Monday 31 December 2018


Entombed 2016 L-R Eddie Aftonfalk, Uffe Cederund, Orvar Säfström, 

Nicke Andersson, Alex Hellid

Some of you may have been to my previous Entombed post (See that HERE ) and it was a mission to do that post and i was gonna just tack this onto that post I figured as it was such a special release it deserved a post of it's own I've linked you to the other Entombed post above so if you're looking for more go there.

Back in 2016 it was announced that 3 of the original members of Entombed enlisting the assistance of Orvar Säfström (Ex Nirvana 2002 ) on bass and Eddie Aftonfalk (Vocalist for Swedish OSDM band Morbus Chron) on vocals, were getting together for a special project, they were going to perform their classic "Clandestine" album in it's entiritey live, but not only that they would be playing this at the famed Malmö Concert Hall in 2 Acts one of the band playing the album in it's entirety and then a full orchestra version with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra!!!

Now with the horrors of previous metal/Orchestral crossovers in mind I'm sure this is an abhorrent thought for many of you ("S&M" anyone??) However there's more to this than you think so read on...

Whilst the Band version of the live performance is a simply RIPPING run through the "Clandestine" album there's the addition of an encore of "Left Hand Path" which is simply flooring and is worth taking the time to download just to hear, however it's the Orchestral act that is of most interest certainly to me at least! I had expected a horrific mash of Entombed's punishing death metal backed with an orchestra trying to punctuate such a brutal sound and if you have heard "Clandestine" you know what I mean! However this is not the case what you actually get is a complete orchestral reinterpretation of the album with Entombed sitting in as part of the orchestra rather than being the main musicians and the orchestral version switches from Eddie Aftonfalk handling the vocals on the band disc to Orvar Säfström for the orchestral. What is interesting about this is it strictly classical music but the occasional punctuation of death metal vocals and the stripping away of the heavy riffs ( Alex, Uffe, Thomas and Nicke only providing guitar, bass and percussion accompaniment within the orchestra and not with their trademark heavy instrument sounds) for me was mindblowing and by far one of the most unique and interesting uses of orchestra within "metal" I have heard to date!

The subsequent results were recorded on both video and audio and released as a lush 3 disc hardbound book package with a poster of the Clandestine artwork redone by original artist Dan Seagrave (see pic below) that was only available to people who had pledged for it through Entombed's official website (kinda like a kickstarter?) so as it wasn't made available as a commercial release and even though it was probably not too difficult to find to download , again, it was a case of I uploaded for a friend and it's a nice addendum to the previous Entombed discography post I had done!

I can't stress enough that I am not a big fan of classical music but for me this is classical interpretation of dark source material and heavy riffs accompanied by the band themselves along with the unusual dynamic of having Death metal vocals punctuate the dynamic as part of an orchestral set might sound like it could be an unholy mess it actually works fantastically, And for me this really works I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it and I have actually listened to the classical disc more than the live band version!!!

I could spend hours detailing the personnel and other information but I have been trying to keep the write ups short so you can get onto the music and who reads these anyway ha ha! so below is your link go give it a listen and see what you think and here's a link to the discogs page so those of you with trainspotting tendencies similar to me can check out all the info.

Here's the Music.

Entombed Clandestine Live 2016 - Mediafire


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