Saturday 16 February 2013


OK so i did warn you that i wasn't restricting this blog to simply punk or hardcore so here's the first of many things i plan to upload that don't fall into that category
I can't remember how i discovered this band tho i think that they were thanked in the thanks section of an album by Black Mountain and having just discovered Black Mountain and loving what they do i was doing my trainspotting thing and greedily devouring anything remotely related to them!
So Whalebones this 5 track EP which i bought here Lucky Horse Industries would appear to be the only thing these guys have done and seeing as it's about 6 years old now I'm not holding out much hope for more releases from them! I can find no info on them on the internet just links to places you can buy a download of this or buy the ep itself (See Link Above) and i'm seriously gutted because these guys really impress me the opening track "Blood bank" is an absolute explosion of hammond organ and guitar and really sets the tone for the rest of the EP they are a six piece from seattle and i would place them in the Stoner/Psychedelic/alternative style but they are far from easy to pigeonhole! and Track 3 "Don't You Know" is just so fucking lush and beautiful with a chorus and hook that will stay in your brain for days! (I can hear it in my head already and i haven't listened to this in ages) I would recommend this for fans of US Christmas, Black Mountain, Howlin' Rain etc Just check it out man It's so fucking good or i wouldn't be bothering to put it here... GO GO GO!!!!.....

Whalebones CDEPMediafire

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