Thursday 7 March 2013



So to start my Brit metal post I thought i'd give you one of my favourites Dukes Of Nothing, These guys were a short lived band formed by 3/5 of the mighty Iron Monkey : Doug Dalziel, Dean Berry & Stuart O'Hara and featured current Turbonegro vocalist Tony Sylvester (Pictured above L Before? and R After? DON i did the pictures for a laugh as i was looking for a band photo but came across these and well it was an "organic" process!) he's been a regular fixture on the scene for a long time and I've see him manning the merch desk all 3 times I've seen Neurosis in London so he's obviously supplementing his income from Turbonegro! 

Anyways Dukes Of Nothing did 2 singles and a mini album and that was them done but these guys seriously fucking rocked they play some of the dirtiest biker/beard/trucker/ metal you're ever likely to hear take a slab of Motorhead speed and aggro a chunk of redneck rock ala Nashville Pussy or Antiseen throw in some seriously dirty sludgy sounds like Saint Vitus, Crowbar, Melvins etc add some lyrics about Trucks, Sulphate & broken relationships sung by an angry bear and you come out with Dukes Of Nothing! These guys are great and despite my comments on "sludgy" that is definitely a nod to their sound not their speed! This is great raw HEAVY loud and fucking dirty M-E-T-A-L! just how it should be done by hairy ugly gnarly tattooed bastards! You get the picture....

So they did a 7" called "Saxon Action" then a mini album "War & Wine" and finished with another 7" on Southern Lord called "Half Evil" (Backed with a cover of G.G. Allin's "Bastard Son"). The mini album originally came out on defunct British label Eccentric Man but was later picked up and remstered/reissued by Tortuga Records (Hydra Head sub label home of the likes of Old Man Gloom & 5ive) with the  "Saxon Action" 7" tacked on as bonus tracks and that's what you get here I've seprated and retagged "Saxon.." 7" and put "War & Wine" back in it's original running order both ripped from my CD's at 320kbps. the  "Half Evil" 7" however has never seen release on CD (Except for on a dbl CD british comp called "Louder than The Crowd" which i bought to get "Half Evil" on CD turns out they had sourced it from a vinyl rip anyway!!!) so  I've given you it here ripped from my own vinyl version it is a little crackly etc but like i said it's fucking dirty gnarly metal so it doesn't detract from your enjoyment one bit! They are all wrapped up in the one file but when you extract it it you'll find seperate folders containing the 7"'s and the mini album all tagged with artwork attached! Enjoy!

DUKES - Mediafire


  1. Iron Monkey were absolutely beasty. Our Problem is one of my favourite records of all time, so this should be a cool listen.

    Didn't the vocalist (Johnny?) go on to play in a band called My War?

    1. yeah iron monkey were great I haven't posted any cos their easily avaailable to download, Johnny went on to do a band called Armour of God who did 3 tracks on a split CD with someone who's name i can't remember then he was in Murder One a heavy supergroup who released an ep and an album I think he sang on the ep but was replaced for the album by John from raging Speedhorn I will post the Murder One album up some time thanks for the comment.