Wednesday 13 February 2013



Hi Folks, well after much putting off here it is... my blog, I'm doing this to share music with everyone that wants to hear some interesting and unusual music, it will most likely be centred around punk,hardcore and general "Heavy" stuff because for the near 30 years I've been into music that's whats moved and inspired me the most, but the main thing is to have no expectations of this blog because even I don't know what I'm gonna put on here yet you can expect to find anything from acoustic and experimental music to jazz and grindcore whatever I'm enjoying that i think is worth sharing I'll put it on here I place no labels on myself or my music tastes.Also expect maybe some videos, random thoughts,reviews and whatever the hell I feel like posting! If any artists whose music is on here want it taken down contact me and act like a human being don't send in the lawyers! If you disagree with anything I write/post whatever then feel free to contact me but again act like a human being this is my blog so it's my rules I'm open to discussion but don't send me angry mails or comments I'll just delete them and ignore you.If you want to tell me a link doesn't work, request more music from any artists/labels that get posted, again feel free to comment/contact. The main thing I want to say is not to take this blog too seriously or have any pre-concieved ideas what it's about but the most important thing is to Enjoy it!,

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  1. I made it all the way through, not every post, but maybe half, which is huge. Wow, Kidn Shit, well deserved.
    Here's an xmas gift for you and yours, if they dont have it, Happy Holidaze to all, and,
    The Rev. LouCifer (who is too fried to log into google)

    Pre Blues Explosion, Post Pussy Galore: