Saturday 18 October 2014


Well I discovered this band through Brad Boatright's (From Ashes Rise etc) Audiosiege download label he had a load of stuff up for free download mostly things he'd been involved in the engineering or mastering of (Audiosiege is also his studio) as an offshoot of the awesome Moshpit Tragedy website, most of the other stuff that he had put up had been on the heavy hardcore/crust side of things but these guys were a different proposition altogether featuring Kelli Haliburton on bass who is known for bands like Detestation and Severed Head of State among many other crust legends and Dean Johnson who played drums for Poison Idea during their most revered 83 - 86 period ("Pick Your King", "Kings Of Punk" & "Record collectors are..." era) and 3 other fellas who are new to this band! This is classic catchy memorable loud and distorted punk fucking rock with a nod to Motorhead and a Stooges/MC5 edge to it. Now don't be put off by my use of the word punk rock when i say that I'm thinking (again) the slower stuff by Poison Idea and the sorta garage/punk/metal crossover bands that were popular in the 90's like Hellacopters or Glucifer not gobbing spitting obnoxious oi oi shit! As I've grown to dislike most Punk music in my later years! Anyway this is loud thick and in your face stuff that will have your head bopping in a second!

This file contains the CD version of their album which has the whole album and very neatly adds their 1st 4 7" singles as bonus plus an extra track of them covering "Evil Woman" which i would attribute to Black Sabbath but  Sabs version is also a cover but I can't remember who did the original!!!So that's 18 tracks and 50 mins of music! anyway it's a really good quality direct download and back to you so no probs with quality! Go get this and have a rocking time with something a bit different from the pack!

*UPDATE* OK so a user of this blog mentioned that the original link i provided for this album was dead Thank you anonymous user for that I really like when people alert me to dead links otherwise i can't fix it!

I was recommending some music to a friend of mine recently and said he should check out P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. and as the link was down as luck would have it I uploaded it for him but I had just also acquired the recent P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. Mexican Tour CD Which compiles all the material since the 1st album which amounts to 8 tracks taken from 2 x Split EP's a 7" and a flexi.

So below is your link to a file containing the CD version of the album with the Bonus EP's AND the Mexican Tour CD (pictured above) so that brings you bang up to date with everything that has been done by this band so far, and believe me the 8 new tracks are every bit as good if not even more ferocious than their predecessors! It's a 150mb file but even with an average internet connection you should be able to download it in about 5-8 minutes. Enjoy....

P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. Mediafire


  1. great great blog - thanks star!

  2. great great blog - thanks star!

    1. thanks Chris appreciate your thanks, gald you liked the post they have a new album out now so I'll get to that asap,


      Dave B.

    2. GGGRRRR went to correct a typo and my reply vaished,, post it if you have it, I meant UTS, of course.
      KUDOS! UTS

  3. Great to hear Dean is back at it, you nailed when you called that theior best period, brutal love in those pits. When you cut yer teeth in the early PI pits, its all downhill from there. That shyit was brutal from ther outside, aand inside at times, but not often, and if, then thgere wa likely a reasonm for it. I would say they were a lean mean punk F'n RAWK machine, bhut, they were anything but lean, well Dean and Myrtle were but, Tom and Jerry made up for them. Speaking of PI,. Thee Slayer Hippy was no slouch wheyther behind the skins or behind the conmtrol board. GOOD NEWS, he's getting behind both with Toe Tag, at times, he's buds with them, you may have head oif thei r singer, Blaine, from The Accused, check '
    em out.
    Thee Rev Lou Cifer