Wednesday 12 June 2013


So as many of you reading this blog may know Neurosis are pretty much my favourite contemporary band (that means they are top of my favourites list of bands that are still going!) However They mean far too much to me to upload any of their still easily available back catalog ** but i just couldn't do this blog any longer without putting something up by them. Not being a band who have any unreleased or particularly rare stuff and their whole back catalog of albums are easily available on Legal/Illegal download and CD what can I give you that wouldn't do them any harm, get me busted and would suit my blog policies???

OK well some of you youngsters may not know before they were the mighty gods of apocalyptic intelligent metal these guys were pretty much an above average and original "crust" punk band this is evidenced on their 1st 2 albums "Pain Of Mind" from 1987 and "The Word As Law" from 1990 but between those albums they did a 7" for the awesome Lookout Records called "Abberation" which has the same sound as those albums and has never seen a full release on CD, in 1990 they also did a Live 7" for German live album specialists "Your Choice" records called "Empty" featuring 2 live tracks one a cover of Joy Divisions "Day Of The Lords" and the other a live version of "The Choice" from "The Word as Law" album and in the early 90's they contributed "Saturday night Holocaust" to Dead kennedys tribute "Virus 100",  "Hear Nothing, See Nothing Say Nothing" to Discharge tribute 7" "Discharged- From Home Front To War Front" and a little later (1999) they also contributed "Children Of The Grave" to the "In These Black Days" series of split Sabbath tribute 7"'s on Hydra Head Records! As far as hard to get Neurosis stuff goes that pretty much is IT beleive me i've looked there's no demo's unreleased album tracks etc trust me as i have EVERYTHING they have done that is available!

So here i present you with a small file containing both the EP's mentioned above plus the 3 comp tracks it's not a lot and maybe not the best of their material but at least it satisfies my need to get them on my blog and rounds up their hard to find stuff nice and neat in one easy to get file! Enjoy!


**= Yeah i know that may sound hypocritical as I do post a lot of discographies and releases of bands who are still going, However Neurosis are all guys my age and older (40's+) they have day jobs and in some cases large families to provide for and Neurosis while I'm sure makes them some income would seem to be something that is borne more out of  sheer love, passion, blood, sweat and tears than a desire to make money! This may be the case for any of the bands i have posted before and my posting their stuff doesn't mean I respect them any the less or love their music but all i can say in my defence is it's fucking NEUROSIS man!


  1. Thanks a lot!!!

    1. No problem cheers for taking time to thank,

      Dave B.

  2. So all you had to say is Neurosis is for old farts like us. J/k
    Keep up the blogging. BTW, do you know where to find any live shows
    from enemy of the sun era?