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Ok folks well LONG time NO POSTS I decided this one needed a serious Updating so I have taken the original post here and edited the text it as I have spent the best part of a whole day finding compiling and sorting what, according to Discogs, is a complete collection of Justin Broadrick's remix work in his various guises! Anyone who follows this blog will no I am nothing if not obsessive so here I present you with a massively expanded version of my original post from 2014....

Justin Broadrick is a man who's career I have followed for a long time from my first hearing of his guitar work on the A side of Napalm Death's "Scum" through the stunning work of Godflesh to his more contemporary projects such as Jesu and Pale Sketcher I've been a fan for a long time, he has been nothing if not prolific with around 20 projects and collaborations over the years not including his own "main" bands but it would seem that his love of restructuring his own music as well as his restructuring others music has largely gone unnoticed.
I decided in 2014 that this was something that needed rectifying and here now in 2017 I figured I wanted the whole story so why not share it with you readers!

So just to be on the safe side i am not going to claim this collection of remixes to be 100% complete but according to my research this is all that i can find any information on and at a mighty 63 tracks, 918 MB and 7 hours of music I think if I've missed anything considering i spent a total of around 8 or 9 hrs researching, downloading, tagging and compiling these in as near as possible chronological order ... well... if you're gonna complain that something unbelievably obscure I have missed  isn't there...well.. I've said this many times before..GO START YOUR OWN DAMN BLOG!!!!

I have omitted most of his remixes of his own work due to the fact that there are in some cases whole albums of his own material remixed, however I've had to pay for a few of the tracks or in rare cases had to buy the physical release to get the JKB mix! And there are some cases where i felt a JKB mix of one of his own projects was worth having in this collection in other cases like the near 30 mins worth that is the 2 remixes of Godflesh's "Crush My Soul" that maybe it was a bit much and the EP's containing those remixes are easy and cheap to find.You will find this a varied and eclectic selection of bands and sounds as I have said I've arranged it in chronological order  from his first steps into remixing, the Biomechanical Mixes for Pantera & Mark Of Cain in the 90's to the latest remix for Mortiis that's only a few weeks old!

The mixes on display here range from epic length to the achingly beautiful and to the crushingly heavy and sometimes all of that in one mix!!! But I've listened to this collection many times and it has never ceased to impress me although many of the bands on here that JKB has remixed may be familiar to readers of this blog (Isis, Killing Joke) some of them are so damned obscure it was a serious mission to source them (Iroha?? Deathless??) but the one thing they have in common is regardless of the source material there's no denying who has constructed the versions presented here. Below is a list of what is in each of the 3 packs they are a hefty size but even with the lamest of internet connections you should be able to download each file in around 10 - 15 mins so you can pick and choose which parts you download if you want to. So here's your track list...


1: Pantera : Fucking Hostile (Biomechanical Mix)
2: Pantera : By Demons Be Driven (Biomechanical Mix)
3: The Lemonheads : Style (Godflesh Style)
4: Deathless : Inexstasis (JK Broadrick remix)
5: Godflesh V's Justin Broadrick : Wake (from Hellspawn Comp)
6: Mark Of Cain : You Let Me Down (Biomechanical Mix)
7: Mark Of Cain : Pointman (Unclean Mix)
8: Pigface : Burundi (Overload Mix)
9: David Kristian : Cookies (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)
10: Quoit : Plug 8 (Cylon Remix) (Cylon is a JKB alias)
11: Isis : Celestial (Signal Fills the Void) (Mix By JK Broadrick)
12: Isis : Hym (Justin Broadrick Remix)
13: Pelican : Angel Tears (JK Broadrick Remix)
14: Earth : Harvey (Justin Broadrick)
15: 5ive : Soma Remix By JK Broadrick (Stage 1)
16: 5ive : Soma Remix By JK Broadrick (Stage 1)
17: Agoraphobic Nosebleed : Untitled (Flesh Of Jesu Mix)
18: Knut : H/armless (JK Broadrick)
19: Maninkari : Particpation Mystic (Remix By Jesu)
20: Explosions In The Sky : The Birth And Death Of The Day (Jesu Mix)
21: Genghis Tron : Colony Collapse (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
22: The Pyramids : The Echo Of Something Lovely (Jesu Remix)


