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Anyone like me who is a fan of classic era American hardcore will know that the importance of this compilation as a document of the early Boston hardcore scene and USHC in general cannot be understated! Though having watched "All Ages : The Boston Hardcore Film" recently some people on that film have said that the fact that SSD are not on there means it's invalid I however STRONGLY disagree because as great as SSD were i think they are overrated (Yeah I said it so sue me) and this to me was, along with Jerry's Kids "Is This My World" album, my introduction to the Boston hardcore "sound" a sound I have loved ever since!

Originally organised through Newbury Comics a Boston store that the scene kinda revolved around as a place to meet and hang out and released on their Modern Method records in 1982 I was only 10 at the time but what i have read would tell me that with it's divisive tile and it's blistering bands this comp certainly put Boston on the hardcore map.

I am not gonna delve into the history and importance of this album here because it has been written about by many more talented writers than me, All i can say is that I was blown away when i got this album about 3 or 4 years after it came out and it was one of my most prized possessions at the time! Go do a google or a wiki search and read for yourself D.I.Y.!!!! Chances are you did NOT come across this post by chance!!!!

Ok so you may notice that this post is entitled "This Is Boston not L.A. Expanded" there is a good reason for this because at the same time as this album was released there was also a 7" compilation called "Unsafe At Any Speed" also released by Modern Method which featured another track each by 6 of the artists included on the album (Gang Green, Groinoids, The Proletariat,The Freeze, Jerry's Kids and F.U.'s) all the tracks were from the same sessions that the album tracks were recorded at. Both "This Is Boston..." and "Unsafe..." were compiled on an semi official CD issue bolstering the albums original 30 tracks to a healthy 36 tracks with the"Unsafe At Any Speed" tracks tacked on. 

This is where i step in.....SO... as many of you may or may not be aware many hardcore albums of the original era were fairly damn short with the invention of the CD and the thirst for re-issues many classic albums have been re-issued subsequently almost all the bands on the compilation have released the full sessions recorded for the "This Is Boston..." comp as bonus tracks on various CD re-issues (Or in the case of Groinoids as a 7" EP as the session for the comp was the only recording they ever did and only 2 tracks were ever released) and i began to think why has no one ever just properly re-issued/Remastered and expanded  "This Is Boston..."? So here i have taken the task upon myself to do so....

SO of the extras i have compiled here The F.U.'s, The Freeze, Gang Green & The Proletariat tracks are all taken from their own official re-issued CD's and are easily available should you want to find them The Groinoids were taken from their "Radiobeat Sessions" 7" Decadence had no further material available other than "Slam" the one song they contributed in the first place however the jewel in the crown here is Jerry's Kids They have never re-issued their full session however I was lucky enough to come across a blog called Blogged And Quartered a few years ago and he had posted the whole session (check his blog HERE He compiles some great hard to find stuff everything on his blog is pretty much exclusive to him and unavailable elsewhere it's a GREAT blog) so from the original session of which 7 tracks were released over the comp LP & 7" there are a further 4 tracks never heard before anywhere else officially!

So here you have my expanded version of This Is Boston Not L.A. it has been expanded from the 30 original tracks on the LP plus the 6 Tracks from the "Unsafe.." 7" plus the other stuff I have managed to find so here's what you get...

Jerry's Kids : 6 tracks from TIBNLA 1 Track From UAAS  + 4 Bonus Tracks

(Please note there was one further track from the Jerry's Kids session called "Circus" it was on the original download I had of the session file however it cuts off abruptly so i omitted it here, you can find the session with "Circus" at the Blogged and Quartered link in this post)

The Proletariat : 3 Tracks from TIBNLA. 1 Track from UAAS no bonuses

Groinoids : 1 track from TIBNLA 1 Track From UAAS + 3 Bonus Tracks

F.U.'s : 4 Tracks from TIBNLA 1 From UAAS + 1 Bonus Track

Gang Green : 7 Tracks from TIBNLA + 1 From UAAS No Bonuses

Decadence : 1 track from TIBNLA No Bonus

The Freeze : 8 Tracks from TIBNLA 1 From UAAS + 2 Bonus Tracks

So that's the breakdown expanded from 36 tracks on the re-issue CD comp to a meaty 46 tracks I personally just listened to my expanded version and it was just AWESOME So there you go folks Dave's "ultimate" "This Is Boston Not L.A." here's your link i even made a custom cover (see below) I know many HC purists may well slate me for messing round with an untouchable classic or be outraged to them i say... FUCK OFF out of my blog dicks go peddle your purist record collecting somewhere else! To everyone else I say enjoy this piece of hardcore history and the bonuses!

^(My D.I.Y. custom cover enclosed in the file)^

*NOTE* if my descriptions,breakdowns and abbreviations here confuse you just go ahead and download the file it'll take you 3 minutes max even with a slow connection like mine and all shall become clear!!! Cheers.

THIS IS BOSTON NOT L.A. (Expanded)Mediafire


  1. WOW! This is fantastic. I love how you ordered the tracks...placed the tracks with the band's original line up, not all at the end of the album. A true love of labor. Thanks so much!!

    1. Thanks for noting that I had ordered it correctly! I just put it together how I would if I had the job of reissuing it!! Glad you appreciate it!!


      Dave B.

  2. hello. i have another decadence track called 'skin the hippies' if you want it to add to this? it was a demo track al quint put online some years ago. i believe he was the source of the full jerry's kids session too.

  3. hello. i have another decadence track called 'skin the hippies' if you want it to add to this? it was a demo track al quint put online some years ago. i believe he was the source of the full jerry's kids session too.

  4. Incredible. Thank you, Sir!!!

  5. Thanks a lot.. this is so rad.. awesome

  6. Thanks much appreciated mate cheers

  7. Thank you, bro.