Tuesday 16 April 2013

Fall Of Efrafa

Fall of Efrafa were a concept based hardcore/metal band from Brighton UK who existed from 2006 - 2009 They released a trilogy of albums as well as a split 12" and a rework/remix 12". I say concept based because Their trilogy of albums is called "The Warren Of Snares Trilogy" and the lyrical themes and concept draw heavily from Richard Adams book "Watership Down" amplifying the political overtones of his writing with their own takes on authoritarianism and social hierarchy, adding atheist & vegan themes and more. So... the music, what you get is some intense, heavy and political stuff I tend to put these guys in the same sorta bracket as the likes of Neurosis or Cult of luna or bands like that however there is a far more hardcore element highly prevelant in their music which along with the politics and the sheer heaviness of the band has won them many fans from the "crust" scene (I actually bought one of their CD's from anarcho distro Active dsitribution so if you know Active you'll know that this is no run of the mill metal type shit otherwise they wouldn't stock it.) This is dark heavy and at times epic music it evokes very sombre moods at times and deals with it's themes in an intelligent and refreshingingly original way you'll find plenty of hardcore and touches of post rock and sludge. These guys are not an easy listen and it's certainly not something that will just wash over you whilst i have said it eveokes sombre moods some of the more "Soaring" passages of the music are truly beautiful and the occasional use of strings is a welcome addition without sounding too trite.Along with the faster hardcore the longer tracks show great use of dynamics and i would certainly say the members are very good musicians and write and arrange the music well. On a personal note i heard these guys I just totally loved what they do and when i saw their packaging and read the lyrics it all came together really well and they have been a huge fave ever since
So what i'm giving you here amounts to their whole discography. the first file is the Fall of Efrafa Demo + the +  indicates that to save me uploading 3 seperate files i have put together their demo plus their 12 min track from their split 12" with Down To Agony and the ultra rare "Tharn" 12" which is a 15 min rework/remix of their track "Dominion Theology" by an artist called Paper Aeroplane, I don't generally like remixes when it's a heavy band but this remix/rework is brilliantly handled and takes nothing away from the power or heaviness of the original, so that's your first lot so next up is the 3 albums that make up the "Warren Of Snares" trilogy first Up is "Owsla" from 2006 which contains re-recordings of all 4 tracks from the demo plus an short intro and an short interlude I will however say the album is far superior to the demo i only include the demo in this post for the sake of making this post a complete discography.Next up is "Elil" from 2007 this is a MIGHTY album 3 tracks 20 + minutes each in length this is where you start to see them develop as a band the length of the songs allows for some beautiful instrumental and semi - acoustic passages along with the utterly crushing heaviness and sheer anguish being displayed! Lastly we have 3rd and final album " Inle' " this album is a 79 minute epic containing both shorter and longer length songs mixing the hardcore edge with the slower heavier passages and with great building parts all blended perfectly, the best way i can sorta describe what these guys do over the 3 albums is Imagine if Godspeed you Black Emperor or Mogwai were to have a jam session with someone like say Dystopia it might sound a little like this,however this is well written and original music not just mere borrowing of other bands riffs/styles!
The 3 albums and the Split 12" are all taken from my own CD's so ripped at 320kbps for best quality, The Demo & "Tharn" are taken from net downloads and are excellent quality,I'm sorry if I'm not doing a good job of describing this band but I'm guessing not many people read these blurbs anyway and probably come to find the music through file search engines or google but if anything i've said even remotely strikes a chord then you must download this essential, unique and highly missed band (I have heard that members went on to form vegan melodic crust/hardcore band Momentum I'll do a post on them and link you up with their 2 albums later!) ENJOY!

FOE DEMO +Mediafire



INLE' - Mediafire

The Warren Of Snares trilogy vinyl Boxset includes everything except the demo that I posted on here yours for a mere £136 used on discogs ltd to 200 copies damn i wish i had a record player!


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