Wednesday 8 May 2013

Blasting Concept (The Band!!!)

Blasting Concept have been around since 2009 but I only heard of them last year but I'm glad to have caught up with them! they are from the Santa Barbara / Oxnard area of California. All i can say about Blasting Concept is they appeared after Annihilation Time broke up but seem to have thought there's a gap in the market goooooo! they have wholesale ripped off A.T's sound and image to the complete MAX!!!! That sounds really bad but it's true i heard the name and related it to the SST comp "The Blasting Concept" and was interested enough to do some digging and i managed to unearth their 2 releases to date a 12" and an 7" and this is basically Annihilation Time's sound but a different band I really can't see how or why they would do it but you get the exact same 70's rock meets 80's california hardcore on a skateboard with a beer and a bong! From the band's profile on facebook.....

Biography :

"We dig punk rock and heavy metal. try to weed out the boring bullshit and play some stuff with testicles"


"BL'AST! meets Mountain. Played by retards"

Band Interests

"just cruisin'"

Artists We Also Like

"Molly Hatchet"

So when i say all this yes they are derivative but if you like me can't get enough of California hardcore revivalism meets killer 70's rock/garage riffage like me then you need to download BOTH of these EP's right the fuck NOW! This is awesome ass kicking rock/punk of the highest fucking order.....

Blasting Concept 7"Mediafire

Blasting Concept 12" - Mediafire

UPDATE - Blasting Concept have used my Links on their blog in order to give the music for free to the fans, Go check out their awesome blog  I feel tight now for calling them A.T. clones cos they didn't make me take my links down when they very well could have! I'm sorry Blasting Concept I hope i didn't offend but that's really what i hear but  A.T. were and B.C. are fucking great bands and i listen to you guys a lot! Hope that makes up for it?



    1. Hey i just went to your blog and noticed your using my links that's really cool! I'm glad you didn't get mad and make me take them down as tho some of my comparisons to annihilation time may seem a bit harsh i really fucking rate your band I'm well looking forward to the new album! Also just wanted to say i only posted the links because ur stuff isn't available on CD yet. I hope you do a CD version sometime becuase i'd really like to buy something and support your band! Thanks for taking a look at the blog and for posting the link!


      Dave B.

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  4. They have a new band called RAILER