Saturday 23 February 2013


So back to the heavy shit again, Here we have Requiem from Greensboro NC USA, Here's what I've been able to find out, this is their only album as far as I know it's from 2005 and on the awesome Crimethinc. records and features people who have been in  Umlaut, Blacken The Skies, From The Depths and Catharsis, apparently the band had no intention of commiting their music to tape just playing live,according to Crimethinc. blurb about them on their page but they decided finally to make this here album and what an album it is! Even though this clocks in at only about half an hour it feels longer (in a good way) and the songs have a real "widescreen" scope to them. Take a template of Crust & D-beat add some Anarcho punk a touch of classic hardcore, a little post metal and some violin and you get this album theres everything from Raging hardcore to beautiful semi acoustic & violin parts and considering that theres no real "long" songs on this album to give it such an accomplished and just epic feel is no mean feat! The production is also sharp leaving nothing muddied or buried in the mix, it was recorded at The Jam Room (Clutch, Baroness, Kylesa etc) by Jay Matheson with Philip Cope (Kylesa) as technician.
I cannot recommend this highly enough If you wish to buy one you should be able to pick it up fairly easily (Crimethinc. Still sell it for a mere $10 and I've seen it on on CD for about $5) it comes nicely packaged as well with a die cut stencil outer sleeve containing beautiful art script, great intelligent lyrics and text  throughout the 16 page booklet. I suppose this would probably fit the "melodic/epic crust" tag but I think these guys whilst maybe would fit that description take that format and make it something that is entirely their own, I defy anyone who likes any kind of underground punk/hardcore whatever to not find something they like about this album a truly overlooked utter gem! I'm so glad i found this.


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