Tuesday 16 April 2013


Momentum Are a UK band who were supposedly formed from the ashes of Fall Of Efrafa (See Post HERE ) But I can't find any evidence to support that however I think they do contain members of Light Bearer maybe that means something to you? I'm aware of Light Bearer but never got round to listening to them yet! Anyway Momentum have released 2 albums and have now decided to break up or at least they are saying that 2nd album "Herbivore" is their last! It's a shame really because these guys are blistering vegan hardcore!  These albums (esp "Whetting...") are not a million miles away from the sounds coming from the newer bands in the crust scene fast almost d-beats, good chunky riffing overlaid with great melodies that bring to mind some of the better bands of the melodic hardcore style, however the vocal style and the fact that the guitars aren't quite as thick, heavy and downtuned as "crust" type bands firmly pushes them towards a more hardcore sound, generally i'm not a big fan of modern hardcore but these guys are a real exceptionn as they don't fall the usual generic boring rigid hardcore format, don't be put off by the fact i use the words melody or melodic becuse this is fast and intense stuff maybe comparable to someone like The Holy Mountain (see HERE) If you're into modern crust type music chances are you will like this as much as i do if you're more into your hardcore you could do a helluva lot worse than give these guys a spin! I'm sick of genre-ising here just check these guys out they gave both their albums away free to download pre-release and the link i've given for 1st album "Whetting..." is their link the one for "Herbivore" is mine! Go get em TRUST me you will not be dissapointed.

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  1. Good news, you are right about Momentum being ex members of Fall Of Efrafa. Also Light Bearer is fucking epic!