1: Fog : I Have Been Wronged (Jesu Remix)
2: Lustmord : Dub Awakening (Justin K Broadrick Remix) (From Transmuted)
3: School Of Seven Bells : Face To Face On High Places (Jesu Remix)
4: Constants : Those Who Came Before Pt.I (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
5: Bear In Heaven : Dust Cloud (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)
6: Majeure : Teleforce (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
7: Killing Joke : European Super State (Justin Broadrick Remix)
8: Circle Of Animals : Invisible War (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
9: Blood Of Heroes : Remain (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
10: Iroha : Last Day Of Summer (Jesu Remix)
11: Extra Life : Made Flesh (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)
12: Ceremony : It's Too Late (Justin K Broadrick)
13: My Disco : All I Can Do (Justin K Broadrick's Warmer Remix)
14: My Disco : All I Can Do (Justin K Broadrick's Heavier Remix)
15: Mogwai : George SquareThatcher Death Party (Justin K Broadrick Reshape)
16: Vidna Obmana : Out From The Garden Reminded (Jesu Remix)
17: Challenger : Life In The Paint (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
18: Miracle : Good Love.(Pale Sketcher Remake).
19: Lustmord :Dub Awakening (Justin K Broadrick Remix) (From Other Dub)
20: Cult Of Luna : Vicarious Redemption (Remix By Justin K. Broadrick)
21: Violetshaped : cX310 (JK Flesh Reshape)


1: Empty Flowers : Car Fires (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
2: Dirk Serries : There s A Light In Vein (Justin Broadrick Remix)
3: Endon : Etude For Lynching by Family (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)
4: Pale Horseman : Fork In The Road (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)
5: RA : Paz Podre (JK Flesh Remix)
6: Amantra : Rituals (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
7: Coliseum : White Magic Punks - Sorcerer Remix  (JK.Broadrick Remix)
8: Atlanta Industrial Sector : Immanence (Justin K. Broadrick 'Destroyed Version')
9: Solypsis : Unperfect.(Justin K.Broadrick Reshape)
10: Invertia : The Sidewinding (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
11: La Fin Absolute du Monde : Black Sheep (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)
12: Pelican : The Cliff (Justin Broadrick Remix)
13: AnD : Non Sky Signal Noise (JK Flesh Reshape)
14: Nicholas Godin : Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde  (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)
15: The View Elictrical : Treasures (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
16: Frank Rosaly : Malo III (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
17: The Bug V.s Earth : Dog (feat. JK Flesh)
18: The Bug V.s Earth : Pray (feat. JK Flesh)
19: Drug Honkey : Pool of Failure (JKB Remix)
20: Mortiis : The Great Leap (Godflesh Extended Version)

So there you go a finer collection of his remix work you are unlikely to find

I cannot suggest strongly enough that even if you own some of these that you download ALL 3 parts of the remixes and listen to it as a whole as to my mind as a collection it's a staggering musical journey for even the most casual Jesu, Godflesh, JKB fan especially as I have done this chronologically it's great to see how he progresses from the early mixes of metal bands into more experimental territory Even if you were to put it on in the background whilst doing something I can assure you that much, if not all of this work will still grab your attention. It has all been sourced from the best quality i can find and though not all clocking in at 320kbps there's nothing lower than 192kbps and certainly there is NO lack of quality throughout.For the uninitiated this is probably not the best place to start with JKB's work but if you are a fan of his various musical projects but are unfamiliar with his remix work then this would be a mindblowing experience for you I'm hoping that some of the readers who come across this post will be fans of Justin's work and if not will maybe take my wholehearted recommendation as an indication that this is a post well worth you precious music listening time.

Well that's it for now just leaves me to give you your links I hope some people will come across this and appreciate the work that went into this as I am a big fan of Justin's work and this was a labour of love for my own personal collection and enjoyment and something I have not seen elsewhere on anyone else's blog at least nowhere near as expansive as this collection... ENJOY!

JKBRMXI - Mediafire

JKBRMXII - Mediafire

JKBRMXIII - Mediafire

Ok so here we go again after much research and a little friendly help I have compiled a FOURTH volume of this remix series As i said in my updated intro I kept getting people telling me this remix or that version was missing so i went ahead and started compiling them for myself and for sharing with you lucky people. I originally did this series in chronological order as best i could however this 4th volume contains remixes going back to the 90's as well as the most recent remixes (up to September 2017) So this section is entitled "Remixes 2017 & Supplemental" So here's what is in it...

