Sunday 16 November 2014


I Have often mentioned the fact that I had a renewed interest in Hardcore in the early millennium and it led me to discover a lot of great bands who were either short lived or just disappeared completely without at trace one of those great bands was SNAKEBiTE. I have often used them for reference in other posts but i never really thought about the fact that having only had 2 x EP's about 13 years ago that most folk wouldn't have a clue who they were. I had often wanted to rectify this but i only had vinyl rips of their 2 EP's and they were fairly atrocious quality but recently I came across a bandcamp page which had both their EP's uploaded and from what I can tell the source wasn't vinyl and they sounded a lot better than my own rips. So here I present you the "discography" (does 2 EP's count as a discography??) of this great short lived and overlooked band!

These guys were, if memory serves me, from New Jersey in the USA I got interested in them because they had an ex member of Down In Flames but then discovered one of them went on to be in Forward To Death and another member was in a short lived but excellent Hardcore band called Survivors who again did one EP and that was it. I also mentioned in various posts that the internet was in it's infancy/dial up era back then and often labels would have small websites and they would offer 1 or 2 tracks from each release they had for download and i used to download everything and make mix CD's of it to listen to then decide what stuff I wanted to buy and that's how i came across these guys, they were on Don Giovanni records who started out releasing mainly hardcore but have become quite a big underground/Indie type label but at the time their current releases were SNAKEBiTE, Kamikaze, Talk Hard and a couple of others and they were all so good I bought all the EP's.

So I got these 2 Ep's mainly on the strength of the Down In Flames connection however I was quite surprised when I heard them because instead of the Fast thrash i expected what i got was some GREAT mid paced/Fast hardcore with more than a nod to the likes of Poison Idea. What i like most about these guys is tho they have quite shredding and Intense vocals the music is nice and chunky has a classic old school feel while still managing to sound contemporary rather than retro also the songs they wrote were very memorable with great riffs that get your head nodding and just stick with you for days!

So in the link below you have their 1st EP "Every Bad Idea Is A Good Idea" and 2nd "Feel The Buzz" there's only 4 tracks on each and the total playing time of both is a mere 15 mins however it's a seriously great 15 mins and i find it criminal that these guys never did anymore music as although according to all of the members are in other bands SNAKEBiTE were one of those frustratingly short lived bands that just make you go ARGGGGHHHH why did you break up when you were SOOOO good!

I Hadn't listened to these in a while before i got this post together and it has struck me that these guys are in quite a similar vein to recent hardcore revivalists Obliterations so if you like that sort of thing then these guys are definitely for you. So now anyone who follows all the posts on here can download these EP's and make sense of the comparisons I make when I mention these guys! Both EP's are high bitrate not quite 320 but high enough I have separated them into individual folders for each EP withj the correct artwork etc so go download and enjoy this GREAT band.

SNAKEBiTE EP'sMediafire


  1. Another fun fact about these guys, the guitar player is now the singer of an awesome band called Night Birds. The drummer, too, was the original drummer for Night Birds.

    1. cool thanks for the heads up and the comment gonna go check those guys out right now,


      Dave B.