i have returned to their music often as i think these guys have hit on a combination of sounds and instruments that is highly memorable and sounds very little like anything else and combining modern psychedelic sounds with the riffage of early proto-Black metal is just inspired making them something that both fans of heavy and non heavy music can enjoy!

They have 2 "albums" available free on bandcamp (I feel weird using the term album when there's no vinyl or CD but they have issued both of their recordings as cassettes) and both are great but I have listened to their latest self titled album from this year more than their debut but trust me there's not much in it between the two they are both consistently great I have mentioned Black Metal a few times in my description do not let that put you off as I'm talking REALLY old school sound here there's not a 1000mph blast or a hell raising shriek anywhere on these albums and they are definitely to my mind a far more pleasant listen than anything from that scene. Here's your links as i say they are both free and well worth your time to check out, do yourself a favour and give these guys a chance because you are unlikely to hear anything else like this and i am positive it's something readers of this blog will be glad i put them onto....

Luna llena y radiaciónBandcamp

Conjuro NuclearBandcamp

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