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Justin Broadrick should need no introduction as a founding member of Napalm Death and playing on their "Scum" album since then he has been nothing short of a non stop fountain of great music playing drums for Head Of David (See Post HERE ) His work with Godflesh, Final and along with a vast array of other projects most recently with Jesu.

Jesu have released a slew of albums and EP's over their ten year existence and just keeping track of everything is hard enough but what i was shocked to discover a while back is that a huge portion of Jesu releases have had a Japanese release and in almost all cases have contained anything from 2 bonus tracks to FULL discs of material none of which is available in Europe. I asked Justin on his facebook page why this was the case and I was shocked by the answer apparently the cost of a domestic CD release in Japan FAR exceeds the cost of a regular import so in order to encourage the Japanese buyer to buy domestic releases not cheaper imported copies and therefore generate revenue for the label and the knock on effect being bands can get tour support to play in Japan etc the only way to do this is by giving the Japanese buyer exclusive extras the key word being EXCLUSIVE therefore none of the Jesu Japanese extras can be made available to buy downloads of or can be collected for the rest of the world they HAVE to remain exclusive.

I thought this was criminal especially for an obsessive like me who just HAS to have everything and the cost of a Japanese edition of a Jesu album being anywhere from £20 - £40  so I spent a loooong time researching, surfing and downloading and I can now present you here with over 2 Hours of Japanese only bonus tracks/discs etc. Now a lot of these are alternate versions or mixes of tracks  however if you are familiar with the amazing remix work that Justin does (If not see my post on his remix work HERE ) I can assure all of this is worth having.This is not a complete collection however there are no more than 2 maybe 3 Japanese bonuses missing which my extensive research cannot unearth.

So in the spirit of shorter write ups I'm not going to waffle this is also a re-post of a 4shared lost post so here's a list of whats in your files...

Part 1

1: Your Path To Divinity (Endless Path)
2: Friends Are Evil (Highest Throne)
3: Silver (Original Beats)
4: Wolves (Original Mix)
5: Lifeline (Alternate Version)
6; Decide (Storm Comin' On Alternate)
7: Don't Dream It (2009 Instrumental Version)
8: Supple Hope (2009 Mix)
9: The Playgrounds Are Empty (Slumber Mix)

1 & 2 from Jap issue of "Jesu"
3 & 4 from Jap issue of "Silver" EP
5 & 6 from Jap issue of "Life Line" EP
7,8 & 9 Jap bonus disc from "Pale Sketches"

Part 2

1: Infinity (Part 2 - Re-Interpretation)
2: Fools (Alternative Version)
3: Birth Day (Alternative Version)
4: King Of Kings (Alternative Version)
5: King Of Pride
6: Chapter 24
7: The Funeral Party

1 Jap Bonus Disc of "Infinity"
2,3,4,5, Jap Bonus Disc of "Acension"
6 from "Like Black Holes In The Sky - Syd Barret Tribute"
7 from "Perfect As Cats" The Cure Tribute album

Ok so #6 & #7 aren't from Japanese releases but I thought I'd tack them on as a bonus

So there you go folks over 2 hrs of prime Jesu brilliance I haven't gone into the sound of the band as this post is obviously intended for people like me who already love this band and are frustrated by the amount of great bonuses the Japanese market is getting here's your links...ENJOY!

JESU JAPAN Vol 1Mediafire

JESU JAPAN Vol 2Mediafire

However the story does not end there as you may know this guy cannot sit still for a minute so in 2012 he released what was hailed as his solo album under the name JK Flesh and unleashed the astounding "Posthuman" album I'm sure if you are here checking this post you already have this album or have at least heard it? So once again for the Japanese market there was a 2 disc edition this time the bonus disc contained 5 dubs/versions of album songs amounting to a full 30+ minutes of extra music that's not available to the rest of the world so i decided to rectify this below you will find a link to the "Posthuman" Japanese bonus disc and it's a brutal listen! Enjoy.....

JKFLESH Japan Bonus DiscMediafire

Please Note any Justin Broadrick fans I am a bit of an obsessive and have a VAST collection of JK related projects & collaborations. My JK Broadrick folder is nearly 9GB so in the spirit of me having a lot of space on mediafire please feel free to request any more JK related projects but as i stated recently there are certain things i won't put up for various reasons but if you request something and i can't put it up for you in this case it's because I have a lot of respect for Justin he is one of the nicest friendliest guys in music and there are some of his projects i have that I won't put up due to the fact he would lose out on precious revenue or he is keeping them available through his own Avalanche label but do please ask I will let you know if it's possible.


Dave B.


  1. thanks for upload.

    search for:
    Everyday I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came (Alternate Version) (7:25)
    The Great Leveller (Alternate Version) (10:19)

    1. Mr Swift, Thanks for your comment and the tips i think this post was done before the latest album came out and i haven't actually looked for the extra songs for the Japanese issue of "Every day..." yet but i will now! Thanks for the comment,


      Dave B.

    2. Hi, Dave!
      I has find and upload this songs:


    3. Hey Brobdingneg Swift, THANK YOU so much for that I have just downloaded it GREAT stuff shall add to the post at some point, really grateful as i could not find those!!!,


      Dave B.

  2. Its a pity about the quality of the Japanese pressing versions...