1: These Hidden Hands : Dendera Light (JK Flesh Remix)

2: Isaurian : Hologram (Jesu Remix)

3: Jack Colwell : Beneather (Jesu Remix)

4: Survive : Other (Justin K Broadrick As JK Flesh Remix)
5: Health : Men Today (JK Flesh Remix)
6: Multiple Mono : False Prophet (Pale Sketcher Remix)
7: Final : Inanimate Air (JK Flesh Remix)
8: Vidna Obmana : Out From The Garden Reminded (Final Remix)
9: Controlled Bleeding : Swarm (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
10: JK Flesh : JK Flesh Merges Prurient I
11: JK Flesh : JK Flesh Merges Prurient II
12: The Membranes : 21st Century Man (Godflesh Remix)
13: Cloaks : Rust On Metal (JK Flesh Remix)
14: David Christian : Cookies (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
15: Dirk Serries : There's A Light In Vein (JKB Remix)
16: Invertia : 16 The Sidewinding (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
17: Murder Inc. : Last Of the Biomechanical Urgents  (Justin Broadrick Remix)
18: Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation : Big Smoke Dub (JK Flesh Remix)
19: Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation : Materialismo (Jesu Remix)
20: Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation : Say U Sick (JK Flesh Remix)
21: Necessary : Insist On Racial Name Calling (JK Flesh Remix)
22: Necessary : IORNC (Pale Sketcher Remix)
23: Yakuza : The Blinding (Justin K Broadrick Remix)
24: Submerged : Dead (Feat. Justin Broadrick)
25: School Of Seven Bells : Face To Face On High Places (Jesu Remix Instrumental)

Maybe not as meticulously compiled as the first 3 volumes especially with the 5 N.I.C./Necessary tracks in a row but it's free right?? If that further 2 & A HALF HOURS + of remixes isn't enough I had previously posted The Dirk Serries & Steven Wilson : "The Continuum Recyclings" (More Info HERE ) where Justin Reworks a whole album's worth (around 70 mins) of material from their Continnum Series and also Khost : Needles In The Ground (Deconstructed & Reconstructed By Godflesh) EP (More Info HERE ) where Justin tackles 3 tracks by Khost in Godflesh mode however my original upload I am told had corruptions in the Dirk Serries material making them unplayable so i had removed it but I have downloaded it again and checked and this time the files are corruption free and you will find both discs in there both the Dirk Serries & Steven Wilson Original & The JKB remixes so I have re-upped those as well

So Here's your links i feel there's no need for further blurb if you are a JKB fan you want these if you're not move along nothing to see here

Remixes 2017 & Supplemental - Mediafire

Dirk Serries & Steven Wilson & Khost - Mediafire

I am sure something else will come up having me come back to this post again and again he's certainly a prolific artist but in the meantime enjoy the updates.

(For some reason no matter what I do the new part of this post keeps appearing in red it's not meant to be red but you can read it ok i guess? sorry folks technical difficulties!!!)


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  2. Amazing compilations, thanks for the effort and sharing!


  4. Great blog, only now discovered it. But appreciate it!
    The Remixes 2017 & Supplemental and Dirk Serries & Steven Wilson & Khost downloads do not unpack ("unknown format" or "damaged" :-(
    Other downloads can be extraxcted without problems.

    1. I have the same problem! For the rest, all OK, excellent compilations dude!!!

    2. Hi Guys I have just downloaded both from mediafire and tested them neither archive is corrupt or has any problems i would try downloading again or using winrar for extraction it's free you can download it here....

      It's what i use to archive/extract files so possibly there is conflict using another program? I'm not tech savvy so i can't say for sure!


      Dave B.

    3. Hi Dave and wilduijn,

      To answer your question: in addition to WinRAR, the free 7-Zip ( program can be used to extract the files. At least that's what worked for me :-)

      P. S. The collections are awesome! Thank you very much, Dave!

  5. Wow! Brilliant! Thanks for doing this. A couple of requests/suggestions for more JKB stuff that doesn't seem to be anywhere online (and as far as I know a lot of which isn't available to buy anymore): a God / Ice discography (Kevin Martin's early bands), and of course the mighty Techno Animal!