Thursday 9 April 2020

UPDATE #27456321

Hi folks
           If you have been revisiting my blog over the last 2 or 3 weeks you will see that the posts are coming thick and fast. 27 posts in what 10 or 14 days? Although I did publish 19 posts at once that I had been working on in March and February.

There are a few reasons behind this. Firstly due to Corona Virus I am In isolation for a couple of weeks this is up on Weds 15th when I will be returning to work, at this point my free time will be drastically cut, so you can expect a severe slowing down of posting, Though I do intend to try and stick to my promise of "1 Post A Week" but at the moment stuck in the house with little to do and nowhere to go I am using my time wisely so consider this flurry of posts an advance payment!

If you have been coming to the blog regularly over it's history, you may see old posts you have seen already starting to appear at the top of the page. This is because I have left the blog that long that some artists have had many releases since their original posting.I want to make it clear that in the past I have added an update to a post at the bottom with a short paragraph and simply tacked the new releases on there.THIS IS NO LONGER THE CASE if an old post appears at the top of the page it has been completely re-written or the roiginal has been edited and rewritten. I have looked back on the blog often and seen posts where I have obviously rushed the write up or simply blogged a band I knew little about, Whilst the latter is still occasionally true, I just wanted you,the reader, to know I'm not copping out or trying to make the blog look more productive by simply adding new music to a post and moving it up the chain to the top, I am investing time and effort in to freshen up the posts and the blog and bring the writing and links up to date until I am satisfied with the quality of the blog.

I also wanted to say that despite heavy editing and tying my hardest to make posts interesting, and, I like to think my enthusiasm for music shows in the writing, sometimes I really do lack the descriptive ability to give you a good idea what a band sounds like and sometimes I feel I fall short and often repeat myself or repeat the same influences, this is simply because, well despite having hugely varied tastes in music, I simply haven't the time to fully ingest everything, take Can And Faust for example, I refer to them and Krautrock often but I really don't have the ability to full digest a prolific era of music (Germany early 70's) to give a more varied view of influences and I like to think everyone who reads the blog known Can and Faust? I do listen to a lot of Krautrock but it's something that I haven't lived with forever the music taste I have now has only really developed in the last 20 or so years so I haven't been listening to Krautrock since the 70's or something, more like barely the turn of this century! Suffice to say the original ethos of this blog is still valid, that nothing I post here is to look cool or appear knowledgeable in obscure music, NO music is posted unless I am really blown away by it, if it's merely a passing interest or just "OK" it doesn't get posted!

Right apologies for the lengthy updates hope you all continue to enjoy the blog and keep coming back and discovering new music and interesting things. Any issues with links or any problems comment I'll do my best to fix things quick as I can.




  1. Just found your blog and spent some hours here. Thanks a lot for your efforts, your dedication to music is impressing.

    1. Thank you it's been a life long dedication some 35 years and counting ha ha! Thanks for the comment and enjoy